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Black and White Botanical Prints

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I feel like the designs on these new free black and white botanical prints are kind of a "palette cleanser" in their calming nature. While the florals themselves are detailed, the black and white aspect makes them perfect for anyone's space...even those who prefer a minimal or muted look. There are three designs available for you below.

Black and White Botanical Prints
I have been trying to post a few more neutral-toned prints, lately. I think today's black and white designs fall perfectly into that category. Plus, the botanicals are perfect for both spring and summer. Download your favorite (or all three) below.

Black and White Botanical Prints

These florals have that feeling of pencil drawings...with loads of details and "dust". They're full of the  blooms of the season. All three designs can be displayed together, or individually.
Black and White Botanical Printables
These free black and white botanical printables are available in the following sizes and formats:
  • 8x10" PDF
  • 8x10" JPEG
  • 5x7" PDF (comes with two prints per page)
  • 5x7" JPEG

Display Option

DIY Bulletin Board
I'm also sharing my new DIY Bulletin Board with Nailhead Trim (pictured above) today in a different post here. It was the perfect spot to pin up one of these black and white botanical prints for my office.

Black and White Floral Printable
I used my paper corner rounder to make it extra special. Also, these are my favorite "non-hole-making" thumbtacks I use on my bulletin board...their clip style is the best for not putting holes in treasured photos and keepsakes (and printables).

Paper Corner Rounder
You can see how the paper corner rounder works in the above photo. I use it on so many prints that I don't want to frame. I use it on cards,'s kind of addictive.

Printing Your Black and White Botanical Prints

Summer Botanical Printables
  • Today's designs are for personal use. However, if you have a small business or shop and would like to carry the physical versions of these printables (no digital reselling is allowed), you can purchase a commercial license here. 
  • I do recommend white, letter-sized cardstock for all of your printing on these designs. It holds up so much better than regular paper. You can grab a pack of letter-sized white cardstock here on Amazon. 
  • While the PDFs are perfect for printing at home, the JPEGs can be uploaded to your favorite printing place, just like a photograph.
  • Both PDF sizes are designed to print on letter-sized sheets.
  • If you need additional printing help, be sure to check out my post (it includes a video) on How to Print a Printable.

Download these Printables:

Free Black and White Printables
Arrangement #1:

Vintage Botanical Prints

More Botanical Printables


  1. These are so pretty, thanks so much for sharing these wonderful images. I wonder if it would be ok with you if I may try to colour one up slightly to use for a greeting card.xx

    1. Thank you so much, Janette! I appreciate that. Absolutely...that's perfectly fine and I love that! xoxo, kristi

  2. These are gorgeous, Kristi! I just love black and white and I know exactly where I'm going to put these, in white frames, in my office. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Nancy. So sweet of you. White frames sound PERFECT! xoxo, kristi

  3. These prints are simply beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much, Chef John. I appreciate that. xoxo