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21 Free Boho Font Downloads

These 21 free Boho Font Downloads are all kinds of dreamy and eclectic creations that are perfect to use in crafting, printable creations, vinyl designs, and more. Just like the bohemian spirit, each of these Boho Font Downloads have their own organic aesthetic and feel light and breezy. Download your favorites below.

Boho Font
If you're all about adding a bit of boho chic to your creations, look no further. I've worked to put together a list of goodies that any boho fan will swoon over. These fonts feel well-traveled, well-loved, and easy to use.  And, they're really enjoyable to play around with (especially for invitations and such). I've also included my best tips and tricks for pairing a number of these fonts together for an even more eye-pleasing result. See all 21 options below.

Boho Font Downloads

If you're a regular here at I Should Be Mopping the Floor, you may have caught onto the fact that I love interesting fonts. And if they're free? That's even better. Today's free boho fonts have been meticulously curated to be the best of the best. I went through and made sure all are safe to use on all of your personal items. And I also looked for those characteristics that make a font fall into that boho category: casual, hand-written,. Again, these are for personal use. If you want to use them in a commercial manner, most of the font designers do provide options for licensing and commercial versions, some with a simple note to the designer or donation of your choosing.

Mixing Fonts
As I mentioned earlier, I've included a few helpful font pairing ideas and tips for today's fonts. They're located at the bottom of this post...feel free to scroll ahead and check them out.

Below are some seriously eclectic and bohemian fonts. Some are great for sign-making, some fabulous for making your own prints to frame and display. They'd ALL look amazing on simple invitations (think wedding or shower). You can also just print them out and use them for your home labeling (it's fun to make organizing a bit fancy, isn't it?). The possibilities are endless with these boho chic numbers.

Installing Your Boho Fonts

I've used Mac computers most of my life (well, since 1997). I honestly know nothing of how a PC works. But, I like to refer readers to this handy font installation guide for PC users here on Wikihow that can definitely help in that department.

To install these free fonts on a Mac (since this is what I use, I can speak to that the best), be sure to follow along with my tutorial below:
How to Install Fonts

Installing Fonts on a Mac:

  • After you have downloaded your new boho font, locate it in your download folder (or wherever you've downloaded it).
  • Now, open the folder of the font (there may not be an entire folder for every font, it may just be the actual file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file. I prefer to use .otf (or Open Type Format) files if they're available. They can be resized or manipulated without compromising quality. But, they're not always available.
How to Install Fonts on a Mac
  • Once you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, a dialog box should automatically generate.
  • Click the 'Install Font' button (as pictured above) and your installation will automatically begin (it only takes just a few seconds for the entire install). 
  • Now, check your Font Book (located in your applications folder) to make sure it's there and you can start using your new font immediately.

Free Boho Fonts

Below, you'll just click on the image or name below each font name to be taken to the font's download site. Make sure to check each designer's Terms of Use, as most of these fonts are for personal use only (but many do have commercial licensing available). 

Under the name of each font, I added the sentence: "This font is so boho chic". I did this to show how the font will look with more letters, in a complete sentence. Happy fonting, friends!
The Artisan Font

The Artisan Font

Rockness Font

Summer Vibes

Minimalistic Font

Indie Flower Font

High Summit Font

Daniel Font

Free Pen Font

Bohemian Typewriter
Stylish California Font

Breathing Font

Boho Style Font

Baginda Script Font

The Artisan Marker

California Quotes Font

Get Show Font

Collection Font

Creamy Coconut Font

Lemon Tuesday Font

Summer Coast Font

Boho Font Pairing Ideas

While all of the above free fonts look quite lovely on their own, most are even better together (like all of us are). Below, I've included some eclectic and eye-catching font pairing ideas for you to put into practice on your own creations. I have a visual for you below the list, as well (which includes fonts from the above collection). The best piece of advice I can give when pairing fonts: have a good time with it! But, there are a few rules of thumb for font pairing and usage to make them look extra fabulous:
  • Try to avoid pairing two swirly fonts together. The swirlier fonts can be ornate in nature and would compete with one another. It would also be a little tough on the eyes. 
  • Pair a thicker, heavier weighted-font with a thinner, taller font.
  • Pair a script font with a print font (combine this with the thicker/skinny idea and you've got a really good thing going on).
  • I also like to do all caps with one font and pair it with a script font in all lowercase, but that's just my own preference.
    • When I do the above pairing, I often do the script font on "top", allowing it to kind of sit on the all-caps font. The all-caps font acts as a nice "base". You can see how I did that in last two font combinations illustrated below.
  • While this has really nothing to do with font pairing, one thing I have to mention: please don't ever use ALL-CAPS with a cursive or swirly font. It's just really unfortunate to look at and makes my eyes hurt (both literally and figuratively, friends).

Fun Font Combinations to Try:

Font Pairing Ideas
The above combinations are the following boho fonts taken straight from today's collection:

Boho Font Downloads

More Free Fonts


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