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The Best Address Font Downloads

Whether you're addressing Christmas cards, wedding invitations, or just simple correspondence, these Address Font Downloads will definitely take your envelopes up a notch. They offer beautiful and classic consistency when having to address multiple envelopes (something I really appreciate). Download these 15 free address font downloads below.

Address Font Downloads
I am certainly late getting my Christmas cards out this year. But, after lunch with friends yesterday, I realized I'm not alone. So, while I had originally planned to save these address fonts for next year, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and share them, in case any of you are in need of a few good ones as you prepare to get those greetings in the mail. 

Address Font Downloads

While I'm sharing these fonts during the holiday season, they're certainly perfect for year round use. They'd be lovely on invitations, announcements, or just regular correspondence.
15 Address Font Downloads

What Makes up a Good Address Font?

  • I've actually delved into a bit of research over the years regarding the readability of fonts and all of the factors that go into that aspect. Because of that, I've tried to only include fonts with good readability since these will need to be quickly looked at by postal workers and such. You'll notice that in the print font area, I've only used serif fonts...but it's because they're proven to read easier since their "feet" play a part in "connecting" the letters.
  • One other factor I took into consideration is a tiny bit of fun and flair on each font. Whether it's a small glyph here and there or just a slant, I wanted each of these to have some slight bit of personality (albeit subtle for many of these).
  • The last thing I took into consideration was each font's weight. You'll notice most of these are on the thicker side, and that's on purpose. Sometimes thinner fonts get "lost" when run through a printer, but these listed below are prepared to stand out strong.

Labels for Envelopes

Labels or Direct Printing

While I think handwritten cards are so beautiful and something I truly prefer (especially when calligraphy is used), I also know that in this day and age, sometimes a shortcut is helpful or even needed (i.e.: printing labels with your recipients' names for quicker addressing). So, below are my different reasons for choosing labels or direct printing in this particular situation.
  • If you're familiar with your printer's settings and don't have too crazy many envelopes to address, running your envelope directly through your printer makes for such a lovely look (so professional!). But, this can be trickier with the printers these days. If you can find a good tutorial to show you how to do this with your particular printer, by all means, go for it!
  • Labels make it to where you can import addresses from a spreadsheet into your word processing program (if you aren't familiar with this, I did find this tutorial from How to Geek for Creating Mailing Labels in Word from an Excel Spreadsheet). 
  • When using the right label, you can create an almost seamless look. My absolute favorite labels are these Avery Frosted Clear Address Labels. They work in both laser and ink jet printers and I've never had a smudge issue. They also work well with any color of envelope.
  • You can also create your own return address labels to use year round with the below fonts. Just use the labels I mentioned above.

Installing Fonts

Installing Your Address Font Downloads

  • To be totally up front: I'm strictly a Mac user (since 1997!) I honestly know absolutely nothing of how a PC works. But, after doing a little digging, I did find a fantastic tutorial for your PC users on How to Install Fonts from Microsoft. It gives simple, step-by-step directions.
  • Since I am an Apple user, I'm happy to give my own tutorial on how to install these birthday fonts on your Mac. Follow my steps below:

How to Install a Font

Installing Fonts on a Mac:

  • After downloading your address font of choice, open your download folder (or wherever your downloads end up). 
  • Open the folder of the font (just FYI: in some cases, there may not be a folder, it may just be the actual font file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file. I prefer the .otf  or Open Type Format files if they're available, they can be resized and manipulated without compromising their quality. But, they're not always available. The .ttf file will still work just fine. In the above pictured folder, you can see both options are available.
Font Installing
  • Once you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, the dialog box should automatically pop up.
  • Click 'Install Font' and your installation should automatically begin (it takes about two seconds, total). 
  • Be sure to check your Font Book to make sure your new font is there. 
  • You can start using your new address font immediately.

Download Your Address Fonts Below

All of the address font downloads are listed out individually below. A few things to make note of:
  • Click on the name of the font to be taken to its download page. There is an additional link provided directly under each font, as well.
  • On each font's download page, you will also find the Terms of Use provided by each font designer. Be sure to adhere to their policies, especially where commercial usage is concerned.
  • I also added an address example under every font name so you can see how the font looks in that use.
  • I have also divided these particular fonts into three categories:
    • Serif (this means the font has "feet" on the ends, thus making it easier on the eyes to read quickly)
    • Cursive
    • Handwritten

Serif Fonts (Print):

MADE Mirage Font

FogTwo No. 5 Font

Gishella Morely Font

AL Nevrada Font
Drifter Seriff Font

Cursive Fonts

Joseph Sophia Font
Joseph Sophia

The Humble Script Font

Signatra Font
Laughing and Smiling Font

Madame Font

Handwritten Fonts:

Sweety Strawberry Font

Great Wishes Font

The Lima Font

KG Always a Good Time
Cabatoyan Font

Free Address Font Downloads

More Free Address Font Options:

  • My 15 Free Fonts with Glyphs are lovely to use on invitations and other party-related prints. They're easy to use and come with complete directions on how to implement the glyphs (swirls).
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  • And these 21 Free Masculine Fonts are the counterpart to the feminine ones. There are lots of sophisticated options for invitations and such in this list of fonts, as well.
  • I really love this great list of Free Party Fonts over at Ella Claire Inspired. There are so many fun and festive ones in this round up.
  • And The Dating Divas have this extensive list of Free Love Fonts that are perfect for wedding invitations and similar. 
  • This list of Calligraphy Fonts for Wedding Invitations from Pipkin Paper Company has some really lovely choices. 
  • And my list of 21 Free Valentine Fonts would also double beautifully for wedding or shower invitations and prints.