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25+ Free Typewriter Font Downloads

These 25+ Free Typewriter Font Downloads are seriously the most fun fonts to work with. From script to actual type keys, there is definitely more than one typewriter font to capture your heart. These typewriter font downloads are fantastic for crafting, printable-making, vinyl creations, sign-making, and so much more. Download your favorites below.

Typewriter Font Downloads
I've always had a bit of an affinity for a good vintage typewriter font. Readers sometimes ask about the different typewriter fonts that appear here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor from time to time. I hadn't really considered a typewriter font round up, primarily because so many of these kinds of fonts look similar to one another. I researched a bit further and found that I was super wrong, y'all. From scripts to sans serifs, there are actually loads of typewriter fonts out there...and all unique in their own way. Don't worry, though, I included several of those classic typewriter font ones, too! Begin the downloading fun below.

Typewriter Font Fun

I can still remember the sound of my dad's old typewriter from when I was a kid. Clickity-clack-clickity-clack. I was always in complete amazement of how lightning fast he could type. There's a definite feeling of nostalgia surrounding vintage typewriters. 

Using a good font in with a vintage typewriter feel here and there in decor and creative fun is something I love to do...to kind of evoke that vintage vibe. I'm sharing some of my absolute favorite versions of these fonts with you today (and some new ones to me, as well), so you can use these pieces of nostalgic charm in your home and crafting, too. I've got some helpful downloading tips below, as well. Towards the bottom of this post, I've also included several usage tips for displaying and using these unique fonts.

Typewriter Font

Installing Your Typewriter Font Downloads

  • I've been a Mac user since the 90s. And, sadly, I couldn't begin to tell you anything about using a PC. But, there is a super-thorough font installation guide for PC users here on Wikihow.
  • To install these typewriter font downloads on a Mac (since this is what I use, I can speak to that the best), follow my simple steps below:

Installing Fonts

Installing Fonts on a Mac:

    • After downloading your favorite font, unzip its download folder (usually they download to your 'Downloads' folder on your computer, unless you have programmed your Mac to download somewhere else). To unzip, simply double click on the .zip file and the process should start on its own (it just takes a second or two).
    • After it's unzipped, you can open the folder of the font (there may not be one, it may just be the actual file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
    • Simply double click the .ttf or .otf file (I prefer .otf. or Open Type Format files if they're available, they can be resized and manipulated without compromising quality. But, they're not always included in font downloads). 

Using Fonts on a Mac
    • After you have double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, the  dialog box should automatically pop up on your screen.
    • Simply click 'Install Font' and your installation will begin automatically (it only takes about two seconds, total).
    • Check your Mac's Font Book to make sure your new font is in there. You can start using your new font immediately. 
    • Don't see the font in your application for use? Try restarting your computer first, then search for it. Often, fonts have a different preface before them, so they may not be in alpha order. Check the place where you downloaded it for its proper name that should be listed in your fonts.

The Best Typewriter Fonts

Enough chatter, right? Let's get right down to what you really came here for...the fun font list below. You'll simply click on the image of each font below to be taken to its download site. Be sure to check each designer's Terms of Use, as most of these fonts are for personal use only (but many have commercial licensing available, if you have a need for that). Happy fonting, friends! If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments.

Bohemian Typewriter Font

Canon Typestar Font

39 Smooth Font

Gabriele Ribbon

Hand Typist

Baltimore Typewriter

Old Newspaper Types

Hand Typewriter Font

Indie Rock Font

Linowrite Font

Oceanside Typewriter Font

Mom's Typewriter Font

Modern Typewriter Font

Lucky Typewriter Font

Old Type Regular

Type Me Two

Smith-Corona Font

Problem Secretary Font

Type Keys Font

Typewriter Condensed

Pencil Typewriter

Splendid 66 Font

Typewriter Hand Font

Type Wheel Font

USIS 1949

Why Do We Blink So Frequently

You're Just My Type Font

Pencil Typewriter Font

Typewriter Font Usage Ideas

After you've downloaded a few new pretties from the above group, you may need some fun ideas on implementing them. Here's a few ways I like to use fonts like these:
  • Have an old typewriter (I see these at thrift and antique stores a lot)? Use one for decor on an entry table or dining room buffet. On your computer, type out 'WELCOME' or the menu for your dinner in a typewriter font. Print that out and stick it out of your typewriter as decor.
  • Along those same lines, change out favorite quotes or scriptures as decor using a typewriter font. They make lovely printables and posters.
  • Using any word processing program, type out and frame quotes or scriptures on cream colored cardstock paper to give them a vintage feel. Want them to look even more distressed? Crumple the cardstock a bit. Paint or dip in brewed tea (brew it in your kitchen sink if its stainless and won't pick up the tea color on its finish). Allow to dry and frame for a really authentic vintage look.
  • Using lots of text on a page with a typewriter font is the perfect backdrop for vintage DIY artwork. Fill a page with quotes or similar in a word processing program. Print it out. Then paint a big red heart or similar symbol on top of your text. 
  • Or better yet, stick that same page I mentioned above back in the printer to print atop the text. Print out one large letter (your monogram is great) on top of the text. Frame this for simple decor. 
  • These fonts make the perfect vintage invitations.
  • And I love seeing vintage fonts like these used in logos for a sweet, nostalgic feel.
  • I'd love to hear your own ideas for using typewriter fonts. Leave me a comment below. 
Free Typewriter Fonts

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  1. What a fun theme! Thanks for this and your other font collections, too! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Aveline! It was a fun one to put together.

  2. Thanks so much for collecting and sharing these!

    1. You're so welcome, Sherlene! So happy you stopped by. xoxo

  3. On Windows, you don't double-click on the filename. You right-click on the filename and choose "Install." That's it. Font Base (free) is popular among Mac and Windows users (except me) for installing (temporarily or permanently) fonts.

    1. Thank you so much for the help! Much appreciated. xoxo