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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free, Vintage, Shabby, and Romantic Fonts

These 20 Free, Vintage, Shabby, and Romantic Fonts are some of my absolute favorite typographical goodies out there. They embody everything that I love about fontology. I thought they'd be perfect to share during this month of love. Grab each of these romantic fonts below and fall in love with them, too!
Romantic Fonts

You and I both know that one can never have too many fonts. These sweet romantic fonts will win you over instantly. They're vintage, shabby, and all things wonderful. Download your favorites (or heck, all of them) below. 

Free, Vintage, Shabby, and Romantic Fonts

You guys are probably blatantly aware of my font obsession. It began when I was the design editor of my high school newspaper in the early 90s. I continued to design for both publications and other random entities over the years that followed (one of my favorite jobs was designing screen-printed t-shirts as a side-job in college...SUCH FUN!). But, I was always drawn to the typography...and how I could make words and their shapes coordinate with one another, visually speaking. 

To combine my typography love with my love for all things vintage and shabby chic should have probably happened years ago. But, these are my current faves in the land of all things free, vintage, shabby, and romantic fonts. Click on the ones you love to download them below (be sure to check each designer's terms of use before using):

Chickpeas Font
Brotherhood Script Font

Mademoiselle Camille Font

Free Moonflower Font

Monbijoux Font

Easy Open Face Font

Sverige Script Font

Black Olives Font

Vintage One Font

Love You, Mom Font

Sweet Pea Font

Foglihten No. 07 Font

1942 Report Font

Hello Goodbye Font

My Boyfriend's Handwriting 
Because I am Happy Font

Bluelmin Kisaburo Font

Riesling Font

Camelot Font

Manero Font

How to Install these Free Vintage Romantic Fonts:

When available, be sure to look for font files that end with '.otf' (Open Type Fonts) instead of the ones that end with '.ttf' (True Type Fonts). The otf files contain both the screen and printer font data in a single component...making them a bit easier to work with. They work on both PC and Mac systems. Before installing any of these romantic fonts, you'll probably need to unzip the file they are housed in first.

On most PCs, you'll just right click on the unzipped font file you'd like to install, and select Install. Voila.

On most Macs, after downloading your font file, locate it on your computer. Double click it and your installation process should begin. If that doesn't happen, look in the bottom right corner of the dialogue box that pops up once you've double clicked the font. You should see an Install button...click it!

Romantic Fonts

More Free Romantic Fonts:

Vintage Fonts


  1. I love them, thank you for sharing!


  2. thanks so much ! I took moon flower fr my blog - perfect! :)

    1. hello, sorry to disturb :) I was just wondering how you did this, as i have been struggling to use one of theese fonts for my blog title thanks so much

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! ♡

  4. thank you for your time, your picks are amazing.

  5. I know this may be a dumb question... but I love the bike in the picture... do you know where I could find that?? Thanks :)

    1. Not dumb at all, Jessica. I believe I found that piece on etsy and purchased it. I can't find the name of the vendor now, though. I would search etsy for "digital bicycle art". :)

  6. Thanks for putting this together! I grabbed Brotherhood script, monbijoux and 1942 Report. :)

  7. Oh wow, Thanks for sharing! I love them!

  8. love 'em so much. Thank u for sharing! <3

  9. I love all of them! Thank you so much!

  10. how can i download these fonts? I can't find any download links anywhere!

    1. Hi there! If you click the name of the font, it will take you to download it.