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13 Fall Pillow Covers

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One of the best ways to decorate seasonally is with pillow covers. Just buy one pillow form and then change its cover for each holiday or season...or just when you want to change up your decor! Today, I'm sharing 13 Fall Pillow Covers that are less than ten bucks each (some even in the $5 range of things). They're perfect to use all season long to add a bit of fall to your decor.

Fall Pillow Covers
You guys know how much I love making my own pillows with some of my SVG files that I've shared. However, sometimes you just want a cute throw pillow and don't want to have to go through the trouble of making it yourself (I mean, I'm crafty and all, but sometimes I just want it done...and maybe not by me!). So, whether you have a Silhouette or Cricut and it just needs a rest, or whether you'd prefer someone else make the pillows all the time, this post is for you. All of the 13 Fall Pillow Covers below are available on Amazon Prime for less then ten dollars each. Some are even cheaper. Get in on these pretties, y'all!

13 Fall Pillow Covers

Whether you just want one cute fall pillow to put in your entryway and welcome guests, or you'd love an entire couch full of these pretties, I've got your pillow needs covered for the season (yes, pillows are definitely a need and not a want, amiright?). I'm also sharing my favorite inserts to use with all of these fall pillow covers. Even though these are super cheap covers, they certainly don't have to look that way. Beef them up with a great insert and they'll look fantastic for many years to come.

Fall Pillows
I think the above pumpkin-filled-wagon pillow cover is my favorite...mainly because I still have my childhood wagon that looks just like this. I may have to create the actual version of this artwork on my porch this season. But, using this pillow would be even easier.

Down Pillow Inserts

The Best Pillow Inserts

If you've followed along on any of my previous pillow posts (like my Christmas Pillows or Valentine's Pillows), you know I love to say that the key to a good looking pillow is a great pillow insert. The above one fits all of the pillows I have featured today. All of these Fall Pillow Covers were made for 18x18" pillow inserts. I really think a down insert is the best way to go...they're so easy to shape and sit up so nicely on a sofa or bed. But, if you are a non-down person, I have an alternate listed below, as well.

Chop It Like Its Hot

And, as any good southern woman will tell you, chopping pillows is a good thing. One more reason to grab the down version of the pillow insert is to create the quintessential pillow chop once your pillow is fluffed and in place. Just take the side of your hand and "chop" an indent into the top of the pillow for that super southern look.

Fall Pillow Cover Designs

Below, I've rounded up the best of the best for you, as far as fall pillow covers go. Your home will be set for the season with a couple of these well-placed pillows set here and there. And, if you're like me, everywhere.

Buffalo Check Pumpkin Pillow

Buffalo Check Pumpkin Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Happy Fall, Y'all Pillow
Happy Fall, Y'all Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Give Thanks Pillow
Give Thanks Pillow Cover
(pictured above)
Embroidered Pumpkin
Embroidered Pumpkin Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Happy Fall Pillow
Happy Fall Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Fall Wagon
Pumpkins in Wagon Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Trick or Treat Pillow
Trick or Treat Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

White Pumpkin Pillow
White Pumpkin Pillow Cover
(pictured above)
Pumpkin Truck Pillow
Pumpkin Patch Farm Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Fall Pumpkin Pillow
Watercolor Happy Fall Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Pumpkin Spice Pillow
Pumpkin Spice Pillow Cover
(pictured above)

Happy Halloween Pillow
Happy Halloween Pillow Cover
(pictured above)
Buffalo Check Throw Pillow
Buffalo Check Pillow Cover with Orange Pumpkin
(pictured above)

More Fall Pillows

  • If you'd prefer to create your own pillows for the season, be sure to check out my 10 Free SVG Cut Files for Fall. These are a big time reader favorite for those with a Silhouette or Cricut. You can make loads of fun pillows, along with other home decor items, as well.
  • I also have a cute Trick Or Treat Envelope Lumbar Pillow Cover that I sewed up last year for a dear friend. It's one of my favorite sewing tutorials and it's perfect for fall. 
  • And this DIY Fall Pillow from Green with Decor is a great little craft that anyone can tackle. It's super cute, too.
  • I love this adorable Spider Pillow from Our House Now a Home. It's a painted one, too, that anyone can handle. 

Happy Fall Pumpkin Design
Happy Cozy Pillow Season, Y'all!


  1. These are so absolute sweet. I wish I had a sewing machine. You have a fantastic imagination.

  2. About the pillow covers from Amazon... do you sew up an opening from placing the pillow inside????
    I know this question is crazy, but I just don't understand. Or doe the cover and pillow come as one???
    Thank you for an answer,
    Mema Jeanne

    1. Hi Mema Jeanne-- It looks like you got your question answered. No problem at all! xoxo

  3. Ooooppps! This is Mema Jeanne; I just read on the Amazon description that there is an invisible zipper!!
    So sorry to have bothered you with my craziness. But again, I do LOVE, lOVE your site.
    Thank you for sharing with a tired Mema of 69 years old. I have framed your little acorn print for the fall. I wrote to you about it earlier....that my mom's family had the Oak tree and I had bought Max LuCado's paperback book about the little acorn .....
    Mema Jeanne

    1. It's no problem at all...happy to help, but it looks like you've found the answer! Yes, I remember you! So happy you love that print. Max Lucado and I went to the same college, so I always love his writings. xoxo