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12+ Christmas Throw Pillows

This post for Christmas Throw Pillows contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Christmas throw pillows are such an easy way to decorate for the season. While I usually love to sew my own pillows, I know some of you aren't into the sewing side of things (and sometimes, neither am I!). So, I grabbed a few Christmas throw pillows over on Amazon for around ten bucks apiece and called it good! Check them all out below (along with a few more I couldn't resist).
Farmhouse Christmas Throw Pillows

I've got over twelve of these Christmas pillows that can be Primed your way ASAP. And they're actually all throw pillow covers, so you can easily switch them out every season (and launder, too!). I've even got a tip on the best insert pillow to use to get the most bang for your buck!

12+ Christmas Throw Pillows

I seriously have never met a throw pillow I didn't love. They're the stuffed animals of adulthood, amiright? I feel like one can never have too many. And then Christmas Throw Pillows come along and I'm reduced to a person who lacks any kind of self control. I mean...it's getting to where the couch is *almost* unsittable. Almost.
Feather Pillow Inserts

Perfect Pillow Inserts

I deeply regret appearing in the above photo...not sure what I was thinking. But, I did want to show the pliable-ness of the pillow inserts I recommend for all of these pillow covers. And apparently, that required a head to knee photo op with a painfully awkward smile. Sigh.

But, I can tell you...in order to make an inexpensive pillow cover appear a little fancier, grab a down pillow for your insert. They lay so nicely on a couch or bed...and can be perfectly chopped (a weird, southern tradition a lot of us do). They just feel a bit heartier and less stiff than a foam pillow insert. I bought the above one on Amazon and highly recommend it. It comes in a two-pack here (sized 18x18").

All of the Christmas Throw Pillows below are 18"x18" and will be perfect for that down insert.

Festive Christmas Throw Pillows

You can click on the link below each pillow to be taken to it on Amazon. Again, all pillows featured below are 18"x18" square.
Red Buffalo Check Pillows

I have the two red and black buffalo checked pillow covers (used with my favorite inserts I just talked about). One of these is pictured in the first image of this post. Most of the Christmas throw pillows that I'm sharing today are festive with lettering and graphics, but the buffalo check ones are great "mixers". Use them to mix with the busier pillows. They are a great "neutral" in your Christmas decor. Oh, and these are actually a little over $12, but you get two of them, so they still make the "under $10" cut. The new red and white ones are so festive, too!

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Pillow

Sadly, the popular pillow featured in the first photo in this post is not currently available (in November 2023). I have left it linked above, in case it is in stock again (it never hurts to check, right?). But I did find the alternative pillow cover, with a similar vibe, on the right, above.  

Red Plaid Deer Pillow

Gnome for the Holidays Pillow
 Merry Christmas Gnomies Pillow

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Pillow

Christmas Story Pillow
Christmas Story Quote Pillow

Merry Christmas Wreath Pillow

 Merry Christmas Wreath Pillow Cover

Holly Farms Christmas Pillow
Holly Farms Grain Sack Pillow Cover

Watercolor Christmas Pillow
Watercolor Christmas Tree Pillow

Santa Pillow

Christmas Tree Truck Pillow

Looking For More Christmas Throw Pillows?


  1. These pillows are adorable. Thanks so very much for sharing. Don't ever apologize for being in the picture. You are so adorable!!!

    1. Oh goodness....you're so sweet to me, Noele! Thank you so much for stopping by! xoxo

  2. These are amazing! I’ve been subscribed for awhile now and love all of your printables and great festive ideas! Definitely brightens my day to get your emails :) And you look lovely!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! You absolutely made my day. xoxo

  3. FYI...IKEA has 20x20 feather inserts for just $6.00 (in store only, I believe). They also work great in an 18x18 pillow cover, making it nice and full.

  4. These are so adorable. I never knew Christmas culd be so good looking. thank you

    1. Aren't they sweet?! I love them all! Thank you bunches for stopping by! xoxo

  5. Such a great idea .... I am ordering some today
    Love all your free printables you are the best

  6. Never, never apologize for your picture. We love seeing you every now and then! The pillows are great- cannot wait to get started decorating. Thank you for all you do and share with us.

    1. You are so sweet, Ginger! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed these and hope you had fun decorating for the holidays! Blessing to you all! xoxo