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Puppy Valentines and Cards

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These sweet puppy Valentines and matching greeting cards were a reader request after my Valentine's email went out Monday. I asked readers for special requests for Valentine's season. I received lots of fun ones...but dog or puppy Valentines came up repeatedly. And y'all, they're so doggone cute, I wish I had thought of these myself!

Free Printable Puppy Valentines
And of course, we're Dachshund owners, so one card has a version of our Chloe. I made these into both simple Valentine pass out cards, as well as greeting cards that you can pair an envelope with and send to your Valentine. The pink greeting card one has a script font on it, so it may not be ideal for younger kids who can't read cursive. But, all of the other designs are perfect for all ages. Download your puppy Valentines and cards below.

Free Printable Puppy Valentines and Cards

This is one of those instances of...sometimes the classics never die. I mean, I've created Llama Valentines, Unicorn Valentines, and even Emoji Valentines...but a good classic like Puppy Valentines can't be beat, right? A few of the reader requests included greeting cards...so they can be mailed in the SNAIL mail. And honestly, greeting card printables are my favorite to design, so I was only too happy to oblige and include those, as well.

Dachshund Valentines
Even though I love a good Doxie design, I'm pretty sure the pink gingham card is my favorite. I mean...cuteness, right? If I could, I'd own allllllll the dogs. All. Of. Them. 

Cute Dog Valentines
The Puppy Valentines are perfect for class pass-outs. I left room for your kids to right their "from" on the cards, as well. And grown ups can totally use these in the office, too. Who says littles have to have all of the Valentine's fun, right? 

Dog Valentines

How to Use the Puppy Valentines:

  • Download these puppy Valentines here or below.
  • Print onto white cardstock. I don't recommend regular paper for these printables...it would curl up on the edges and just be a bit too flimsy. I purchase all of my white cardstock here on Amazon for the best price around.
  • Simply cut each one around the edge and write a "from" name on it for passing out. 

Puppy Valentine Cards

How to Use the Puppy Valentine Cards:

  • Download your favorite design here or below.
  • Print your card onto white cardstock. I don't recommend regular paper for these printables...it would curl up on the edges and just be a bit too flimsy. I purchase all of my white cardstock here on Amazon for the best price around.
  • Trim the card just inside the hairline outlining the greeting card. Fold in half. I like to take the handle of my scissors and run it along the crease to make sure it's nice and crisp.
  • Fill in the inside of the card with your own sentiments.
  • These cards were specifically designed to fit A6 size envelopes. I tried really hard to find fun color matching envelopes, but honestly, white envelopes looked the best with these. I grab all of my white A6 envelopes for super cheap here on Amazon. They're my tried and true faves. All of my free greeting card printables fit A6 envelopes...buying the larger box of 100 envelopes is a win-win for your correspondence. 

Valentines for a Crowd

Class Valentines
Needing a full set of 24 Valentines for your classroom? Or even co-workers? This set of printable Valentines, here in my Etsy shop, doesn't have a single design repeat! It includes a bonus greeting card, too.

Download these Puppy Valentines and Cards:

Free Printable Puppy Valentines

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Puppy Valentines

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