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Free Printable Llama Valentines

This post for Llama Valentines contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Llama tell ya, these free printable Llama Valentines have totally captured my heart. I wasn't even a llama person, but these are pretty sweet, y'all. They have two "send" options, too. Download these free llama Valentines below.

Llama Valentines
My I Should Be Mopping the Floor co-worker, Gina, (she's been with ISBMTF almost five years...what would I do without her?) has a daughter who loves llamas. I mean...loves 'em. When I saw Gina's recent post about her daughter's llama birthday fun, I thought creating some llama Valentines was just the ticket. I mean...what's cuter than a llama? Llama tell ya...nothing.

Llama Valentines

I've heard through the elementary school grapevine (AKA, my son, a recent elementary school grad), that pencils are everyone's favorite Valentine (besides candy, obviously). But, a pencil basically goes straight into the desk and used for the remainder of the school year. The "cooler" the pencil, the higher it ranks in usage. This is as extensive as my data collecting on this subject has gone...but it's legit, y'all. And I had no idea, but apparently llamas play an integral part of a part of a popular video these free printable llama Valentines will work for everyone. They're not exclusive to llama enthusiasts. 

Llama Pencils

Llama Pencils
The pencils I used in today's post are pretty stinkin' adorable. I mean...those pom poms. I grabbed them on Amazon. UPDATE: Sadly, the above pictured pencils are no longer available. However I did find some new equally adorable Llama Pens here on Amazon that would work just as well. 

Pencils with Llamas
Above is that classic "never-ending lead" pencil that we all had in elementary school. I found these cute llama ones here on Amazon. They're less spendy than the llama eraser pencils, if you'd like to trim a bit off the expense.

Llama Printables
The printables for these llama Valentines are super simple (and don't use an excessive amount of your printer's ink). ANNNNNNND, if you look closely we have two versions:
  • I created the classic "to" and "from" version for your kids to use and fill out the recipient, as well as their own name.
  • The other version only has the "from" on it. Our elementary always requested that we only fill out who the Valentine is save time during the hand-out phase. This made me a bit sad, but I totally get it, too. Using this version of the printable means that you don't have the awkward, blank "to" portion on your Valentine.
You can download either version of these below. I also eliminated the awkward "love" on the elementary school Valentine. These llama Valentines read: "Llama Tell You: I Llike You Llots, Valentine". Because love gets complicated, and llama tell ya, no elementary kid needs that kind of complication in their Valentine box, amiright?

Llama Valentine Printables

Supplies for Your Llama Valentines:

How to Print and Use these Llama Valentines:

  • After downloading, print onto white cardstock.
  • Cut out, using scissors or a paper cutter, just inside the black line.
  • Fold in half.
  • Fill in the "to" and "from" (or just "from").
  • Place pencil inside the crease of your fold. Use one piece of double stick tape to secure the printable in place. It's helpful to get the tape as close to the pencil as possible, so the print doesn't slide around too much. 

Other Class Valentine Designs

Classroom Valentines
Wanting something a bit simpler? My above set of 24 unique Valentine Card Printables doesn't have a single repeat design. It includes a bonus teacher card, too. See the entire set here in my Etsy Shop.

Download Your Llama Valentines:

Free Llama Downloads for Valentines

Looking for More Printable Valentines?

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or uploaded to your local print shop. Get great results every time. 

    Llama Valentine Ideas
    I have a llama love for you this season!
    Happy Valentine's, friends.


    1. These are completely adorable!!! thank you! So, what's the deal with llama's?? I must have missed something because now everything I see is llama llama llama. Which is quite ok ... just now sure where it's coming from! thank you.

      1. Thanks so much, Tamalita! Yes, everything does seem very LLAMAISH lately! Ha. Appreciate you stopping by today. Have a great weekend! xoxo

    2. These llamas are so adorable! My granddaughter loves llamas

      1. Thank you so much!! So happy to hear it. xoxo

      2. Thank you for sharing... I was searching for a cute valentine for my daughters class (she's the teacher) I volunteer in her class everyday and want to give the kids a little something without braking the "retirement bank" ;) These are the cutest! You are a true blessing!! BTW, My daughter graduated from EHS in Killeen, GO Eagles!! I also retired from KISD in 2016! Ada Martinez

      3. Hi Ada!! You are SO very welcome! I'm so glad that you were able to use these to spread a little llama love with your daughter's class! Thank you both for teaching and serving our future generations! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! GO Eagles! xoxo