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Free Printable Unicorn Valentines

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These free printable unicorn Valentines are just the sweetest, y'all. They coordinate perfectly with a unicorn headband for a super unique Valentine pass-out. Stay Magical, Valentine...and download these unicorn Valentines below.

Unicorn Valentines
I was originally saving these unicorn Valentines until next week. But, I posted them on my personal Facebook page asking my other mom friends for opinions and they went over really well. So well that I got really excited about them and got them up today! Valentine's printables are truly my favorite every year...they always provide a fun creative outlet to really make some neat designs. I have to say that my lil' unicorn Valentines *may* be my favorites. Download these below and see how they go together.

Free Printable Unicorn Valentines

Less than a month until love day, y'all. Every year, I always pledge that I will be more on my game with my kids' class Valentines and not putting them together February 13th. Now, that both kids are in middle school, I guess we're out of this world (cue the tears, y'all). But, I'm definitely still making a bunch of fun ones here on the blog. Plus, we can totally still pass these out to co-workers, church youth friends, and more. 
Unicorn Headbands
These unicorn Valentines started with these inexpensive unicorn headbands that I found here on Amazon in a pack of 12. There are more elaborate versions of them, but I thought these would be a great foundation for a printable unicorn face.

Supplies for Unicorn Valentines:

Besides the headbands, you probably have a lot of the supplies for these unicorn Valentines on hand. Here's what you will need (listed out below the photo):

Unicorn Valentine Supplies

Unicorn Valentine

Putting Your Unicorn Valentines Together:

  • Print your faces onto the white cardstock. Cut out each face on the black line (or just inside the black line, if you don't want it to show)
  • As pictured above, lay your headband on top of your face to determine where your holes for your string will go. You can mark them with a pencil.

Unicorn Valentine Craft

  • Punch the holes. You'll only need two at the top to keep the face from wiggling around.
  • Cut two 10-12" lengths of string and pull them through the holes. Lay your headband on top (as pictured above).
  • Tie two bows to secure the headband in place (double knots may be helpful). This will make your unicorn look like it has bows it in its hair...added cuteness, right?

Printable Class Valentines

  • You can write your name on the front or back of your unicorn Valentines.

Download the Unicorn Faces:

If you haven't already, grab your unicorn faces below.

Free Unicorn Valentine Printables

Need Help with Downloading and Printing?

See my complete step-by-step video tutorial below covering how to download and print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or even uploaded to your local print shop. Remember, it's best to use cardstock on these unicorn Valentines for durability.

Valentine's Day Unicorns

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  1. So cute! Also just the headbands alone would make my daughter lose her mind! I’m definitely going to make these this year! Thanks so much for sharing, I can see why your Facebook friends we so excited about them! I have the same goal every year too with my kids, but I always wait until the last minute to get the valentines done.

    1. Thank you so much, Ani Kay! So happy you like them...they were a blast to put together. Last minute moms are the best, right? :) xoxo