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Free Printable Valentines Day Greeting Cards

These Free Printable Valentines Day Greeting Cards are a part of a post that contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

It's February and I'm sharing some LOVE-ly free printable Valentines Day Greeting Cards with you today. There are three greeting cards in today's collection...a lil' something for everyone. Why fight crowds in the card aisle when you can just turn on the printer and have one of these cute Valentines Day Greeting Cards?

Free Printable Valentines Day Greeting Cards
Now that January is over, I can start posting all of the fun Valentines Day printables that have been rolling around in my head. These three fun Valentines Day Greeting Cards are perfect for your sweetheart. Just print, cut, fold, sign...and SWAK! Download one or all of them below.

Free Printable Valentines Day Greeting Cards

Have I told you that I used to have a little side business designing personalized photo greeting cards? It wasn't a big thing...just for friends and family around the holidays, but I miss those days sometimes. I had a little whim to put together some greeting cards for Valentines Day and today's post was born. They are each a bit of whimsical typography laid on top of a saturated red watercolor heart. I think the "I Still Fall For You Every Day" design is my favorite...but they're all pretty sweet. 

Valentines Day Card Designs

Love Makes Everything Better
This Love Makes Everything Better Valentines Day Card (pictured above) may be my favorite design with all of its fun squiggles and wiggles and such.

A True Love Story Never Ends
The A True Love Story Never Ends Valentines Day Card (pictured above) is that classic-feeling Valentine for your special sweetheart.

I Still Fall For You Card
The I Still Fall For You Every Day Valentine's Day Card (pictured above) is another sweet option. You really can't go wrong with any of these options.

How to Print Your Valentines Day Greeting Cards:

  • After you download your design (download links are below), open it up and print it onto white, letter-sized card stock. Regular paper is too thin for greeting tends to look sloppy and can start curling up on the corners. 
  • Cut around the edge of the card (I like to cut just on the inside of the black line so it is removed). 
  • Fold in half on the the handle of your scissors along the fold to give it a nice, crisp fold (this is just something I's optional, but it does make for a tidier fold). 
  • Your folded card will fit perfectly inside of an A4 envelope (more envelope information is listed out below).
  • Don't forget to write all of your sweet sentiments inside of your card.

Need Additional Printing Help?

Watch my complete video tutorial below covering how to print out your printables (even greeting cards like today's designs) on either your Mac or a PC...on your home printer or even uploaded to your local print shop. If you have additional questions, please refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on printing your printables. It includes budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations, too.

Envelopes for Your Cards

Red Valentines Day Envelopes
I really love red envelopes with these card designs (I mean, it's the official color of Valentines Day, right?). Grab the same ones I used here at Amazon. They're size A4 envelopes, if you'd rather grab some at your local office supply store.

What to Write Inside a Valentine's Card

What to Write Inside a Valentine's Card
Having a bit of writer's block on what to write inside of your card? Be sure to check out my extensive post of ideas on my other blog, Print Pretty Cards: What to Write in a Valentine's Day Card. It's divided up into five, easy-to-navigate categories of Valentine messages.

More Valentines Day Greeting Cards:

I really do love how these particular cards came out. But, the blogosphere is chocked-full of talent, y'all. Here are a few other Valentines Day cards from some of my friends (and me!):

Handwritten Valentines Day Cards
Hoping you and yours have a lovely Valentines Day.


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