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Vintage Guest Bedroom Ideas

I'm sharing my vintage guest bedroom ideas today...all surrounding our new (very) blue room. I am really pleased with how this room came together. Besides the bedding and bed itself, everything in this room was thrifted, handed down, or found at an estate sale. Check out these fun and funky (and frugal!) guest bedroom ideas below.

Vintage Guest Bedroom Ideas
When we bought this house, we loved this space. Originally, we had thought my parents would be moving into this room and its den that is right next door to it. There is also a large, handicapped accessible bathroom attached to this bedroom...making it an ideal spot for them. However, their health needs and situation have somewhat shifted, and we're not completely sure it will all play out like we originally thought. Instead of leaving it in its blank state, we went ahead and fluffed it up a bit for our guests who use this it reflects our own tastes a bit more. I'm sharing my favorite guest bedroom ideas to make a spot for your people that is both functional and budget-friendly (and vintage!).

Vintage Guest Bedroom Ideas

Comfortable Guest Bedroom
The focal point of our guest bedroom is the queen-sized bed (against a very hodge-podge wall of art!). This is actually the bed my parents bought us when we was their wedding gift to us. We can never part with it, but we did upgrade to a king-size bed in our own room, so this bed moved to the guest room. 
Guest Bedding
The cream colored scalloped quilt is one of my favorite pieces. I've always had a hard time outfitting this bed in stark white bedding, since it's definitely more off-white or cream (honestly, through the years, the finish of this bed has yellowed a bit). The slight creaminess of this quilt has been the perfect touch. This is the Scalloped Soft White Quilt (with matching shams) from Crane and Canopy.

Crane and Canopy Bedding
I paired the Crane and Canopy quilt and shams with dark blue blankets and Euro shams for a fun contrast. The patterned pillows were a fun find at Tuesday Morning. I love that they have the aqua that we have throughout the rest of our home. 

I caused a bit of a stir on Instagram and Facebook when I shared that I ironed sheets for guest beds when we had company coming into town. I know this is a pretty dated and time-consuming practice...but it's absolutely luxurious to sleep on ironed sheets, y'all. My mom took in ironing to earn extra pocket money back in the day. I feel like I learned some serious ironing tips from her (like sprinkling, chilling, and pressing sheets for guests...and the chilling is not what you think it's for!). It's just a nifty trick to make sheets press really nicely. I spray ours with a nice Caldrea Spray, iron, and then make up the guest bed. 

White quilted bedding
In our own bedroom, we have a Crane and Canopy duvet that we love. However, since we do have guests in here regularly, I thought laundering a quilt would be a bit easier than a duvet and insert. This quilt is so soft and has worked out perfectly. The striped quilt on the end of the bed is actually an old one from my oldest's previous bedroom in our old house. It's a twin size, so I folded it the long way. It's really just to add a bit of color to the end of the bed.

Vintage Gallery WallI've been gathering guest bedroom ideas for this space for a bit now. I wanted some kind of gallery wall as a focal point, but wasn't really sure which way to go with it. We painted the room and added the inexpensive drop cloth drapes back in December, right before my in-laws stayed in here. Honestly, this is the darkest we've ever painted a room (well, besides red, I suppose), and we love this blue paint color. This is Cosmic Cobalt from Behr in a flat finish. I wasn't able to get anything on the walls before they arrived, so that gave me some extra time to think on it. I had taken my vintage flea market artwork down for the holidays and it was stacked in a closet. One by one, I started putting items from that stash up on these walls...and my flea market gallery wall suddenly moved in here.

Currier and Ives Season Prints
My husband mentioned that we had never hung these vintage Currier & Ives seasons prints all together in one display. They've always been a part of a gallery wall...kind of mixed in amongst other things. But, he wanted to see them in one spot, on their own. I'm glad that we found the perfect spot for them. I grabbed these at closing time at a church garage sale a few years back. I paid a dollar each for them. 
Antique Aqua Floral Lamp
This vintage lamp is one of my favorite things ever, y'all. My husband pointed it out at the Goodwill in Marble Falls, Texas, last month. It was in the bin ready to head out onto the shelves, but we snagged it before it had the chance to leave with someone else. It was in perfect condition with the original shade and all. I think it's fantastic to go with the other aqua accents in here.

Camp-Style Dresser
This dresser was the finishing piece for this room. We knew we wanted a dresser of this shape in this space, but hadn't found one yet. This past Saturday, we happened upon an estate sale, just three houses down from ours. Somehow, we didn't find this sale until its last hour in business and prices were slashed. We purchased this dresser, some artwork, and two lovely Ethan Allen chairs for a steal. We instantly became the people carrying big pieces of furniture down our street. It was quite the sight! I sort of want to paint this piece...the current stain is a bit orange for me. But, I may just re-stain it a bit darker. Still thinking on that one.

Aqua Keurig
My son gave me this aqua Keurig for Christmas this year (does he know me or what?). He told me it was totally cool to put it in the guest room. It's the single serve kind, so it's perfect for guests to have a cup of coffee before they join the rest of the household for the day. I have had the vintage French tea cup set since I was in college...super excited that the blue in the cups goes perfectly in this room. To keep things tidy, I filled the sugar bowl with sweetener and sugar packets instead of loose sugar.

Louis XV Chair
In the other corner of the room is a Louis XV Chair from my late uncle. I've had intentions of recovering this chair for day, y' day. The reading lamp is another thrift store find. And the guitar belongs to my youngest. 

Drop Cloth Curtains
Again, we used inexpensive drop cloths for drapes in here. My husband remarked that he'd love to eventually have something a bit more formal or structured, like the draperies I made for our bedroom. But, for now, these work well. We removed the blinds in here (they actually didn't work properly and couldn't be opened). So, these drapes do serve as working drapes for privacy. We used our tried and true method for a plumbing pipe drapery rod since the windows are so wide in here.

Vintage School Desks
The vintage school desks from our family room came in here, too (still working on their replacements for the family room). These desks were purchased for fifty cents each when we lived up in Muleshoe, Texas. The elementary school did a refurbishing number and sold all of the old furniture. I was only too happy to snag a couple of these. Best dollar ever spent. When my boys were little, we had these desks facing one another (with their little matching desk chairs) on a wall in our tv room. They would sit at these desks and eat their breakfasts every morning. They were perfect for little activities all day long, too. When we moved into this home, I spray painted them aqua (they were originally brown and I first sprayed them cream). These are just so special to me and I hope to incorporate them wherever we live. The brass touch lamp on the desk was a Goodwill find about five years ago (its twin is on the other side of the bed). Who doesn't love a good, vintage touch lamp, amiright?

Baby Ben Clock
I even found the perfect little vintage alarm clocks at the thrift store, too. This one coordinates perfectly in this blue bedroom. My kids have gotten a kick out of its robust brrrrrrring of an alarm sound. It's a bit more of a jolt than the iPhone alarms they've become accustomed to. I'm having a good time sticking this in their bedrooms from time to time. Heh, heh.

Vintage Gallery Art Wall

More Vintage Guest Bedroom Ideas:

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Do you have any guest bedroom ideas or hospitality tips?

Be sure to share them in the comments.

I was supplied some of the bedding for this post by 
Crane and Canopy. All opinions are strictly my own. 


  1. Love it!! The blue is perfect, and all your thrifty finds are darling. :)

  2. WOW! What a truly beautiful room. Every color of blue used is like a jewel. I am so in love with your room. Your quests are very lucky!!!
    Joy Gwilliam

  3. I really like this room, I love how you incorporated so many different items so beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this room! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Our guestroom is also in blues, so great choice. I also include.... bottled water, a snacks basket, toiletries in a dresser drawer,matching towels and wash cloths, folding drying rack for wet towels, flashlight, local postcards, pens, stamps, empty hangers in the closet, extra blankets, small basket for them to carry toiletries to the bathroom, extension cord, trying to remember what else. Anyways that's what I like to keep in there. And the ironing is a nice touch! At a minimum, do the pillowcases. A welcome sign of some sort is also very nice. The room is very pretty. Barbi K.

  6. I love this blue. Truth be told I was not a fan of blue until my mom passed away and it was the color of her eyes so now it has become one of my favorite colors, especially in my house. I was reading this post and I used to live in Spicewood, Texas (30 mins from Marble Falls and love that Goodwill). What is even more ironic - we used to live in Muleshoe too. Truly excited me to find your blog and printables. Thanks for being such a blessing.

  7. These blues are divine! I love the cobalt blue it must feel like you are in the ocean, my favourite place. I found you on the snickerdoodle party and have shared and followed

  8. That looks so inviting and relaxing :)

  9. Your blue and white guest bedroom with aqua and vintage accents is charming. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle. I am sharing your post at the party today.

  10. Your room is beautiful and welcoming. My mom had a mangle and ironed everything except socks! A clean body, clean PJs, and ironed sheets was just heaven! I liked Barbi K's welcoming items. I would add sanitary products for a female guest. And one of those little dollar store sewing kits so someone can sew on a button or fix a seam!

    After 30 years of living with primer white in the bathroom, my handyman is fixing sheetrock, replacing caulking, painting and staining. The light blue turned out darker than I thought the paint chip was! I'm gonna live in a robin's egg! BUT, seeing your bright blue reassured me that a stronger-than-I-thought-it-was color is a GOOD thing! I didn't even realize I needed this reassurance! I love strong colors for clothing but am more timid about walls! My blue complements colored glass and towels I already have. I literally heaved several sighs of relief when I realized that this will work! Thank you for this so timely post!

  11. Hi Kristi! I love your guest bedroom. And everything in it. Please do me a favor. If and when you decide to cover the King Louis XV chair, please do not, I repeat DO NOT, paint the wood on the chair. It will ruin the antique chair. Never sand the original paint or paint an antique. I realize you don't have to follow my advice but just thought I would throw this in. Keep on beautifing! Regina