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Free Printable Funny Valentines Cards

This post about free printable funny Valentines cards contains affiliate links. I make a small profit when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

My free printable funny Valentines cards have every kids' (and some adults') favorite foods: PIZZA and TACOS. I mean...let's TACO 'BOUT how punny these are, y'all! They are designed to be used with the fun lapel pins that are popular, or the free punch out icons that are included in your download. Take a PIZZA these funny Valentines cards to your someone special.

Free Printable Funny Valentines Cards
As the kids get older, the Valentines cards get a little less cutesy and a bit more humorous. My youngest is in fifth grade and this will be his last year for passing out class Valentines cards (cue the sobbing). He helped me come up with these funny Valentines cards to hand out to his friends...and I thought you might enjoy them, too!

Free Printable Funny Valentines Cards

Pizza. Tacos. Lapel Pins. I mean...what more could you want in funny Valentines cards? I designed these for the older kiddos, but honestly, adults and little ones would probably TACO 'bout how awesome they are, too. If you're in grown up land, leave one of these on your co-worker's desk for a smile. I have two options, too. Since you may not want to splurge for the taco and pizza lapel pins for everyone on your list, I included simple punch outs of tacos and pizzas, as well. 

Taco and Pizza Valentines
But, if you decide to go the lapel pin route...I have to say the neat dimensional effect they have on these funny Valentines cards is pretty cool. 

Enamel Pins

Fun Lapel Pins
Our local mall has a great little shop with all kinds of enamel pins. But, I also found a BIG selection here on Amazon (including Taco and Pizza ones). They're hot trading items for preteens in our area. 

How to print these Funny Valentines Cards:

  • After downloading your cards, print them using your best ink on to white letter-sized cardstock paper (purchase here on Amazon). Regular copy paper is too thin for these Valentines. 
  • Cut out and use with the lapel pins, or the free included punch out tacos and pizzas (directions on those below).

Free Valentines Cards
  • To use the free included taco and pizza punch outs on your funny Valentines cards, a one-inch craft punch works best. These punch outs are printed on the same page as your cards. 
  • Cut the strip of punch outs off of the main page to use with a craft punch (as pictured above). You can use scissors, but a craft punch makes quick work of it. 
  • You can attach them to the Valentines cards with double stick tape...or, even more impressive and dimensional...sticky foam tape like Command Mounting Squares (I cut the squares into fourths to use them on the punch outs).

Download the Free Printable Funny Valentines Cards Below:

Class Valentines (24 Designs)

Class Valentines
Would you prefer 24 different (and PUNNY) designs for your class pass outs, this year? I've got you covered with the above set of 24 Printable Valentines (no repeats) here in my Etsy shop. They also include a bonus printable Teacher Valentine Card.

Preteen Valentines

Want more funny Valentines cards?

Pizza and Taco Punny Printables
Hoping all you TACO 'bout this Valentine's Day is love sweet love!

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