i should be mopping the floor: September 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Mario Brothers Party

Our big guy turned SEVEN!
We donned our chocolate mustaches, made a little pizza in Luigi's Pizza Kitchen and rescued Yoshi's eggs from the Goombas! All in all, a fun time indeed!

I've never planned a party on the smaller scale...but, I may be a convert! We invited three of our closest buddies (and our little brother, of course) and partied it up with birthday fun & games, a Mario tournament and our first sleepover. A great time was had by all. And mom didn't feel totally overwhelmed!

I made the racetrack cake featured on Family Fun and "converted" it into a Mario Kart cake. I chose to not do the sprinkles for the grass and just used green icing with my grass tip. I also left off the Mike & Ikes. Because I just can't stand the things! ; )

I made chocolate mustaches with a mold I found on Amazon.
Here's my parents as the Mario Brothers! ; )

And our sweet little buddy!

We put together a pizza-making station that was a hit!

At Luigi's....make the pizza pies!

Busy chefs!

I used hard-boiled eggs and colored them with spots with a blue sharpie. We did a spoon race and "saved Yoshi's eggs" from the Goombas (the mean mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers), that my dad was pelting at the boys!
This was a great time-filler while the pizzas baked. And an easy and enjoyable party game!

Enjoying our hard labor! Pizza time!

Blowing out the candles!

Opening sweet & thoughtful presents.

Our take home prizes were the Mario & Luigi hats (I made these from plain hats & felt that I cut into the letters) and more mustaches.

The highlight of the night: Mario Kart Tournament!
To save money, we simply borrowed a bunch of extra Wii stuff (extra WiiMotes, wheels, etc.) from a friend. I was actually thinking of purchasing it all and realized it would have been almost $200 for all that stuff! Silly!

And....they actually slept! The birthday boy was the first to conk out!

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 5

We've got a birthday boy this week!
I made mini sandwiches with cookie cutters & various cheese cut-outs. I used mini-pepperonis for the tops of both the hat & cup cake. Grapes & a berry muffin.

Pizza People!! Used sandwich rounds to create pizza with leftover ingredients from an evening meal.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course. 
Ham & cheese sandwich, grapes, pretzels, berry muffin.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 4

More Bento fun....happy to report my boys have been bringing home empty boxes and full tummies! Loving the Bento life! ; )
One of the boys' faves have been the sammich roll-ups. SO EASY. 
Just flatten out your bread with a rolling pin, add topping and roll!
Also included: car egg, grapes & cantaloupe stars.

Ham & cheese sammich roll-ups!
Also included: Wheat Thins Stix, carrots, cantaloupe stars and apples.
(I unwrap the apples in the a.m. when I throw the ice pack in.)

Wellllll.....the raw broccoli went over about like an elephant pole-vaulting.
But the corn dog muffins....success! I've posted the recipe here for those.
Also included cheese cubes (thanks, Sandy!), grapes, strawberries & granola.

The Angry Birds Bento!! I gave same details here.
Also included: egg star, fruit salad, broccoli (somebody take that stuff away from me), carrots, cucumbers & a strawberry muffin.

Happy Bento-Making!

Monday, September 12, 2011

We are Nerds for Angry Birds


Made the boys Angry Birds for their Bento boxes tomorrow. 
Hoping for mass hysteria when they open the lids!

I've seen these in several places on the web, but none have too much info on how to construct. 

1. I took the Babybel and used a paring knife to cut a semi-circle from the bottom part of the red wax (I made sure to cut off the pull-tab, so it wouldn't interfere with the design). 
2. I used the wrong side of a cake decorating tip (use what ya got!) to cut out the larger eye circles from provolone slices.
3. I freehanded the beak with a paring knife and cheddar slice.
4. I used a large cake decorating tip to cut the inner eye parts (that sounds quite medical), from cucumber peel.
5. I freehanded the eye brows with a paring knife out of cucumber peel.
6. I used the leftover wax to create the head feathers.
7. Everything is "glued" together with dabs of cream cheese. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 3

Another "Angry Monster"...my little guy saw brother's Bento last week and requested one of these. He's never eaten an entire PB&J until today...success!! Also included: string cheese, chocolate chip muffin, grape & apple kabobs.

Found a new container on clearance at Tar-Jay! This has a frozen ice mold that fits in its lid. Love it. He also had a little thermos of the previous night's mac & cheese. 

My big guy has gotten to where he loves the sandwich rounds. I made him a ham & cheese (it's cut in half and stacked). Also included: egg in fish mold, carrots, chips & tomatoes.

More of the freezer-recipe pizza muffins that we made last week.
{You can find the recipe here}
They are so YUM.
Grapes, Wheat Thins Stix & peach applesauce.

Another ham & cheese on sandwich round (stacked), chocolate chip muffin, Wheat Thins Stix, raisins, cheese circles (tucked in next to the muffin), apples & grapes.

Have a great week!

What's for lunch Wednesday?


These are my kids new favorite treat! And so easy. Found the original recipe on Pinterest. Lots of possibilities with holiday colors...maybe even drizzle a little bit of white chocolate across the top!
I'm such a sucker for a good salty/sweet combination!

Layout a bag of pretzel twists. Top each with a Hershey Kiss (we used regular...not sure what would happen if you use the ones with stuff in the middle...that may get messy!).

After laying all of your Kisses on top, pop the tray in a 275 degree oven for 3 minutes.
Remove and immediately press a single M&M on top of each.

Pop the pan in the fridge until you're ready to serve. I had a couple of the kisses pop off after they hardened...I did figure out something to do with them...no worries. ; )

We like to serve these as an easy snack when we host our church small group Sunday afternoons. 

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