In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 4 | i should be mopping the floor
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In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 4

More Bento fun....happy to report my boys have been bringing home empty boxes and full tummies! Loving the Bento life! ; )
One of the boys' faves have been the sammich roll-ups. SO EASY. 
Just flatten out your bread with a rolling pin, add topping and roll!
Also included: car egg, grapes & cantaloupe stars.

Ham & cheese sammich roll-ups!
Also included: Wheat Thins Stix, carrots, cantaloupe stars and apples.
(I unwrap the apples in the a.m. when I throw the ice pack in.)

Wellllll.....the raw broccoli went over about like an elephant pole-vaulting.
But the corn dog muffins....success! I've posted the recipe here for those.
Also included cheese cubes (thanks, Sandy!), grapes, strawberries & granola.

The Angry Birds Bento!! I gave same details here.
Also included: egg star, fruit salad, broccoli (somebody take that stuff away from me), carrots, cucumbers & a strawberry muffin.

Happy Bento-Making!

1 comment:

  1. I so need to channel your creative gifts. We brought home a fab Bento Box book from the library and didn't get much beyond looking at the photos.

    love, love, love the lovely lunches - your kiddos are so lucky!

    xoxo michele