In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 3 | i should be mopping the floor
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In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 3

Another "Angry Monster" little guy saw brother's Bento last week and requested one of these. He's never eaten an entire PB&J until today...success!! Also included: string cheese, chocolate chip muffin, grape & apple kabobs.

Found a new container on clearance at Tar-Jay! This has a frozen ice mold that fits in its lid. Love it. He also had a little thermos of the previous night's mac & cheese. 

My big guy has gotten to where he loves the sandwich rounds. I made him a ham & cheese (it's cut in half and stacked). Also included: egg in fish mold, carrots, chips & tomatoes.

More of the freezer-recipe pizza muffins that we made last week.
{You can find the recipe here}
They are so YUM.
Grapes, Wheat Thins Stix & peach applesauce.

Another ham & cheese on sandwich round (stacked), chocolate chip muffin, Wheat Thins Stix, raisins, cheese circles (tucked in next to the muffin), apples & grapes.

Have a great week!

What's for lunch Wednesday?


  1. Love the Angry Monster sandwich! I am really getting into bento lunches lately but still have to purchase same accessories!!

  2. Greetings! I happened to stumble upon your blog and it is so cute... you seem like the best mom making all of these creations for your sons! :)
    I am going to try that Pizza muffin recipe - I have to click on your link! ;)
    Nice meeting you and keep up your cute lunches for your boys! They are very lucky.