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Free Printable Cute Labels

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Today's new cute labels were a specific request for a brighten up her organization a bit. The classic laurel leaf designs are simple, but add a nice frame around the wording on a label. I've got instructions on printing and using below.

Cute Labels
These sweet labels really do add a pop of FUN to any jar or container. My coffee pods have never looked so good. They come with 10 labels to a sheet (I used a specific Avery label for these, but there are other options besides that, if you prefer). Grab these cute labels below.

Free Printable Cute Labels

I want to be totally up front and tell you that these types of labels aren't always my favorite to put together. There are so many ways to print them, but that can get a bit technical and out of a lot of folks' comfort zones. I tend to create things that are easy to print and use for lots of people. And while these certainly aren't overly complicated, they do require a bit more finesse to make sure they print correctly. I'll definitely answer any questions in the comments regarding printing and such. But, I included instructions and tips below.

Biscuit Jar Labels
The designs on these are simple laurel leafs with fun pops of aqua and pink. The laurels are centered in the label, and text can be nestled right into the middle of them.

Gift Tag Option

Free Printable Gift Tags
These prints also make darling gift tags, too!

How to Print and Use these Labels:

Avery Labels
These labels were designed to use with Avery 18163 labels, however that's not the only way to use them! Here are all of the options:
  • You can print them onto white, letter-sized cardstock, cut, and write on them with a marker. Then adhere to the item you're labeling.
  • You can use these labels in your word processing program. Either download the Avery 18163 template for your program here, or just use the label download as a background image for your document.
  • When using the Avery template in your word processing program, my advice is to run the cute label designs through your printer first, then put that page back in the printer to print your text on (just remember to keep your text centered in the label, so it doesn't print onto the floral designs).
  • You can also print these onto the Avery 18163 Labels and write on the labels with a Sharpie. The design is supposed to give that hand-drawn impression, so handwritten labels are totally in keeping with the look of these.
  • You can also use these on the full sheet sticker or label paper I talk about a lot. Print them out, write on them, then cut where you desire.
  • Keep in mind that these labels are for "one-liners". Since the laurel designs form a top and bottom frame of sorts for your words, it's best to keep your words to one line.

Vintage Cracker Jars
I'm loving the sweet little design of these labels on my vintage cracker jars I use in my coffee area. I purchased my jars at Walmart years ago. But they have sets of the two-quart jars here on Amazon.

Coffee Pod Organization

Download Your Cute Labels:

Organizing with Labels

More Free Printable Labels

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  1. I really appreciate your blog post on printable labels. I'm planning on using your labels soon and I'm really excited to get started!