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21 Free Crazy Fonts

These free crazy fonts are some wild ones, friends! From funky to edgy to just a little on the messy side, these fonts are so much fun to incorporate into lots of projects and designs. Download your favorite crazy fonts below.

Crazy Fonts
While I'm a fairly buttoned up person, I do enjoy stretching my creative fun in certain settings, namely fonts. And crazy fonts definitely get me out of my neat and tidy little box. Some of these fonts are just a tiny bit funky (a flared glyph or twirl here and there), but some are all out crazy town. I think the key is moderation with these...and mixing them with some simpler styles, as well. Enjoy all of these wild typefaces below.

21 Free Crazy Fonts

Whether you need these fonts for a child's birthday invitation or a fun poster at the office, these great "accent" type of fonts are very eye-catching. Sometimes the crazier, the better, right?

Funky Fonts

Ideas for Using These Crazy Fonts

While we all have our own ways of using the various fonts we collect, I did want to share a few of my favorites below, for these funky and crazy fonts, in particular. I'm including the names of the fonts that I've used as examples

Birthday Card Ideas

Card Making

Whether it's a birthday card or a thank you card, a few fun and funky fonts can really make the look of your design POP! You can easily create cards in any word processing program by turning your page sideways in the program and adding text on the right side of the page. Then simply print and fold. Using bright and fun colors are always a great idea with fonts like these. These fonts I used on the above birthday card are:
  • wishing you a - Last Dream (available below)
  • CRAZY GOOD - CF John Doe (available below)
  • birthday - Last Dream (available below)

Funky Town T-Shirt

SVGs and Cut Files

I know a lot of you use vinyl machines and so many of these fonts would be perfect for your creations. If you create your files for commercial purposes, make sure to check the terms of use on the font before proceeding. The above t-shirt cut file was created with the following crazy fonts:
  • won't you take me to Brigherdz (available below)
  • FUNKY TOWN - Urban Blocker (available below)

Fun Day Printable

Printables and Posters

Well, of course I had to include printables as an option, right? It's fun to try your hand making your own printables, even in a simple word processing program. Simply mixing up the fonts and colors goes a long way to add interest to any poster design. I used the following fonts in the above print:
  • make it a  - Jack Silver (available below)
  • FUN DAY - Funky Flamingo (available below)

Installing Your Fonts

  • If you're one of my readers who uses a PC, please reference this detailed tutorial on How to Install Fonts from Microsoft. It gives a great, step-by-step tutorial.
  • Since I am an Apple user, I'm happy to give my own tutorial on how to install these crazy fonts on a Mac. Follow my steps below:
How to Install Fonts

    Installing Fonts on a Mac:

  • After downloading the crazy font of your choice, open your download folder (or whichever folder where your downloads end up). 
  • Open the folder of the font (just FYI: in some cases, there may not be a folder, it may just be the actual font file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file. I prefer the .otf  or Open Type Format files if they're available, they can be resized and manipulated without compromising their quality. But, they're not always available. The .ttf file will still work just fine.

How to Install a Font
  • Once you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, the dialog box should automatically pop up.
  • Click 'Install Font' and your installation should automatically begin (it takes about two seconds, total). 
  • You may want to also check your Font Book to make sure your new font is there. 
  • You can start using your new font immediately.

Download Your Crazy Fonts Below

All of the font downloads are listed out individually below. A few things to make note of:
  • Click on the name of the font to be taken to its download page. There is also a link provided directly under each font, as well.
  • On each font's download page, you can find the Terms of Use provided by its font designer. Be sure to adhere to their policies, especially where commercial usage is concerned.
  • I also added the phrase "another wild and crazy font" under every font name so you can see a few more characters in the font.

John Doe Font
CF John Doe

Crazy Rascals Font

Free Crazy Fonts

Want a Few More Free Fonts?

  • My free Vintage Romantic Fonts are a really popular group of fonts with my readers. They're perfect for weddings and Valentine's.
  • Tthis list of free Marker-Style Fonts are always a big hit and kind of have a neat 80s font vibe, as well
  • And who doesn't love a good vintage Typewriter Font? These Free Typewriter Fonts are so authentic, you may hear keys tapping in the background.
  • Looking for a good Farmhouse Font? I definitely have you covered with these 25+ Free Farmhouse Fonts.
  • If you're super into time-period fonts, be sure to check out this list of 1970s Inspired Fonts from Wild Side Design.
  • And Busy Beaver Button Company has a fun list of 10 Free Retro Fonts you'll have to check out for yourself!

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