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31 Free Wedding Fonts

These 31 Free Wedding Fonts can actually be used in lots of applications (not just nuptials). They're a bit sophisticated and elegant to give any event design a special touch. Download your favorite of these wedding fonts below.

Wedding Fonts
Whether you're planning a wedding in the near future or maybe a special birthday party or even a spring dance, these sweet wedding fonts have so many options for all of your signage, invitations, menus, and more. See all of these different typefaces available below.

31 Free Wedding Fonts

As I mentioned above, obviously, these fonts can be used in so many more instances than wedding-related applications, but with their elegant features, I thought I'd highlight my favorite ways to "nuptially" use these typefaces.

Elegant Fonts

What Makes a Good Wedding Font?

  • When I'm putting together a specific font group, I try to think through the process of how these fonts will be used and what a good version of that type of font would look like. 
  • To me, a wedding font has a definite elegant or sophisticated side to it. And it's probably not a font that you'd use in everyday instances. That elegance can come through in swirls, ligatures, letter spacing, interesting widths, and more.
  • As I mentioned above, these are special occasion fonts, ones that you wouldn't be using everyday for documents and such. But rather fonts that feel a bit more sophisticated and add an extra bit of specialness to an invitation, menu card, poster, or whatever else you create with them.
  • Be sure to also play around with your wedding colors and how they work with these fonts. Try different shades of the same color to see how that plays out...plus add some contrasting pops of color, as well.

Ways to Use These Wedding Fonts:

Obviously, these typefaces can be used in so many more instances than wedding-related applications, but with their elegant features, I thought I'd highlight my favorite ways to "nuptially" use these. A few tips:
  • Use a script font with a print font for a fun look.
  • Pair a thicker font with a thinner font for extra interest.
  • Alternate using the print fonts in all caps and regular caps.
Below, I've also included the names of the fonts that I shared in the following examples.


Wedding Invitation Example
The biggest use for these lovely fonts is invitations, and really, all printed wedding material. Above, I paired a swirly script font with a simple print font. These are the fonts used on the above invitation:
  • print font used - Caviar Dreams (available below)
  • script font used - Darleston (available below)

Wedding Paraphernalia & Extras

Bride Tribe
It seems like, these days, there are lots of fun "extras" that go along with all the wedding fun. From bridal party gifts, to favors, to "tribe attire", the above shirt is just a small example of how to use these wedding fonts on some of the items you can personalize for your celebration. These work well with Cricut or Silhouette machines as cut files. These are the fonts used on the above t-shirt:
  • bride - The Beautiful Secret (available below)
  • TRIBE - Miracle (available below)

Menus and Place Cards

Wedding Menu Ideas
While menus and place cards are kind of a luxurious extra, these days, it's simple to make your own to really add some pizzaz to your reception or event. These are the fonts I used on the above menu:
  • Menu - Nathalia (available below)
  • menu items - Oranienbaum (available below)

Installing Your Wedding Fonts

  • I say this in every font post, but I use a Mac computer and don't really feel qualified to give pointers on installing fonts on a PC. But, after a bit of research, I found a helpful tutorial for you PC users on How to Install Fonts from Microsoft. It gives a simple, step-by-step tutorial.
  • Since I am well-versed on Apple products, I'm happy to give my own tutorial on how to install these wedding fonts on a Mac. Follow my steps below:
How to Install Fonts

Installing Fonts on your Mac:

  • After downloading your wedding font of choice, open up your download folder (or wherever your downloads end up). 
  • Within that folder, open the folder of the font (just FYI: in some cases, there may not be a font folder, it may just be the actual font file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file. I prefer the .otf  or Open Type Format files if they're available, they can be resized or manipulated without compromising quality. But, they're not always available. The .ttf file should still work just fine.
Installing Fonts
  • Once you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, a dialog box (as pictured above) should automatically pop up.
  • Click 'Install Font' and your installation will begin (it takes about two seconds, total). 
  • Be sure to check your Font Book to make certain your new font is there. 
  • You can start using your wedding font right away.

Download Your Wedding Fonts Below

All of the Wedding Font downloads are listed out individually below. A few things to make note of:
  • I divided the fonts into two categories:
    • Cursive Wedding Fonts
    • Print Wedding Fonts
  • Click on the name of each individual font to be taken to its download page. There is also a link provided directly under each font name, as well.
  • On each font's download page, you will also find the Terms of Use provided by its font designer. Be sure to adhere to their policies, especially where commercial usage is concerned. Most of these fonts are fine for personal use (which weddings and family gatherings usually fall under, but make sure to read the parameters thoroughly to avoid any copyright issues).
  • I also added a "The Honor of Your Presence is Requested" under every font name so you can see how the font looks in that particular phrase. It also gives you a few more letter examples other than the font name.

Cursive Wedding Fonts:

Claudia Font

Print Wedding Fonts:

Yeseva Font
Yeseva One

Swifted Font

Free Wedding Fonts

More Fonts for Celebrating:


  1. Which fonts did you use to express
    these fonts are so elegant??
    they look so good together.. thank you

    1. Thank you so much. The cursive one in that is Claudia and the print is MADE Canvas. Hope this helps!