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Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks

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Well, it was probably fairly obvious, but I just had to make a set of Christmas Bookmarks for this printable series we're in the midst of. I think printable bookmarks are some of my favorite things to gift (my bookclub is going to be tired of them before too long, ha!). But they're easy to print and pass out and everyone enjoys them (plus, they're super functional, so that's a win-win). Download these four printable Christmas Bookmarks below.

Christmas Bookmarks
This time around, I strictly stuck to patterns and no words for these bookmark printables. I mean, we don't want them competing with your actual reading material, right (wink)? There are four colorful patterns in this set of printables. I'll show you a fun way to use them below, too.

Christmas Bookmarks

Let's first chat about the limitless gifting possibilities with these printable Christmas bookmarks. They would make fantastic stocking stuffers. Or gift them to a friend with a book they've been interested in. They'd also be darling to pass out to classrooms full of kids as sweet little holiday exchanges. 

If you're looking for more designs, check out all of my free printable bookmarks.

Printable Holiday Bookmarks
Above are the four patterns included in these Christmas bookmarks:
  • multicolored strands of Christmas lights
  • white snowflakes on a blue background
  • geometric Christmas trees
  • white polka dots on a pink background

A couple of these designs can even be used after the holidays, as well. The snowflake one is perfect through the winter season and the polka dots are definitely timeless.
Holiday Bookmark Printables
While these bookmarks are great on their own, personally, I love to embellish them a bit more. Here's what you'll need for both printing and embellishing your own bookmarks:

Christmas Bookmark Printables

Putting Your Christmas Bookmarks Together:

  • Download your bookmarks below (please note: these are for personal use only; for more information on this, see my complete Terms of Use).
  • Print your bookmarks onto the white letter-sized cardstock. These bookmarks print with all four patterns on one sheet.
  • Cut each bookmark out around its perimeter. The Christmas lights and tree designs both have small outlines around their perimeters to make cutting a bit easier.
  • You can either punch a hole in the bookmark itself and attach a tassel, or slip it into one of the covers I mentioned above and attach the tassel to the hole in the cover.
  • If you prefer, you can leave your bookmark as is. 

More Printable Bookmarks

Printable Bookmarks on Etsy
I also have three sets of colorful and fun bookmarks over in my Etsy Shop (pictured above). Feel free to check out:

Download Your Christmas Bookmarks

Printable Christmas Bookmarks

Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks

More Printable Bookmarks

Need Help Downloading or Printing?

Be sure to view my complete video tutorial below. It covers how to both download and print your printables. There are options for both a Mac and a PC. You can upload to your local print shop or print on your home printer.



  1. Love these! Thank you so much for blessing us with your talent and sharing so many "freebies".

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I'm so happy you love them. Appreciate your sweet words. xoxo

  2. Thank you so much, Kristi.I live in Slovakia, I am enchanted by your ideas.

    1. Awww, thank you so much for that, Klaudia. That is so kind of you. xoxo

    2. On the contrary, I thank you. I also followed your autumn ideas, I used a lot.