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Fall Woodland Animal Bookmarks

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These sweet little fall woodland animal bookmarks aren't just for kids, y'all. I've been using the fox bookmark all month long for my own reading...it's such a sweet little surprise every time I flip open my book. I included not only a fox (seems like he's the unofficial mascot of fall, right?), but also a raccoon and owl in all their woodland glory. 

Animal Bookmarks
These printable bookmarks are also different than others I have designed in the past. These don't have any wording on them. I wanted to make the hand-drawn characteristics of the woodland creatures really stand out. There is a light neutral-toned buffalo-checked background on each design, as well, just for some added interest and texture. Download these animal bookmarks below (there are several download options).

Fall Woodland Animal Bookmarks

Free printable bookmarks are always quite popular here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. I knew I had to add a set into the fall series. And sweet woodland creatures seemed like a fun route to take. I also have information on tassels and bookmark protectors below, as well. Several of you mentioned purchasing and enjoying the protectors after I posted the Bible Verse Bookmarks last month, so I wanted to share them again. They really are great for helping bookmarks keep their shape and stay looking their best. They are fabulous for gift giving, too. Of course, I also have my handmade yarn tassels attached to one of these bookmarks. It's another fun way to embellish these cuties.
Fox Bookmark
That sweet little fox bookmark is designed after my own fox friend. Actually, we were frenemies. When I used to walk in the early morning hours in our old neighborhood, there was a wooded area that I'd take the sidewalk through, since it was so serene and not yet developed (well, except for the sidewalk part, I suppose). Every so often, I'd spot this little fox still out and about in those early hours. He scared the heehaw out of me and I'd always turn my walk into a hurried, clumsy run of sorts...to get out of there. I am sure he meant no harm, but we both had a frenemy understanding of one another. His likeness now appears atop a tree stump in this fun little fox bookmark. 

Raccoon Bookmark
The raccoon bookmark also involves a little tree stump perch. In all honesty, this would have had a bit more realness to it if I had added a tossed over trash can with the raccoon burrowing through it. But, that didn't seem nearly as darling as this one did. We'll keep the raccoon in cute standing for bookmark purposes.  

The third of the designs is a friendly owl, sitting up in a birch tree. He's a sweetie, too. Hoot, hoot.

All three of these designs would be great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for the readers in your life.

Woodland Animal Bookmarks

Printing and Using Your Animal Bookmarks

  • You'll be able to download your choice of bookmark design below.
  • These printable bookmarks come in several printing options (as pictured above).
    • One page has all three of the bookmark designs.
    • The other options have each of the animals on their own (and there are three per page). I thought this would be handy if you were particular to one of the animals.
  • Printable bookmarks should always be printed onto white cardstock paper (letter-sized is what works for these designs). Regular paper is far too flimsy for these. 
  • Set your printer to its normal or best setting when printing these.
  • Then, use your scissors or a paper trimmer to cut inside or outside the small black outline running around each bookmark. 

Bookmark Protectors

Instructions for Embellishing Your Bookmarks 

While these bookmarks are great on their own, just as is, they're fun to add a tassel and protector to, as well.

Bookmark Tassels
  • If you prefer that homemade yarn tassel look (pictured above), I have a complete tutorial on How to Make a Yarn Tassel that uses this clever little tassel-making contraption that will save you a few hand cramps. Just attach your yarn tassel to your bookmark with a simple hole punch. 
  • You can also see how fun these tassels are to create in my video below. 

Printable Fox Bookmark
I think it looks great to use coordinating yarn with each bookmark. I've had one of my Bible Verse Bookmarks with a yarn tassel on it for a couple of months now and it's never torn or anything (and I use it daily in my book). They hold up well, if printed onto cardstock.

More Printable Bookmarks

Printable Bookmarks on Etsy
I also have three sets of colorful and fun bookmarks over in my Etsy Shop (pictured above). Feel free to check out:

Download Your Bookmarks

Animal Bookmark Printables

Free Printable Fox Bookmark

Looking for More Free Fall Printables?

Here's to curling up under a cozy blanket with a good book this fall season. 


  1. OH these are adorable!!! Thank you.

  2. Hi Kristi: I look forward to receiving your emails and the FREEBIES. You bless me with so many wonderful and seasonal designs. I can't thank you enough. God Bless You for sharing your gift and may the holidays bring inspiration to you!

    1. Awww...thank you so much for those sweet words, Beth. They are really appreciated. xoxo

  3. I love love these. We work with abused teens and children and they will love these, thank you bunches and bunches More and more thank you's

    1. Thank you, Cathy! May your work with these teens and children be blessed and fruitful. Appreciate you taking the time to let me know. xoxo