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3 Free Printable Bible Verse Bookmarks

This post for Bible Verse Bookmarks contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

These sweet and feminine Bible Verse Bookmarks can mark your place in your daily Bible reading, devotional, or even latest novel you're pouring over. There are three designs and scriptures available. And they make FANTASTIC gifts (my book club girls are about to receive some). You can download one or all of these free printable Bible Verse Bookmarks below.  

Free Printable Bible Verse Bookmarks
Every summer I get on a major reading kick. My schedule during these months seems to facilitate that a bit better. However, some good friends and I just formed a small book club and plan to continue our reading endeavors throughout the entire year, as well. For our next meeting, I wanted to bring each of my book club friends a little gift, nothing big or elaborate, but definitely bookish. So, I designed these Bible verse bookmarks with these ladies in mind. We all met at church over 12 years ago, and although we now all attend different places of worship, our faith still binds us together. So, creating bookmarks with scriptures only seemed fitting. I made three of these for each gal in our group. But, of course, I definitely made them available here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor, as well. Download your favorite design (or all three) below.

Free Printable Bible Verse Bookmarks

As I mentioned above, I included three different scriptures on these printable bookmarks. I thought these particular ones would be lovely reminders when one opens their book:
  • "Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and healthy to the bones." - Proverbs 16:24
  • "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24
  • "Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you." - Psalm 93:4

Proverbs 16:24 Printable
Each of these bookmarks has a different pink and aqua toned watercolor design with light florals throughout. They're all very feminine, in nature. Below, I'm sharing two different ways you can use and gift these bookmarks. One even protects from wear and tear.

Bible Verse Bookmarks

Using Your Bible Verse Bookmarks

  • Above, you can see that I found some nifty bookmark sleeves to use with these printables. I love them because they protect the bookmarks from daily wear and tear. I grabbed the perfect size of bookmark protectors here on Amazon (they're actually designed to use with photostrips for bookmarks, but I love how they function). 
  • I added some premade tassels to the above version of the bookmarks. The bookmark holders already have holes in them for tassels.
  • And pictured below is one of the bookmarks with a homemade tassel. I have tutorial for How to Make a Yarn Tassel, but I also included my helpful video below, as well.
  • Please note: these Bible Verse Bookmarks are for personal use only. What does that mean? It means don't print them to sell them...even for fundraising. You can use them for church retreats, church gifts, Bible study group gifts, and things along those lines. Just don't sell them, k? Thank you for understanding.
Psalm 93:4 Printable
I really like the look of the bookmark with the yarn (homemade) tassel, pictured above. But, keep in mind, the bookmark isn't protected in this manner. And over time, I'm thinking the hole punch for the tassel may eventually give way under constant use. But, it's still pretty cute, right? I especially love it for a gift. You can even write on the back of it for its recipient.

Printable Scripture Bookmarks

Assembling Your Bible Verse Bookmarks

  • There are links to download your bookmarks further down in the post. You can download the sheet with all three designs, or you can choose the individual verses that have four bookmarks per sheet (I created those in case you want to focus on just one verse for a group of people to receive).
  • You can always just print your bookmarks out and use them as is, with no tassels or embellishments. I think they're lovely on their own.
  • Be sure to print your bookmarks onto white cardstock instead of regular printer paper. It's much more durable.
  • Again, you can grab the bookmark pouches here on Amazon or the premade tassels here on Amazon. These bookmarks were designed to fit these perfectly.
  • See below for my Tassel Making video. It produces a cute, fluffy yarn tassel (as pictured below).
    • Just hole punch a small hole in the top of your bookmark to use with your homemade tassel.

How to Make a Bookmark Tassel

How to Make a Tassel

Again, watch my video tutorial below for Tassel Making 101 (you can grab the plastic tool I used for this here on Amazon). Or see my Tassel Making Tutorial.

Free Printable Scripture Bookmarks

Download Your Bible Verse Bookmarks:

Looking for More Free Printable Bookmarks?

Psalm 118:24 Printable

Need Downloading or Printing Help?

Be sure to catch my complete video tutorial below covering how to download and print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or even uploaded to a local print shop. Have additional questions? please refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on printing your printables. It includes budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations, too.

Free Bible Verse Printables


  1. these are gorgeous,thank you for sharing

    1. I really appreciate that, Mer! Thank you so much for stopping by. xoxo

  2. These are so pretty! thank you,

    1. You're so welcome, PJ! Thank YOU for stopping by and for the kind comment. xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for these beautiful bookmarks! I especially love the Scripture on each one. Great for when I am feeling crafty, and perfect to give to a friend at church, who may need a little encouragement. Thank you so much!! God bless!

    1. You're so welcome. I'm so happy you have some fun ideas for them. Have a wonderful week. Thank you so much for the kind words. xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these encouraging & beautiful bookmarks. You are so talented & may God bless you for sharing it with all of your followers.

    1. Hi Frankie! Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words! It is a blessing to be able to offer these to my followers! I truly appreciate you taking the time to sprinkle some JOY over my day! May God bless you too! xoxo

  5. Thank you Kristi. So kind of you to create and share these for free.

    1. You are so very welcome! It brings me so much joy to offer these printable to wonderful readers like yourself! xoxo

  6. I LOVE these so much. Thank you for sharing them! However, what version are you using for Psalm 93:4? I do not see the verse translated that way... "is His love for you" in the multiple versions I have looked up. I like the sentiment of the bookmark- but that is not what the verse is saying. Just wanted to clarify in case I am missing something! Thank you :)

    1. I think it was the Message or the Voice, but I may need to double check...I created these almost a year ago. Thanks!

  7. Your bookmarks are beautiful! Thank you!

  8. thx, very interesting