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Free Printable Coloring Pages for Fall

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These free printable coloring pages for fall are perfect for both kids and adults. There are two versions of each of the three a bit more complex for those of you who enjoy a challenge. And of course, they're full of all things FALL!

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Fall
I'm 43 and I still enjoy coloring. I mean...what's not to love, right? It's a nice way to destress and unwind. But, I really love coloring alongside my kids...well, at least my youngest who still enjoys a good coloring session. I created these simple free printable coloring pages for fall for all of the other coloring enthusiasts out there (preschoolers, older kids, and adults, alike!) . Grab yours below.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Fall

Grab all of your favorite fall-colored pencils or crayons and let's get to work! These simple coloring pages will look great, no matter how you fill them in. Feel free to frame them when you're done, too (they're perfect for 8x10" frames).
Printable Coloring Pages
Again, I created three of these free printable coloring sheets for fall, but each design has two a bit more complex and the other a bit simpler (this mainly has to do with their backgrounds and text). The intricate coloring pages require a bit more patience, but they're totally worth it! The more colors used, the better...they're a wonderful form of self-expression.

Coloring Sheet Information

  • All of these coloring printables are letter-sized PDFs. 
  • The designs can be easily framed in 8x10" frames. A framed coloring sheet colored by a child makes a lovely gift for any adult in their life. 
  • Print on regular paper or white, letter-sized cardstock for a sturdier paper.
  • Use some creativity with the leaves on the just-leaves sheet. They're perfect for projects, artwork, templates, and more. 
Fall Coloring Sheets

My Favorite Coloring Pencils and Crayons

If you're an avid colorer, too, you may enjoy some of my fun little coloring tools and markers that really help with my personal version of color therapy (AKA: coloring). All are available through Amazon below:

Download these Free Printable Coloring Pages:

Fall Coloring Page Printables
Click on the below links to begin your downloads: 

Fall Coloring Sheets

Additional Free Coloring Pages:

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