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Lavender Spray for Linens

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Today, I'm sharing my secret for the thriftiest luxury I take advantage of on the regular: my recipe for French Lavender Spray for Linens (applied to freshly ironed sheets). It is truly luxurious for just a couple of bucks. Not only do I use this aromatherapy spray on bedding, I actually use it on towels, upholstered furniture, and draperies, too. It smells heavenly and is one of my favorite DIY concoctions to create every week. 

Lavender Spray
Not only are we in the middle of lovely lavender week here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor, today is also Thrifty Style Team day. And I'm sharing my favorite thrifty luxury around...a well made bed that smells straight out of heaven (better than any fancy perfume!). This recipe will make you feel like you're sleeping in the poshest of five star hotels with crisp, clean, fantastic smelling (and feeling) sheets. It can also be used as a lovely aromatherapy room spray.

Lavender Spray

Want to know the best way to get engagement on an Instagram or Facebook post? Post that you iron your sheets. People will go bananas. They'll tell you "you're nuts", and comment things like: "who has time for that?". But, you know what? Even if I am nuts, I still sleep like a baby every night...on crisp ironed sheets that smell of lovely French lavender. So there's that. Ironed sheets are truly my weakness. I blame my mother.

Over a year ago, I posted a photo on my social media accounts stating I was getting ready for houseguests and ironing all of the sheets. I asked how others prepare for guests. While I didn't get a ton of answers to my question, I probably lost friends in droves who decided I was crazy for ironing my sheets. I'm here to tell you that it's the cheapest luxury you'll ever find. And, if I do say so myself, it's worth it. So, don't leave me, yet. See how this simple act can really transform your sleeping environment into one that feels a bit more luxurious and smells absolutely lovely.

If you're following along with all of the lavender fun this week, be sure to grab the Free Lavender and Lace Printables from Monday, as well as the Free Printable Lavender Labels that go with today's recipe (see them in the image below).

Lavender Linen Spray Recipe

A Bygone Luxury (that is very affordable)

I got my sheet-ironing habit from my mother. I scoffed at this "silly" practice through my high school and college years, thinking it was nuts. But, after I was married and then later expecting our first child, I took a lot more pride in domesticity and came around to my mom's way of thinking.

When pregnant with our oldest, I was put on bed rest the last seven weeks of the pregnancy. We lived eight hours from our hometown, but my mom made the trek up and stayed with us most of that time, helping me get ready for Baby Benjamin (since I couldn't do much, myself). 

Always a doer, she kept herself ridiculously busy cleaning our home from top to bottom during that time. At one point, she had several sets of our sheets wrapped in plastic in our refrigerator. My husband had some serious confusion over this. It was at that moment I realized she was doing her age-old practice of sprinkling and ironing sheets (she used to take in ironing for extra pocket money when we were young...and sheets were her specialty). 

She would sprinkle the sheets with an old-fashioned sprinkle jar (usually containing distilled water). Then wrap them in plastic. Then the sheets chilled in the fridge overnight. This made them easier to iron the next day. This is an age-old practice that is simply divine. While I don't do this to the extent my mom did, my revised (read: much simpler) method is below. I have, of course, incorporated the French Lavender Linen Spray recipe that I'm sharing.

Ironing Sheets

Ironing Sheets the New-Fashioned Way 

While I'm calling it a "new-fashioned" way, I myself am a bit old-fashioned...which is probably why I iron sheets. But, trust me, you absolutely have to give this a try. Instead of the whole "sprinkle, chill, iron" method my mom always used, I do the following simplified version.
  • Launder your sheets. When drying them, pull the top sheet and pillow cases out of the dryer (or off the line, if you're so lucky to have that option), just before they're completely dry (damp, but not too damp). 
  • Dry your fitted sheets as usual.
  • Place your fitted sheet(s) on your bed (as pictured above). And yes, we have an old-people "split" bed with the movable's actually my favorite thing on earth. 
  • After your fitted sheet(s) are in place, generously spritz their surface with your French Lavender Spray. I give my sheets a generous coat. Allow them to dry completely (I put my overhead fan on high to speed this process along). 
  • I do not actually iron the fitted sheets, but I do get them on the mattresses straight out of the dryer when they're still quite warm. To be totally honest, ironing a fitted sheet sounds dreadful to me. God bless my mom for doing it all those years.

How to Iron Sheets
  • While your fitted sheets are drying on the bed, iron the flat sheet(s), (that's what I'm doing in the above photo). I use the hottest and steamiest setting on my iron. I also generously spritz each section before ironing with my French Lavender Linen Spray. It's a great alternative for starch: so fresh, light, and perfect to iron sheets. The spray is so inexpensive that I, literally, go through almost an entire bottle when I launder our sheets (our bed is king-sized, to give you an idea of the amount you may need).
  • Place your flat sheet on the bed and tuck into place. I give mine another spray of the French Lavender Linen Spray. Again, allow this to dry.
  • Iron your pillow cases, again using the linen spray as you go. Place them on your pillows.
  • Make the rest of the bed as you normally would. Once the bed is totally made, I give it one more spray, for fun.
  • If you use blankets between your sheets and duvet or quilt, be sure to spritz them, too.
  • When you climb into your bed that night, you'll be able to feel the difference that the nice, ironed top sheet makes...and the pressed pillow cases, as well. And of course, it will all smell heavenly.

Daily Touch Ups

I like my sheets to smell like lavender all the time...not just on bedding wash days. While this spray definitely has staying ability and will still be on your sheets well into the week, touching them up is an easy way to refresh along the way. I have two different methods of doing this.
  • My first method is my preferred method that I do on days when I workout in the mornings.
    • Since I'm the last one out of bed, I pull back the duvet and flat sheet and fold them neatly towards the bottom of the bed.
    • Then I spray the fitted sheet(s), pillowcase(s) and extra throw pillows with the Lavender Spray.
    • I go workout. By the time I'm back home, the sheets have dried and I make up the bed. 
    • Never spray your sheets and make your bed immediately. Allow them to dry thoroughly before making the bed. 
  • My other method is used on mornings when I don't workout (usually Sundays when we head to church).
    • After waking up, I just make the bed as usual.
    • About an hour before going to sleep at night, I pull back the the duvet and flat sheet and fold them neatly towards the bottom of the bed.
    • Then I spray the fitted sheet(s) and pillows with the French Lavender Linen Spray.
    • I then leave the bed to dry while we get ready to shut the house down for the night (doing chores, dishes, etc). By the time we're ready to turn in, the bed is dry and ready. 
Again, I use this recipe on a lot more than bedding, but it's definitely my main use. 
  • I use it on towels as we fold them.
  • I apply to drapes and curtains (color test on the fabrics first) every week to keep them fresh.
  • I constantly spritz the upholstered furniture, as well.

French Lavender Linen Spray Recipe

French Lavender Spray Recipe

Download a printable version of this recipe here or here.

Ingredients for Spray

  • glass spray bottles (you can use plastic, but be sure to not incorporate any citrus oils into your mixture...often people enjoy lemon in this, as well)
  • distilled water
    • I usually grab a gallon when I'm at the grocery store.
  • witch hazelisopropyl alcohol, or vodka 
    • I use witch hazel for my regular Lavender Spray. However, I use vodka when making a similar ironing water (I sometimes use it for ironing napkins, sewing, etc.). Vodka seems to do better in that instance. Plus, it's great for killing any bacteria and germs on linens. 
  • Lavender Essential Oil or French Lavender Essential Oil
  • Be sure to also grab my free printable Lavender Linen Spray Labels to use with your spray. 
French Lavender Linen Spray


  • Using a funnel, combine one part witch hazel (or isopropyl alcohol or vodka) with three parts distilled water) in your spray bottle. 
  • If you're using the 16 oz. bottles, it's 1/2 cup witch hazel to 1 1/2 cups distilled water.
  • Drop 25-30 drops of your lavender essential oil into the mixture. You can use less if you prefer a less intense scent. I like a lot of lavender. 
  • Place top on bottle and secure tightly. 
  • Give the mixture a nice shake to incorporate all ingredients.
  • Be sure to add one of my Free Printable Lavender Linen Spray Labels to your bottle.
  • I also like to shake it again before I spray, since the oil sometimes separates itself from the other ingredients.

Download a printable version of this recipe here or here.

Lavender Essential Oil Comparisons

Lavender Essential Oils

  • I purchased the French Lavender Essential Oil after a bit of research...I wanted that sweeter French Lavender scent for this and other lavender projects.  I wouldn't use it in a topical manner on our skin, but it is a nice French Lavender for home recipes that are blended with other ingredients. 
  • If you prefer a more well-known brand and therapeutic grade of pure essential oils, I have also used Young Living Essential Oils for over eight years. I do not work the business side of it, but you're welcome to contact my friend, Lisa, over at The Pennington Point, if you're interested in this brand (she's another Texas blogger). These are the purest essential oils I've ever used and it's a tried and true brand. Their Lavender is wonderful. But, again, I went with my French Lavender one in this particular instance due to cost. 

How to Make Lavender Spray
Do you have a nice lavender recipe for your bedding? 
I'd love to know what you use, as well.

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    1. F.Y.I.
      "Plain Wood Crates, Stained & Lettered by Bliss Ranch" ... @ ...
      This link doesn't work ... "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." is the message you get on the screen when you go to the link.

      1. Thank you so much for letting me know! Looks like all of the links are fixed now. Appreciate it. xoxo

    2. I love the way lavender smells. It's great for getting a peaceful nights rest. I often take a tiny roller ball of lavender oil with me when I travel. I might need to pick up a small spray bottle that can fit in my quart bag for this spray. It would make my hotel sheets smell great.

      1. Thank you so much, Patti! Yes, I think a small bottle for travel would be great for sure. Smart idea on the roller ball.

      2. My friends think I am crazy for ironing my sheets, but it just makes the bed so much nicer...I feel like a Princess when I crawl into bed after the sheets have been ironed. Definitely trying the Lavender Linen spray

    3. My mom used to iron the sheets as well. She had a little water bottle with a metal shaker top and she'd sprinkle and roll them up and iron. But those sheets smelled and felt wonderful after hanging on the line, imagine if the breeze blew in the scent of lavender while they were hanging outside on the line!

      1. Wouldn't that be just the best? Clothing and linens off the line are the absolute best!

    4. You are the first person I've ever "read" who knows the water sprinkler and chill method of ironing! My mom had a glass Pepsi bottle with a metal stopper cap that had a bunch of holes in it, like a watering can. She would sprinkle the laundry and roll it neatly, and put it in a plastic bag in the bottom drawer of the fridge so it was ready for ironing the next day. Oh, my, word! I was just talking to my sister about this and when I've mentioned it to other people they literally just stare at me but you get it. Sorry, I got a little too excited over it but I used to love to watch my mom iron, it was relaxing, and ironing is my gig. I seriously love, there's that. LOL Thanks for sharing your story and recipe and for bringing back such wonderful memories.

      1. Oh, Mary Beth! I love that you're super familiar with this, too. When I posted on IG last year about this, so many people commented that "chilling sheets" sounded ridiculous because "nobody wants cold sheets". I had to explain myself a bit further on that one...ha! Isn't it such a great method, though! Sounds like our moms were a lot alike in this area. And I don't mind ironing either...especially easy things like sheets and napkins! ;) xoxo

    5. I had so much fun reading this post Kristi and learned soooooooooo much. Ironing and me just don't see eye to eye and with that being said I do love the smell of freshly ironed sheets. I bet your house smells heavenly and going to bed at night must be dreamy, surrounded by the gorgeous smell of lavender and lying on fresh, crisp sheets. Thanks so much for all the tips and interesting ironing stuffs.

      1. Awww...thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, I know ironing can be a toughie for sure. But, even just a quick sheet spritz of the spray does ironing needed! So happy you stopped by today. Enjoy the rest of your week. xoxo

    6. I bet your house smells utterly amazing. What a sweet, kind hostess you are to make your guests feel so special when they crawl in their home away from home bed. PS who knew about vodka.

      1. Thank you so much, Laura! And more excuse to keep vodka around...LOL! xoxo

    7. I used to watch my friend's mom iron her sheets. She wasn't very organized and her home was always in disarray. BUT, sleeping in her home was always cozy because of the ironed sheets. I need to start this practice. I think both my husband and I will sleep a whole lot better.
      Thanks for all the tips and tricks, Kristi.

      1. You're so welcome, Meegan! You'll be hooked after just one try. ;) xoxo

    8. My grandmother always ironed her sheets and my mom always hung ours outside to dry. There was nothing like crawling in after they were freshly washed and ironed. Maybe it's time to bring back that old tradition, with the addition of lavender linen spray. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Awww...our grandmothers and mothers did such fantastic things with laundry and linens! Thanks so much for stopping by, Kristi! xoxo

    9. I am curious to know if you've tried other oils in your basic formula. I know citrus is not relaxing like lavender, but my family loves lemon, etc. Have you tried a citrus blend?

      1. Hi Joan-- I've tried it with Rose oil, but it proved very costly (although quite relaxing and my bedroom smelled so nice). I've definitely heard of folks doing a combination of lavender and lemon. That sounds heavenly!

    10. Okay, I haven't ironed since 1991 but you are trying to talk me into it. I guess I will need to find my iron now :)

    11. I have had trouble getting my lavender linen spray to smell good :-(. I've tried less and less witch hazel - my last batch ended up with the ratio you recommend above: 3:1::distilled water:witch hazel. I've decreased the amount of essential oil I put in. I also have 3 different brands of lavender essential oil (all of which are lavandula angustifolia). My next trial will be to use vodka instead of witch hazel and I'm getting a lavender essential oil blend (lavandula angustifolia blended with lavandula hybrida). What I've made so far just doesn't smell that great. Do you have any thoughts?

      1. The witch hazel could very well be the problem! I'm interested to hear how the vodka works for you!