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How to Make Lavender Drawer Sachets

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Ready for your drawers to smell heavenly? Or, maybe you need a quick housewarming gift? These DIY Lavender Drawer Sachets are a super simple (read: beginner level) sewing project that can be whipped up in a few minutes. You'll enjoy making these drawer sachets so much that you'll make dozens after it's all said and done (I certainly did). And your sewing area will smell quite lovely.

Lavender Drawer Sachets
I used my mother's old pattern for a Barbie Doll pillow case (that I found scratched onto an old legal pad in her sewing desk) and turned it into these divine smelling drawer sachets...filled up with dried lavender. Poor Barbie just got ol' fiber fill in her pillows..she didn't know what she was missing.

I Should Be Mopping the Floor Lavender Week
If my mother taught me anything in life, it was to line your drawers with thick (and scented) drawer-lining paper, and always stick fresh drawer sachets in them, too. Clothing always seems fresher when the actual drawer is prepared in this manner. I also stick drawer sachets into my suitcase when I travel, as well. It's like the scent of home when I open up my luggage in the hotel.

Lavender Sachets
These little lavender sachets also make the sweetest gifts. I have included the above free printable tags for you to use, as well. They're available for free download at the end of this post. Just stack a few sachets together, tie with twine, and attach a tag. You have an instant housewarming or hostess gift. They are super budget-friendly, too.

How to Make Lavender Drawer Sachets

These drawer sachets are so easy when made with 5" precut charm squares of fabric. These packs are actually designed for quilting, but they are the absolute perfect size for sewing your own drawer sachets (that means there is little to no cutting in this project!). You can find charm squares at most fabric or craft stores. I linked to a couple of my favorite pattern packs on Amazon below, as well. 

Lavender Sachet Supplies

Supplies for Lavender Drawer Sachets

Directions for Lavender Drawer Sachets

  • You'll start with two pieces of your fabric squares. I used the same patterns on both sides of my sachets, but feel free to mix and match.
  • Place your squares right sides together (or touching). See below.

Sewing Lavender Sachets

  • With your two squares having their right sides together (this means the printed sides each touch each other), you'll head to your sewing machine and continuously stitch around three sides of your squares using a basic stitch (as pictured above). Do a small backstitch at the start and finish.

Make Your Own Drawer Sachets
As pictured above: 
  1. Clip the two corners of the sewn together square. You are clipping the two corners that are completely sewn (not the "top" corners that touch the open side).
  2. Turn your square right-side out. Use a pointy-ish object (super carefully to not poke through your fabric) and push out those clipped corners. Press the entire piece. Use some of my DIY Lavender Linen Spray to get a nice press on your square. 
  3. Fold in the side of the square that was not sewn shut, about an inch. Press this fold into place.
  4. Go back to your machine and do a topstitch (use your machine's basic stitch) around those same three sewn sides, starting and stopping with a small backstitch, again. See the image below for how I line up my presser foot for this stitch.

Easy Drawer Sachets
When sewing this top stitch (it's purely decorative and will help you avoid having to hand stitch your sachet closed once the lavender is added), use the edge of your presser foot as your guide. Again, this is just around those same three sides you already sewed shut earlier.

DIY Lavender Drawer Sachets
After those three sides are sewn, it's time to add your dried lavender into the remaining open side. I just add in a few heaping spoonfuls, until the sachet is full enough to look nice, but not so full that it's tough to sew the sachet closed. If you want a heavily scented sachet, add in a drop or two of the Lavender Essential oil, too. 

How to Sew Drawer Sachets
Since you already pressed that non-sewn side into place (inside the sachet), it's time to close it up.  Wriggle the lavender away from the edge as best you can. Then head back to your sewing machine and do one simple basic stitch along that edge to close the sachet. Make sure your stitch meets up with the other two stitches at each end. Do a small backstitch to start and stop that stitch. Once you're done, it should look like one continuous stitch all the way around your sachet. 

Pattern for Drawer Sachets
On a few of my drawer sachets, I opted for a contrasting thread for a fun touch (as pictured above). The rest of them coordinated with the fabric to blend with their backgrounds.

Free Printable Lavender Sachet Labels

Download my printable labels to make a fun gift out of your drawer sachets. They even have a space to write your name. I love receiving handmade gifts like these.
Labels for Drawer Sachets
  • Download these Lavender Sachet Labels here or here
  • Print onto white cardstock.
  • Trim around the perimeter of each label. 
  • Hole punch and tie around your drawer sachets with jute twine or ribbon. 

Easy Drawer Sachets

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