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Colorful Art in the Home

This post for Colorful Art in the Home contains affiliate links and is brought to you by Minted. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. All opinions are mine.

Our piano corner was feeling a bit ho-hum lately. We added some fun colorful art and accessories to give it a little zip. I think this is the first piece of abstract artwork we've ever owned...and now we're in love with it. See how simple this space, with its new colorful art, was to put together.  

If you've been by here before, you probably know that we love color in our home. The brighter the better...I mean, we have a bright blue sectional, y'all. But in this main room of the house, things are not as colorful (well, up until now, anyway). I'm trying to integrate small touches here and there to punch up the colorful factor. We started here in our little piano corner by adding colorful art and fun pieces. See how it all came together below.

Colorful Art in the Home

My kids sit here quite a bit practicing their piano pieces for lessons. When you spend that amount of time at the piano, it may as well be a pretty space to sit in, right? For the longest time, I kind of stuck random "leftover decor" here to make this space work. It wasn't until I found this gorgeous piece of artwork from Minted that it all finally came together exactly the way I wanted it.

To take you back a bit, this was how this room originally looked when we first saw the house with our realtor. That wet bar in the far right corner? That is where the piano sits. The wet bar was the first thing to go when we closed on the place. Bye, Felicia.

Getting rid of the wet bar was easier said than done. It required permits to uninstall plumbing (I didn't even know permitting uninstallation was even a thing), the slab to be re-cemented in areas, lighting to be rewired and reinstalled, plumbing to be capped and removed, and that wall to the right of the built-in to be opened and reworked. But it was all worth it in the end. 

And here we are with the current state of things. 
I had been searching for something to really add a pop of color to this space for some time. I wanted to bring out the aqua in the piano (I chalk painted this piano a few years ago). I also wanted to add hot pink...for funsies.

This new piece of artwork has my heart. It's called "Move Me" from Minted artist Mya Bessette. I grabbed it in the 30"x40" size with a matte brass frame. I love that Minted will frame it for me. It arrives packaged perfectly without any issues...ready to hang. I went the brass route for the frame based on the accessories I was adding to this area. I like to decorate in threes and the frame, the lamp, and the planter were all the perfect trifecta of brass awesomeness.

I found the brass and white planter at a local discount store. I kind of think that adding the palm plant to it makes it look like a pineapple. I'm proud of this lil' plant, too. I bought it on clearance at the grocery store since it was *almost* on its last leg. I took good care of her and she's looking great today.

My third brass piece is one of my favorite thrift store finds ever: a vintage Frederick Cooper swing arm lamp. I actually have another vintage Frederick Cooper floor lamp (in this same room, too), but this little swing arm lamp is my favorite by far. It's kind of a rare one. I paid less than six bucks for it! I'm not sure the thrift store knew what they had with this one. 

All of the brass accents on the piano as well as the nailhead trim on the chair also seem to work with the brass frame of the colorful art. We have a comfier-than-usual chair at our piano. Mainly because our piano bench has never worked well for us.

To bring in just a bit more pink, I grabbed a nice lumbar pillow from Minted, too. I love their pillows. This is the Spring Rows Lumbar Pillow in Pink with White Dots Stripes.

You can easily remove all of the pillow covers from Minted to wash or swap out with others.

I'm really happy with how bright and happy this little corner is these days. The colorful art, brass accents, and pillow went a long way to making this space so fun and inviting.

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  1. Beautiful - thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, just desired to let you know, I enjoyed this blog post. It had been funny. Carry on posting!
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  3. I love the artwork and all of the brass pieces. The corner with the piano and other touches is so inviting.

    1. Thank you so much, Debra! I really appreciate that. xoxo

  4. I'm a big fan of color. This corner looks awesome - the art, the lamp, the pillow! Love it all. We still need to meet half way one day for lunch!

    1. YES! I was so happy to see your name pop in. I will message you this week!! xoxo

    2. And where are my manners?! THANK YOU!! xoxo