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Free Frog Valentine Printables

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These printable frog Valentine printables are TOAD-ally awesome! They're perfect for class Valentines or even punny office pass outs (because adulting can be fun, too, right?). Grab yourself a frog Valentine or two below.

Frog Valentine Printables
I'm kind of in love with these adorable little jumping frogs my son and I found on Amazon to use for his class pass outs this year. I wanted to make a fun, colorful card to accompany these little critters...and honestly, who doesn't love a fun frog Valentine? Download these below for unFROGettable Valentines!

Free Frog Valentine Printables

These freebies are super simple to put together, too (always a plus for me since I'm usually helping the kids do these kinds of things at 7pm on February 13th).
Non-Candy Valentines

Supplies Needed for Your Frog Valentines:

Assembling Your Frog Valentines:

Jumping Frog Valentines
  • Print your Frog Valentine Printables onto white cardstock. Regular paper is too flimsy to hold the weight of the jumping frogs.
  • Cut each Valentine out and fill in the TO and FROM fields.
  • I hole punched two small holes (pictured above) to tie my frog to the card. If your hole punch won't reach far enough onto your card, you can use a craft knife and cut slits instead...or punch holes with a nail and a board underneath (you can stack several Valentines and do them all at once). This is more than I like to spend on these kinds of things, but there is a 1/8" extended hole punch available here on Amazon for these types of situations. 

Download Your Frog Valentine Printables:

Frog Valentines

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or even uploaded to your local print shop.

Frog Valentine

Looking for More Free Valentine Printables?

Hoping you have a TOAD-ally awesome Valentine's Day, yourself!

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