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Free Printable Password Log

This Free Printable Password Log is the perfect way to keep all of your important passwords and account sites in one place. There are three bright and colorful designs for you to download and put to use right away. Download your favorite version of this free printable password log below.

Password Log Printables

Y'all. This free printable password log was created with my dear, darling husband in mind. He's been carrying around a crumpled, old piece of yellow legal pad paper with all of our household passwords for well over ten years. Ten years, y'all. That thing has so many scratch offs and cross outs and rewrites...I just can't even wrap my brain about how scary it is to interpret it all at this point. After going through my mom's estate after her unexpected passing, we've realized how extremely important it is to have good systems in place for these kinds of things. Download your favorite free printable password log design below. 

Free Printable Password Logs

Free Printable Password Log

As I mentioned, this password log printable is available in three colorful designs: polka dots, triangles, and the ever-popular diagonal stripes (it's the big reader favorite around here!). This post has been completely updated, but it was originally designed as a part of an entire series of home organizational printables. This Free Password Log was designed to coordinate with all of the printables from the series. It works well in a home binder system, too. I have loads of Home Binder System printables here (many of which have these same three colorful designs). 

How to Use a Password Log

Using this Password Log

This free printable password log is perfect for all of your website and online account passwords. This is something that definitely needs to be kept in a super safe and secure place.

  • Start by downloading your favorite printable password log design here or through the direct links below.
  • Print onto regular paper.
  • Fill in your account information (as pictured above).
  • Store in your Home Binder System (if you're into that sort of thing). And if you're not, be sure to keep this baby in a ridiculously secure spot.
  • Remember to update your passwords when you have to reset them.

Best Password Practices

After doing a lot of research regarding the best way to use passwords (I've helped my dad with this regarding my late mother's estate), the following are some of the best practices to put into place regarding your passwords for different websites and accounts.
  • Be sure to use different passwords (and even usernames) on different websites and accounts. It's not a great idea to use your same tried and true password on every single account. It's actually a nightmare if you were to get hacked. 
  • Try to implement multi-factor authentication wherever it's available. I have several websites/programs I am a part of that give me a discount just for utilizing this extra step of security.
  • Don't use passwords based on any of your personal identification that can be easily guessed. This includes important dates, surnames, etc. The weirder the password, the better.
  • Know your kids' passwords, as well. Be sure to keep them safe for them and talk to them about the good password practices as they begin to enter the media world. 
  • Would love to know any other tips you have in the comments for Best Password Practices.

Download Your Free Printable Password Log:

You can grab any of these three password log designs below the following image. Or, just download all of them, if you like.
Free Printable Password Log

More Fun, Free Printable Password Log Designs:

After this free printable password log initially went over so well when it was first published in 2015, I have since created another password log design, too. You can see it below and go download it, too, if you like.
Password Log
The above is my latest printable password log design. It's a bit simpler in that it only has three blanks for you to fill in per account (website, username, and password). It's a freebie, too. Check it out here. And my friend, Kim, from Today's Creative Life has another great printable password log here

Free Household Password Log Printables

More Organizational Printables:

New to the World of Printables?

Be sure to check out my  complete video tutorial below covering how to both download, as well as, print your printables. There are tips to use either a Mac or a PC. You can print on your home printer or even upload to your local print shop. Still have questions? You can also refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on downloading and printing your printables. It also includes budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations.

Free Prints to Use for Passwords


  1. Thank you so very much for sharing the Password Log.....You are way beyond Awesome......I believe we all have so much going on in these brains and I blame part of mine on getting "older" but whatever this is just what I needed.....Thanks again and have a wonderful week.

    1. Oh, I'm so happy to hear that, Teresa! Hope this system worked well for you.

  2. These are so awesome! I was just thinking that I needed to look for a new password log book because my current book is full of old info and I need to update it. Then today your post popped up in my mail! Thank you so much for sharing these. I can't wait to print these and make a new password book! Thank you!!!

    1. So happy to hear that, Lori! Happy Organizing, friend! xoxo

  3. I love all of these organization charts and printables! Thanks for sharing them!

    I found your site and your Link Up though my new friend Holly McBerty at While I'm Waiting!

    I look forward to joining in on many more Mondays~


    1. Thank you so much, Melanie. I'm so happy you found your way here. Always nice to have a new friend. Blessings to you, as well. xoxo

  4. Visiting from #FoodieFriDIY. I really need to organize our passwords, and this just might motivate me to do so! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! Hope you enjoy them. xoxo

  5. This is something I need! Thanks for sharing it at Totally Terrific Tuesday! I pinned it to my printables group board! I think you may want to be on that board lol. Have a wonderful week!!
    Live Randomly Simple

    1. That board sounds like something I'd love! Thank you so much for the's super appreciated. xoxo

  6. Appreciate this post. Will try it out.