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My Favorite Free Halloween Fonts

Skeletons and spiders and witches, oh my! There are lots of my favorite free Halloween fonts are perfect for all of your crafts, vinyl, printables, and more! These 25 pretties will give you chills...and possibly have you cackling with delight over your cauldron this season. Download these free Halloween fonts below.
Free Halloween Fonts
You guys already know that I'm a font nut. I have thousands in my library...scary, huh? What's even scarier are these hauntingly good free Halloween fonts! They're so creepy, fun and just all-around good fonts to work with. They're perfect for vinyl projects, crafts, printables and so much more! Download yours below by clicking on the font name. Be sure to check out the terms of service for the font designers as you download your faves. Happy Haunting!

25 Free Halloween Fonts

Some of my favorite fonts are themed ones...but I don't always have a great excuse to use them on the daily. But, these creepy style fonts are PERFECT right about now. From a scary look to something sugary sweet (and a few spooky designs, as well!), you'll find a couple of perfect Halloween fonts for any of you font-fanatics out there. 

Ways to Use these Halloween Fonts

Halloween Card Ideas
These fonts have sooo many possibilities (like the card idea above)! Here are a few ways that I like to implement them:
  • Halloween party invite
  • poster or flyer (think carnivals, Harvest Fests, etc.)
  • t-shirts or any apparel designs (if you have a vinyl machine, so many of these would be awesome in SVG files for shirts and such)
  • greeting cards
  • decorations for various Halloween-themed events

All of the fonts I'm sharing are free for personal use. But, be sure to check with each font designer's Terms of Use for permission to use commercially.
Font pairing Tips

Font Pairing Tips and Tricks (for your Halloween-Themed Fonts and more!)

Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks for pairing these free fonts together in your next project or printable for a unique look. I also included several fun examples that you're welcome to use below.
  • The look of a thicker font with a skinny font is always a winner.
  • Since these Halloween fonts are kind of "themey", use a bumpy, warty font with a smooth cursive font for a neat look.
  • Pair a spooky Halloween font with an ordinary non-Halloween font (maybe a simple san serif typeface without a lot of fuss).
  • Pair a script font with a print font (combine this trick with the thicker/skinny idea and it's a really good thing).
  • I also enjoy using all uppercase with one font and pairing it with a script font in all lowercase letters, but that's just my own preference.
    • When I do the above pairing, I often do the script font on "top", allowing it to kind of sit on the all-caps font. The all-caps font acts as a nice "base". You can see how I did that in the first font combination illustrated below.

Font Pairing Examples

Font Pairing Tricks

The above combinations are fun ones to try. Feel free to use them on your next personal project (no commercial usage, please). The fonts that I listed are available in the download section below.

  • Ghosts and Goblins: Sugar Candy
  • & WITCHES, OH MY!: FrankenDork

  • Helen's Haunted Mansion: Witched
  • NO VACANCYGhoulish Fright

  • double double: KB Scared Straight
  • TOIL ANDGhoulish Fright
  • trouble: Witched

  • Hello: Lakeshore Drive
  • My: Ghoulish Fright
  • Pretty: Lakeshore Drive

How to Install Fonts

How to Install these Halloween Fonts

  • After downloading your font through the links below, open its folder (after you've unzipped the file, if that is necessary). Some fonts do not have a folder, but rather just their own file in either the OTF or TTF formats (which is explained in the next bullet point).
  • When possible, look in the folder for the font file that ends with '.otf' (Open Type Fonts) over the ones that end with '.ttf' (True Type Fonts). The OTF files are a newer type of font file that contains both printer and screen font data in one single component...or, in layman's terms: they're a bit more user friendly. They work well on both PC and Mac computer systems. 
  • On most PCs, you'll use your mouse and right click on the unzipped font file you'd like to install, and select Install. If you'd like more details on installing on PCs, see this article from LifeWire for some great tips.
  • On most Macs, after downloading the font file, locate it on your computer (mine automatically go to the Downloads folder). Double click the file and the above dialogue box should appear. Click Install Font.

Download Your Free Halloween Fonts:

Is your mouse (or track pad) ready for all the clicking it's about to be doing? All 25 free Halloween fonts are all listed out below (there are A LOT of different styles, each with their own unique look). Click on the font name or the link below it to be taken to download your new selection. Again, be sure to check each font designer's terms of use for commercial applications, if necessary. All are safe for personal use.

I Know a Ghost Font
I Know a Ghost

So, how many did you grab? I just am such a sucker for free Halloween know I downloaded every single one!

More Free Fall Fonts

  • If you're looking for a few more "serious" fonts that have a few more practical uses, be sure to check out my list of 25 Free Fall Fonts (updated from the original 15 fonts). The Harvest Barn font in this collection is one of my all-time favorites. 
  • And nothing says fall like 25 Free and Delicious Thanksgiving Fonts. They're perfect for invitations, place cards, and more. Plus, they're calorie-free!
  • And these Free Fall Fonts for Cricuts and Cameos are wonderful for those of you who use vinyl machines. They're from First Day of Home.
  • This list of 10 Free Fall Fonts from Moritz Design is another good one!

Halloween Fonts


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