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DIY Neutral Wreath

Hey there, Brett here from, here with a fabulous DIY Neutral Wreath!

I suppose it's appropriate to say "Happy Fall, Y'all!", even though I'm holding on to these fabulous, warm temperatures for as long as I can! I'm in the early stages of swapping out my fall decor and adding festive touches throughout the house. I just love this time of year! In my kitchen, I wanted to keep with the neutral stylings, so I added a simple DIY Neutral Wreath to one of my vignettes.

DIY Neutral Wreath Tutorial

This wreath is as easy as they come. It's made from coffee filters and takes just a few dollars and a few minutes to make. Easy on my time and easy on my pocket ... score! While it looks minimalist in its own right, the classic and neutral accent was just what this space needed.
Check out how to make my DIY Neutral Wreath below>>>

DIY Neutral Wreath Tutorial

Isn't she cute? Ok, here's a quick run down of how to make your own. How perfect would these be hung over a picture (like this), on the front of a hutch or china cabinet, on a chalkboard?!? Ohhhh, the possibilities! The other bonus to this simple wreath is that she's just perfect for fall AND winter decorating! Just swap out the ribbon and you have a wreath to go with your Christmas or holiday decor. Versatile, too...yes, please! 

Here's what you need to make your own wreath ...
  • Thin foam board - you can buy it by the sheet at craft stores.
  • Coffee filters in either neutral tan color or white - readily available at grocery stores ...but also available at the dollar store. You need 2-3 packages. (I used the ones from the dollar store)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Craft knife (or a dinner knife works in a pinch!)
  • Ribbon
That's a short supply list, right? Well, here's the simple steps to make the wreath .... 1. First, you need to cut your foam board to create a circle "wreath" shape. I used a large dinner plate and traced it to create the outer circle. Then, to create the inner one, I traced a soup bowl. 2. Cut along the lines you traced to make the wreath form. It doesn't have to be clean...note how jagged mine is! Perfection isn't necessary with this one.

DIY Neutral Wreath Tutorial

3. Separate out your filters so that they are individually available for grabbing.
DIY Neutral Wreath Tutorial

4. Next, you start by grabbing one filter. Fold in half, then half again (to where you see about 1/4 of the filter). Apply glue to the pointy middle and place on your wreath form. There's no science to it. Just simply use a fold or scrunch process that is comfortable for you. The goal is to have the ruffle top edge stand out and the base (bottom of the filter) glued to the form. 5. Continue this process over ... and over .... and over. You will layer several bases with glue on top of each other to pack the ruffles in tightly. 6. Once done, wipe away any stray glue fly aways. 7. Add a ribbon to hang the wreath. For mine, I used about 1 yard of ribbon and just looped it through the center and tied it in a knot. 8. To attach to the vignette on top of the picture, I just ran a piece of painters tape across the top / back of the frame. The wreath is so light weight it will stay without being secured.

DIY Neutral Wreath TutorialAnd there you have it. A simple DIY Neutral Wreath that will last you through several seasons of decor changes. Be a love and stop over and check out my round up of all of my fall decor projects over here. Here's to fall, y'all!
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Thanks so much for showing us this great tutorial, Brett! I can think of about a thousand places I'd love to put one of these! It turned out GORGEOUS! Be sure to check out Brett's blog, Being Bianca here.

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