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25 Free Thanksgiving Fonts

These 25 Free Thanksgiving Fonts are full of deliciousness and fun! They're perfect for your invitations, menus, place cards, printables, and more. I'm also including some tips on pairing these fonts with others...for a really sweet look. Check out these free Thanksgiving Fonts below.

Free Thanksgiving Fonts

As you probably know, I'm a bit of a font geek. But of all of the font collections on this site, I think the fall ones are my absolute favorite. This collection of free Thanksgiving fonts has the perfect mix of everything...perfect for just about anything Thanksgiving-related. Check them all out below (and they're all FREE!)>>>

25 Free Thanksgiving Fonts

The time between Halloween and Christmas is the heaviest crafting time of the year, and with good reason with all the merriment. Since Thanksgiving is smack dab in the middle of that timeframe, I'm thinking a few of those crafts and projects are geared towards turkey day. And with lots of fun crafts (especially vinyl) and projects comes fun fonts to utilize. This big round up of free Thanksgiving fonts is perfect to help you with all of your printables, invitations, crafts, and more. These fonts are available for personal use. A few do have some options for commercial usage, as well, just be sure to read each designer's terms of use.

Thanksgiving Font Usage Ideas

Friendsgiving Invitation
There are so many ways and reasons to implement new fonts...they change the look and feel of things with the click of a mouse. For the Thanksgiving season, these fonts are wonderful for invitations, place cards, menus, framed art, and more. Above, I used my Free Printable Fall Notecards to share a Thanksgiving invitation idea.

This invitation uses the following fonts, which are available for download in the list below:
  • The cursive font is called Cocktails.
  • The skinny print font is called Pumpkin Pie Lattes.

Thanksgiving Menu Printable
And menu cards (and place cards, too) are a great way to dress up a table for an extra special meal like Thanksgiving. I have the above Free Printable Cornucopia Menu Cards available to use for your entertaining.

This menu uses the following fonts, which are available for download in the list below:
  • The red print font is called Butter, Unsalted.
  • The green italics-style font is called Together Again.

How to Install Fonts

How to Install these Free Thanksgiving Fonts

  • After downloading your font through the links below, open its folder (after you've unzipped the file, if that is required). Some fonts will not have an actual folder, but rather just their simple file in either the OTF or TTF formats downloads alone (OTF and TTF is explained in the next bullet point).
  • When available, look in the folder for the font file that ends with '.otf' (Open Type Fonts) instread of the ones that end with '.ttf' (True Type Fonts). The OTF files are newer types of font files that contain both printer and screen font data in a single component...or, in layman's terms: they're slightly more user friendly. They work well on both PC and Mac computer systems. 
  • On most PCs, you'll use your mouse and right click on the unzipped font file you'd like to install. Then just select Install. While I'm a Mac person and can't field questions on PC font issues, be sure to PCs, see this article from LifeWire for some great tips for PC installations.
  • On most Macs, after downloading the font file, locate it on your computer (mine automatically downloads to my Downloads folder). Double click the file and the above dialogue box should automatically populate. Click Install Font.

Download Your Free Thanksgiving Fonts

All you need to do is click on the font to be taken to its download site. Again, be sure to check the terms of use the font designer supplies with each download.

Green Beans Font

Autumn in November Font

Thankful Hearts Font

Homegirl Stuffed

Turkey Sandwich Font

Family Times Font

Butter Font

Salted Caramel Font

Cocktails Font

Baby Potato Font

Cherry Pie Font

Blessed Day Font

Fall Harvest Font

Pumpkin Cheesecake Font

Apple Crisp Font

Thankfulness Font

Leftovers Font

Together Again Font

Crisp Font

Acorn Squash Font

Punkin Pie Font

Pumpkin Pie Lattes

Warm Memories Font

Gather Font

Sweet Rolls Font

More Free Fall Fonts

  • If you're looking for a few more classic fall fonts, be sure to check out my list of 25 Free Fall Fonts (updated from the original 15 fonts). The Harvest Barn font in this collection is one of my all-time favorites. 
  • And nothing says fall like 25 Free Halloween Fonts. From super cute to a little bit spooky, they're all here!
  • And these Free Fall Fonts for Cricuts and Cameos are fabulous for those of you who have vinyl machines. They're from the blog, First Day of Home.
  • This list of 10 Free Fall Fonts from Moritz Design is another good round up for the season!

25 Free Thanksgiving Fonts