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Easy Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

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I'm excited to share this simple and easy Thanksgiving floral centerpiece with you today. All it requires is a small bunch of flowers and greenery (fall mums are perfect!), two vases (one smaller than the other), and acorns. See how to put this one together below.

Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece
I always enjoy natural elements on a Thanksgiving tablescape. While I'm keeping it simple this go round with just one vase of floral fun, I still added lots of natural goodness to it. See how to create this simple Acorn Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece below.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Today is also our monthly Thrifty Style Team Day! All of us are sharing Thanksgiving-specific ideas that will fit any budget. All of my friends' posts are linked at the bottom of this post. 

Thanksgiving Sideboard

Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

This particular centerpiece has been on our dining table for over a week now and I've really enjoyed it. We won't be at our home this year for the big feast, but I hope to recreate a similar version of it just to enjoy on our week off, not necessarily on the table.

Acorn Vase
The acorns add lots of texture and autumnal vibes to this centerpiece. Plus, I'm sort of funny about seeing the "flower water" in my clear vases. It can get icky fast and that's never appetizing on the dinner table. These acorns make it to where the water in the flower vase doesn't show at all!

How to Create an Easy Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece:

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


  • one large vase (I'm using one of my mom's hurricanes...they're the perfect size!)
  • one smaller vase that can fit inside the larger vase, but still have a similar height
  • acorns or other small autumn nuts (tip on these below)
  • fresh flowers and greenery (you really won't need a lot of stems since the vase the flowers sit in is the smaller one)
I actually made the polka dotted vase pictured above for this Thanksgiving Tablescape from 2018. It was originally used as a candleholder. I've used these polka dot numbers so much since I made them, they're super versatile!

Faux Acorns

Acorn Tip:

I've mentioned on the blog previously how I had a bit of an acorn debacle on my hands a few years ago. One fall, on my morning walks, I filled my pockets with acorns I found in my neighborhood. I came home and collected them in a lovely glass cloche on my kitchen counter. As I was wiping the counter one day, to my horror, I realized there were giant white grubs crawling all around the cloche, too. It was pretty *concerning*. I hadn't baked out the bugs in the acorns, just used them as-is! And in all honesty, I haven't seen a bunch of acorns this year, so I bought the most realistic fake acorns on Amazon and they are PERFECT (and grub free!) You can grab them here on Amazon.

Decorative Acorns
They're so realistic. And I'll just put them back in the bag after the season for next fall...and never fill my pockets with grubs, I mean acorns, ever again! Again, you can grab them here on Amazon.

Double Vase Centerpiece


  • Start by placing your smaller vase inside the larger one. 
  • If your smaller vase sits crooked, you can add a small piece of felt under it (small enough that it won't show).

Acorn Centerpiece for Thanksgiving
  • Fill the outer vase with the acorns, making sure they don't fall into the smaller vase.
  • Fill the inner vase with water and add your flowers and greenery.
  • Fluff the flowers so they look full on top of the acorns.

Fall Mum Centerpiece
I used red and yellow mums that I found at my local grocery store. I also grabbed these feather-like greenery stems. If you're in Texas, too, these all came from HEB. It was less than $10 for the flowers. 

It's a simple centerpiece, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've done the same double vase trick in the spring with jelly beans for a playful look. 

Easy Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece
I had enough acorns to scatter some about, too. If you have a long table, you can have your vase in the middle with acorns up and down it. Something about the acorns just mean fall to me. Hoping you enjoyed this one!

Thrifty Style Team Ideas

Thrifty Style Team Ideas
As I mentioned earlier, it's Thrifty Style Team day. We're celebrating Thanksgiving in a thrifty and fun way. Check out all of my friends' projects below:

Mums and Acorns Centerpiece

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely Thanksgiving!


  1. OMG - your centerpiece is beautiful! I had a friend that had an issue with "real" acorns a few years ago. She used them in a centerpiece and then left town for a week. She had thousands of bugs in her dining room LOL. Your realistic acorns are much better. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. What a great centerpiece, love all the acorns, haha about that grub, can you imagine id it was in your dip.. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  3. Beautiful centerpiece. Mums are my favorite and I love the acorns! Have a blessed Thanksgiving. And I thank you for all your inspiration!

  4. I am loving the colors of this centerpiece! So beautiful my friend!

  5. Kristi, this acorn centerpiece is so clever & gorgeous...Rick is hunting RN with his "lucky acorn" I gave him...maybe this is a good sign he will get his dream trophy buck 😆! Happy Thanksgiving to you, David, Jonathon & Ben!!!

  6. That is one gorgeous floral arrangement and I agree with using the faux acorns after the grub issue. So happy to be part of the Thrifty Style team with you.

  7. Kristi, I'm obsessed with this beautiful centerpiece! The colors are so vibrant and welcoming. What a great tutorial too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. You are the Queen of Color Kristi! I really love how this turned out! Happy Thanksgiving xx

  9. Kristi! This is so beautiful. I love how you take such bold and jewel-y tones and make them absolutely marvelous in any decor.

  10. Such a beautiful centerpiece.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. A wonderful centerpiece.
    Happy Thanksgiving.