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2022-2023 Printable Calendars

This post for printable calendars contains affiliate links. I make a small percentage when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Hooray! The 2023 Printable Calendars are READY...they even include the last four months of this year, as well. And there are three different sets to choose from (or grab all three!). From florals to chinoiserie to a boho vibe, there are LOTS of fun patterns available. And SO many options come with each set. See all of these goodies below.

2023Printable Calendars
It's probably taken more time to organize all of these files than to actually design them...I should probably file "design three calendars, all with different patterns, formats, sizes, and functions" into the "What was I thinking?" category. But, after many (many) late nights, these calendars are DONE! Whew. And I'm incredibly proud of how they turned out. Each set is FULL of options, sizes, formats, and fun. See the details below.

Again, see the details of each set below.

2022-2023 Printable Calendars

I've been designing yearly calendars here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor for well over 10 years, but these three new sets are definitely my favorites (although, I probably say that every year). But these new calendars definitely have LOADS more options than those calendars from way back in the day. And I LOVE options.
2023 Printable Calendars

Styles Included:

This year, there is something for everyone! I have included the following themed sets in these printable calendars:
  • Chinoiserie
  • Boho
  • Floral
I'm sharing lots more photos and details below, but you're welcome to grab these any time through the links to my shop:

Planning Calendars

Printable Planning Calendar
Each set includes monthly planning calendars. The planning calendars come in the following options:
  • 8x10" landscape size
  • PDF formats
  • lots of extra space to write both notes and goals for each month

At-A-Glance Calendars

2023 At-A-Glance Calendars
While every month has its own at-a-glance calendar, I also included them for each of the years (2022 and 2023). They have patterns to fit within their set.

Monthly Options:

Floral Calendar
Every month for every set comes with the following options (as pictured above):
  • 8x10" PDF planning calendar
  • 8x10" JPEG or PDF at-a-glance calendar
  • 5x7" JPEG or PDF at-a-glance calendar (the PDF versions have two designs per page, for less paper waste)
  • 4x6" JPEG or PDF at-a-glance calendar (the PDF versions have two designs per page, for less paper waste)

Gift Option

Calendar Gift Idea
The 4x6" sizes make lovely gifts (think teacher gifts during the holidays!). We used them for this purpose last year. I actually heard from many of you via email or social media that you did the exact same thing. If you purchase a calendar set, you can print as many copies as you like...which is why they're super budget-friendly gifts.

Chinoiserie Calendar
Above, you can see how the calendar looks on its stand.

See Each Calendar Set Below:

Floral Calendar for 2022-2023

Floral Calendar
The floral and chinoiserie sets are tied for favorites for my personal taste... I really love the patterns that worked their way onto these calendars.

2022 and 2023 Calendar Printables
I did the four 2022 calendars with their own patterns...no repeats here!
Printable Floral Calendar
Above are the monthly floral at-a-glance calendars.
Printable Floral Planning Calendar

Chinoiserie Calendar for 2022-2023

Chinoiserie Calendars
The chinoiserie calendars are all kinds of preppy and pretty! I really am happy with how they turned out.

Toile Calendars
I tried really hard to use a variety of colors and patterns on this set (not just blue and white!).
Printable Chinoiserie Calendars
Above are the monthly chinoiserie at-a-glance calendars.

Chinoiserie Planning Calendar Printables
Above are the monthly chinoiserie planning calendars.

Boho Calendar for 2022-2023

Boho Calendars
While most of the boho set is pretty simple, a few patterns are a bit on the busier side...but still very bohemian. 

Boho Calendar Printables
The little pumpkins in October are my favorite!
At-a-Glance Boho Calendar
Above are the monthly boho at-a-glance calendars.
Boho Planning Calendar

Calendar Printables for 2023

More Calendar Printables


  1. These are SO BEAUTIFUL! I'll be printing my planning calendars today. Thank you for adding beauty to my daily, crazy life!

  2. Beautiful work and so economically priced :)

  3. I have tried to purchase your calendars but it keeps telling me that I can’t use my card and to try a different one. Or something like that. I bought your calendars last year. I have tried several time to buy them but no go!!🧐

  4. I just bought the floral calendar to use for bookings at the farm! I LOVE it!!!