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15 Sunflower Home Decor Items

This post for Sunflower Home Decor Items contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

These 15 budget-friendly Sunflower Home Decor Items are full of sunshine and smiles. From sweet kitchen towels to gorgeous wood bead garlands to a lavish wreath full of the flowers, there is something in this group of goodies for everyone. All of these items would make wonderful gifts for sunflower-loving folks, too.

Sunflower Home Decor
There are so many varieties of sunflowers, but that classic, big bold yellow one can't be beat. It's an iconic symbol of late fall and early autumn. And it makes a lovely design in home decor. See all of these budget-friendly sunflower home decor items below. They're all available through Amazon.

You might already know this, but I really do love a sunflower. They're like the happy flowers, in my opinion. They open slowly and then...BAM! They're ready to put on a good show for a week or so. 

My Sunflower Garden

Autumn Beauty Sunflowers
Above are a few of the varieties in my own sunflower garden. On the right is my favorite, the Autumn Beauty. And on the middle pictured sunflower, you can spot a bumble bee pollinator enjoying the bounty. These flowers bring me so much joy. While I do cut a number to bring in for arrangements inside, I leave a lot in the garden for the bees and birds to enjoy.

Sunflower Home Decor

Even if you don't have a garden with sunflowers spilling out of it, you can still bring in these lovely beauties with some of the budget-friendly home decor items I'm sharing below. I think that watercolor mug may be my favorite! Or maybe the kitchen towels? Wait, I actually love them all!

Sunflower Placemats
This set of four placemats will add the perfect splash of color and touch of nature to your table. The butterflies are such a fun addition to the design, too. 

Sunflower Book Stack
This is currently sitting in my cart...it's so CUTE! Please note the dimensions on this one, a few reviewers mentioned it's adorable but a bit smaller than they thought (but they all said the dimensions are shared accurately). 

Sunflower Pillow
3D Sunflower Pillow
This pillow had me with those petals. How adorable can you get? This cute little throw pillow is the perfect accent piece for a sofa, chair, or bed.

Say "Helllllllooooo" to guests in a bright and happy way with this sweet sunflower-laden welcome sign. It's the perfect front door piece for the summer and fall seasons.

I'm really in love with this one! This 16 ounce stoneware mug is so pretty...that watercolor sunflower artwork is truly beautiful. It's the perfect way to drink coffee or tea.

Not sure I could put together a round up of sunflower goodies without some sweet gnomes. This set of three friendly gnomies is perfect for just about anywhere in the home or office...to add smiles and sunshine!

Sunflower Farm Truck
This adorable yellow Sunflower Farm Truck is delivering smiles (and the big bright flowers)! This is such a fun and cute piece...who can resist?

Not only would this table runner be cute on a dining room or breakfast table, I think it would be lovely on an entryway table or buffet. The mason jars filled with sunflowers are super sweet.

These adorable sunflower-themed dish towels are the perfect summer accent for any kitchen. I love the four designs, but that mason jar is certainly my favorite!

Wooden bead garlands add so much texture and interest wherever they're draped. I love the fun sunflower medallion that is the focus of this one. There are actually three garlands included (only one with the actual sunflower piece, though).

Another fun watercolor sunflower design! I love the functionality of this one, too. It's perfect to hang in a mudroom or by your door to the garage.

These sweet hand-painted salt and pepper shakers would bring lots of sunshine to your kitchen table this season. They'd make a great gift, too.

I absolutely love the shape of this cute sunflower rug. It's an indoor one that would be perfect in a bathroom or kitchen area. 

I think this photo frame would make the sweetest gift for any sunflower lover. It holds a 4x6" photo. You're welcome to print off the photo of me with the sunflower at the bottom of the post to frame. Just kidding. 

While this particular piece isn't has budget-friendly as the others in this list, it is actually well-priced for the substantial wreath that it is. And goodness, isn't it beautiful? What a way to greet your guests and neighbors.

More Sunflower Fun

Hotel del Coronado Sunflowers
This photo of me with the super tall sunflower was taken on a family trip to Hotel del Coronado last summer. Their garden area is a well-kept secret that is fun to look through. 



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