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Free Printable Lined Stationery Paper

Today's post for Lined Stationery Paper contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

My love for my blue and white china was the inspiration behind today's blue floral unlined or lined stationery paper designs. I love the contrast between the blues and whites and knew it needed to be in some stationery corners. I hope you enjoy these new designs.

Lined Stationery Paper
I just love a good, handwritten note. And on pretty stationery? Even better. These blue and white designs are slightly vintage-feeling, but full of floral and fauna, too. Download your favorite version below.

Blue and White Stationery

My love for vintage china and adoration for special stationery were bound to cross paths at some point. And they did so in today's new stationery designs...that match my own china! If you aren't a big blue and white fan, you can print these in black and white for a different look, altogether.

Unlined or Lined Stationery Paper

Stationery Designs
These new blue and white stationery designs come in both unlined and lined stationery paper options. For those of you who like to live on the edge, the blank versions are perfect for you. I also have readers that feed the unlined stationery designs through their printer after typing out a note or letter. There are also two sizes available. 

Spode China
As I mentioned above, my special blue and white china were the inspiration for today's unlined and lined stationery paper designs. These were left to me by my Aunt Margaret 25 years ago and I use them often. They're my absolute favorite and inspire all sorts of blue and white designs, like today's free printable stationery. On a side note, the beautiful placemat was also hand-embroidered by my Aunt Margaret. She was super talented!

Stationery Options

  • These floral stationery designs are for personal use. However, if you do have a small business or shop and would like to carry the printed versions of the stationery (no digital reselling is ever allowed), click here for commercial licensing.
  • This stationery comes in the following sizes:
    • 6.25x9"
    • letter-sized
  • The smaller stationery size that is available is designed to be printed onto regular, letter-sized paper or cardstock, and trimmed. 
  • The larger, letter-sized design, is perfect if you have lots to say!
  • Both sizes have lined and unlined options.
  • All downloads are PDF formats, for easy, at-home printing.

Envelope Information

Aesthetic Stationery

Download Your Unlined or Lined Stationery Paper:

Letter Writing Stationery Sets

6.25x9" Stationery

Letter-Sized Stationery

Printable Stationery Paper

More Free Printable Stationery


  1. Thanks for these beautiful printables.xx

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much.

  3. I think your Aunt Margaret wasn't the only one who was so talented! Thanks so much, Kristi!

    1. Aww...thank you so much for that, Amy. Very kind of you. xoxo

  4. You outdid yourself on these. They are just beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate that. xoxo

    2. Kristi,
      I get so excited everytime I see an email from you. Opening up that email is like Christmas morning. I'm excited to see just what your talented self has created yet again. Thank you so very much for doing this for us all. It does not go unappreciated ❤.


  5. Kristi,
    Thank you so much for the printable. I LOVE IT!