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2022 Plaid Printable Calendar

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Today's new Plaid Printable Calendar is perfect for those who prefer a bit less floral in their calendars (actually there is none at all). It's the PERFECT gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbors and more this holiday season. (UPDATE August 2022: this calendar is now half off here!)

Printable Calendar
As I was putting together calendars for my own kids' teacher gifts this holiday season, it occurred to me that I really needed one that would be a bit less floral and frilly for their male teachers. So, I created this 12-month plaid printable calendar for just that purpose. But honestly, I think it may end up being my calendar-of-choice in my own office. This is a great little calendar to print off as many copies as you like and give to lots of folks. It is a part of my premium line and comes in multiple sizes and formats. You can purchase it for $5 $2.50 here in my shop, or through the button below. Or, scroll down to see details for each month's designs. 

2022 Plaid Printable Calendar

While plaid is certainly the theme of this calendar, each month has its own plaid pattern and color scheme. I tried to coordinate them seasonally, as well (that red, white, and blue July one may just be my favorite!). This is a simple at-a-glance design that is perfect for home or office (or classroom) use. 
2022 Printable Calendar

Click Here to Purchase for $5

Printable Calendar Specifics

  • This calendar comes in the following sizes (you can use all or just one size when you purchase these...your choice):
    • 8x10"
    • 5x7"
    • 4x6"
  • This calendar comes in the following formats:
    • JPEG
    • PDF (both the 4x6" and 5x7" PDF formatted designs come with two per page for less paper waste and easy, at-home printing.

Calendar Gift Idea

Easy Teacher Gift Idea

Pictured above is how I'm gifting these printable calendars (along with the Printable Watercolor Floral Calendars on the left) to our teachers this holiday season. If you decide to gift these, too, here are a few important things to make note of:
  • If you'll be using the wooden display blocks (like I did...more information on them below), they only work with the 4x6" size of the calendars. Honestly, I think that is the cutest and most practical size for gifting.
  • When you purchase this printable calendar, you're welcome to print as many as you'd like for gifting. But, they are not allowed for resell.

Calendar Gift Idea
To gift these:

Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts
You can even attach one of my free printable plaid gift tags to coordinate! These tags are on my other blog, Print Pretty Cards.

Preppy Calendar
Again, purchase this entire calendar for $5 $2.50 here in my shop or directly through the button below.

Extras and Sizing

Printable Calendar Sizes
Above, you can see how the PDF options print. And, I also included a simple calendar-at-a-glance for the entire year.
Again, be sure to print your calendars onto white, letter-sized cardstock for the best results

2022 Calendar
January Calendar Printable

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  1. Ingenious. Love the plaid. The holder link was very thoughtful as well.

    Thank you.

  2. Love these, will you be doing just a full year 2022 calendar to print out yet? I've had one on my wall for the past 2 years and would love another one :)