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Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks

This post for printable Christmas Bookmarks contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Today's post is packed full of fun! Not only am I sharing these new plaid printable Christmas bookmarks (they're a free download below), but I also have a list of gift ideas for the readers in your life. As a very avid reader, I'm super excited to share these wonderful finds with you. See all of this holiday goodness below.

Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks
Today's Christmas bookmarks are word-free, but in that festive plaid I've been loving lately (have you already checked out my free printable plaid Christmas Cards?). These bookmarks make darling stocking stuffers. Or, use them for yourself to add a bit of holiday cheer to your latest novel. See all four plaid designs available below.

Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks

Christmas Bookmarks
I'm really hoping y'all aren't over my plaid streak...because I'm still really loving it. There is just something about those Christmas plaids that truly make me smile. These freebies are available further down in the post. But first, as promised, I'm sharing several practical (and affordable) gift ideas for all of the readers in your life. 

Gift Ideas for Readers

Gift Ideas for Readers

Plaid Notebooks
If you're looking for a notebook to use as a reading log or companion journal to books, I have several of these plaid notebooks available on Amazon. They coordinate with today's Christmas bookmarks perfectly and would make a cute gift with a bookmark tucked inside. See the different designs listed below:

Book Mug
And this Bookmarks are for Quitters coffee mug goes against all of my love of bookmarks, but goodness, it's ADORABLE. Find it below on Amazon:

Library Stamp
I think one of these personalized library stamps is about to find its way into my husband's stocking. This is such a thoughtful gift for anyone with an extensive collection (or stack!). Find it below on Amazon:

Book Ornament
What avid reader wouldn't love this sweet Stack of Books ornament? I am a yearly ornament collector, so I love that it includes a date on it. Find it below on Amazon:

Book Socks
I actually have a pair of these So Many Books, So Little Time socks on my wish list (in hopes my family sees them!). Truer words were never spoken. See these below on Amazon:

Book Coffee Cup
Again, more fantastic words...perfectly uttered from the mouths of many a reader! Grab this fun mug below on Amazon:
Book Mask
And this Bookshelves Mask has such a great print on it. I love all of those fun books going this way and that. Find this mask below on Amazon:

Personal Library Set
Wow! This Personal Library Kit is not only useful, but it's so vintage-feeling and adorable (and practical!). The readers in your life will love loaning out books with these cute cards inside. Find this below on Amazon:

Book Bags
A book bag is always a staple in my life! I get my books back and forth to the library in mine...and if it's cute, that's all the better. See these three (above pictured) designs below on Amazon:

Book T-Shirt
I already have a bookish t-shirt that I love, but I may have to add this It's a Good Day to Read a Book t-shirt to my wish list. It's available in many color options through the Amazon link below:

Free Plaid Printable Christmas Bookmarks

Bookmark Gift
And of course, my favorite gift of all for the readers out there is a bookmark. I always bring my new bookmark designs (printed and ready to use) to my book club friends as little gifts. They always enjoy them, too!

Printing and Using Your Bookmarks

Printing Bookmarks

Preppy Bookmarks
While the plastic bookmark sleeves are great for protecting your bookmarks, they work just fine without them, too (as pictured above). 

Download Your Bookmarks:

Bookmark Printable

Cute Plaid Bookmark

More Free Printable Bookmarks


  1. Kristi, These bookmarks aree adorable as are all your printables you give so readily. "Tis the season, so I will be printing these and giving to friends. I really appreciate all the "book lover" gift ideas you shared as well. The ornament is simply adorable and I love the mugs and other ideas.

  2. I love all your bookmarks but these are especially attractive and festive. They are great for a non-edible classroom treat and fun for birthday treat bags. Thank you!

  3. Hello from Portugal!
    These bookmarks are absolutely wonderful! Thanks a lot.
    Can you make some Outlander (the TV show) themed? πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ ΏπŸ’™ Or other printables for an Outlander party...