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Free Printable Plaid Christmas Cards

This post for plaid Christmas cards contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Are you a plaid fan, too? Then I've got your holiday correspondence covered with these two new designs. They come in both Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wording options. Download these two plaid Christmas cards below.

Plaid Christmas Cards
Who doesn't love the classic tartan plaids of the holidays? I'm a big fan. I have several tablecloths in these traditional plaids and even a tree skirt. I just think it's that iconic pattern of Christmas. So, I definitely wanted to use this beloved pattern on a couple of cards this year. There are two designs available below. 

Plaid Christmas Cards

Plaid Merry Christmas Card
I'm a big lover of the Christmas card tradition. I also enjoy the aspect of handwriting the envelopes, tucking extra notes inside, and thinking of the loved one(s) I'm writing to. Now that both of my parents are gone, I send cards to many of their friends who they had always sent cards to. It's even better when I hear back from makes me feel like my parents are still here. This love of holiday correspondence was instilled in me by my mother. She loved the classic song, Christmas Cards, by Alma Cogan. See the lyrics below...they're super sweet. And be sure to listen to this one if you've never heard it. It's has an upbeat tune and is really catchy.

Christmas Cards 

by Alma Cogan and Fishman Jack

Christmas cards, Christmas cards
I love to see the pretty Christmas cards
Bringing you sweet regards
Wishing you the best of happiness

Love to write to someone I'm thinking of

Love to write to the place and folks I love
Love to send them a message of good cheer
With words sincere
When Christmas is here

Oh Christmas cards, Christmas cards

I love to see the pretty Christmas cards
Bringing you sweet regards
Wishing you the best of happiness

Little cards with their trees all dressed in snow

Little cards with their friendly fires aglow
Little cards with their lovely winter scene
When all the world is sweet and serene

Oh Christmas cards, Christmas cards

I love to see the pretty Christmas cards
Bringing you sweet regards
Wishing you the best of happiness

Every card in it's little envelope

Bares a wish and a greeting of good hope
And the love with a card I send is true
And I'll renew
Each Christmas to you

Oh Christmas cards, Christmas cards

I love to see the pretty Christmas cards
Bringing you sweet regards
Wishing you the best of happiness
Wishing you the best of happiness

Plaid Happy Holidays Card
I wanted the plaid to be the star of the show on these cards. So, the wording is a subtle, simple, and classic serif font in the bottom right hand corner.

Plaid Holiday Cards
I also have coordinating free printable plaid gift tags available over on Print Pretty Cards. There are four plaid patterns and two wording options.

Coordinating Notebooks

Plaid Notebooks
As a lot of you know, some of my designs are available on notebooks and planners on Amazon now. These plaid notebooks are brand new over there. I created them when I was wanting a masculine-style of journal for my sons (we try to give them a new journal or notebook every Christmas). These make great gifts for any plaid lover in your life (and you can pair one of these plaid Christmas cards with them!). See the four styles available below (two are pictured above):

Lined Notebooks
For some reason, Amazon doesn't show the interior pages to everyone (just some Prime members). In case you're wondering, the notebook is very simple and filled with 200 lined pages (as pictured above). It's a more substantial notebook than most, with lots of space and pages for journaling. Again, you can grab yours through the links below.

Printing and Using Your Christmas Cards

Printable Christmas Cards
  • These plaid Christmas cards are for personal use. However, if you have a small shop or business and would like to carry the printed versions of these cards (no digital reselling is allowed), you may purchase a commercial license to do just that here.
  • Be sure to always print greeting cards like this onto white, letter-sized cardstock. Regular paper is too thin for this type of printing (it will curl up on the corners). Purchase a pack of white, letter-sized cardstock here on Amazon.
  • Once your plaid card is printed, you can cut it out of the cardstock. I provided a small hairline running around the perimeter of each card to make this a bit easier. I also recommend a paper cutter if you're cutting more than a few cards at a time. I have used the Fiskars Paper Trimmer for a few years and love has a small wire that indicates where to cut and it's very exact (you can see it in the above photo). Grab this same paper trimmer here on Amazon. Of course, plain ol' scissors work just fine, too.
  • Envelope information is below.

Envelopes for Your Cards

Brown Kraft Paper Envelopes
All of the printable cards I design are created to fit A6 envelopes. The measurements for standard A6 envelopes are 4 3/4" x 6 1/2". I purchase all of my A6 envelopes through Amazon (they seem to have the most flap options and colors to choose from...even over my own local office-supply stores). I listed out a couple options below on Amazon that will coordinate well for today's festive Christmas cards (pictured above are the kraft style envelopes):

Download Your Plaid Christmas Cards:

Free Printable Plaid Christmas Cards

Free Printable Plaid Holiday Cards

Looking for More Printable Christmas Cards?

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