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Free Claude Monet Quote Printables

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Today's free Claude Monet Quote printables were inspired by my absolute favorite flowers ever...Zinnias! I have been growing Zinnias for a couple of years myself, but this past week I've been in heaven amongst the gorgeous ones of southern California. And I used my favorite Claude Monet quote with some fun typography to really make those petals flutter in this one.

Claude Monet Quotes
"I must have flowers, always and always." --Claude Monet
Grab this free printable below.

I took the above photo with my phone just a couple of days back. I am overwhelmed with how pretty it is (with just a phone camera!). And honestly, the scene was even better in person. We are wrapping up a trip in my husband's home state of California. And the Zinnias are kind of mind-blowing. I mean, I grow Zinnias in my backyard, but they don't look anything like this. 

California Zinnias
These lovely Zinnias that have filled our trip with color (and awe) are the inspiration behind today's free printables. I just can't get over how gorgeous they are around here. Plus, these Zinnias are low to the ground and seem to grow in big clumps. Mine are around three feet tall and have maybe two or three flowers per leggy stem. If any of you know the variety of the popular ones around southern California, I'm all ears.

Claude Monet Quote Printables

Claude Monet Quote Printables
Besides the Zinnias in today's printable, I really like this quote from Claude Monet a lot. So much so, that I also used it in the free digital April Desktop Wallpapers. But, it's such a true least for me, anyway.

Claude Monet Printable Details

  • This printable is for personal use. However, if you have a small shop or business and would like to carry the printed version of these designs, you can grab a commercial license here
  • This design comes in the following sizes and formats:
    • 8x10" JPEG
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    • 5x7" PDF (comes with two designs per page for less paper waste)
  • The PDF versions of the printables are perfect for easy, at-home printing. Be sure to print them onto letter-sized white cardstock for the best results (grab some here on Amazon).
  • The JPEG designs are perfect to upload to your favorite print shop...just like an image or photo.

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Download Your Claude Monet Quote Printables:

I Must Have Flowers - Monet

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  1. Hi Kristi,

    Thank you SOOOO much for this! I.LOVE.ZINNIAS. I can't wait to print!!!


    1. Hi Tiffani! You're so welcome. I love a good Zinnia, too! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much. I love the vibrancy of the Monet quote

  3. Oh wow, the photos you took are gorgeous!! The colors!! The print is beautiful. Love it! thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you so much, Tamalita. I was taking so many flower pics in California...I just couldn't help myself. Hope you're well! xoxo

  4. Aww man, this makes my heart so happy. I adore zinnias!