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Laundry Symbols Chart Printable

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Originally, I was just creating the simple Laundry Symbols Chart for today. But, it looked lonely when I hung it in my own laundry room, so I added in the coordinating Premium Self Service design, too. Both of these printables are available with or without the florals. And they'll both look lovely in your laundry space, too.

Laundry Symbols Chart
Well, today's laundry room printables were completely inspired by this week's deep cleaning of my own laundry room. I rearranged things, took old stuff down, and thought I needed something a bit more laundry-related, decor wise. So, I put together the Laundry Symbols Chart (because we all need one of those, right?). But, it needed a companion print displayed with it, so the other design came about, too. Hope you enjoy these two free laundry room printables, available below.

Laundry Symbols Chart Printables

Laundry Symbols Chart Printable
As you can see from above, there are several design options for today's printables. Plus, they're available in your favorite sizes and formats, too. I created the florals ones to coordinate in my own home, but they're pretty versatile and can fit into lots of decor styles.

Free Laundry Symbols Chart Printable
And the above photo is how they look in my own laundry room. This space was just crying out for something along these lines.

Laundry Room Ideas
This summer, I committed to a thorough deep clean of one space a week. And this past week, I kicked things off in the laundry room. After taking everything off the walls for a scrubbing, I realized I didn't want the same things back on the I sat down and created the laundry symbols chart design. But, when I went to hang it, it very much needed a friend. So, the other printable was put together and I called it good. They're perfect in the space to the right of the window in here.

Using these Laundry Printables

  • These designs come in the following sizes and formats:
    • 8x10" JPEG
    • 8x10" PDF
    • 5x7" JPEG
    • 5x7" PDF (prints with two designs per page for less paper waste)
  • The PDFs are perfect for at-home printing. The JPEGS can be uploaded to your favorite printing place to be printed like a photo or image.
  • When printing at home, be sure to use white, letter-sized cardstock (it's what my printables are designed to be printed onto). Everything looks better on cardstock. Grab your pack here on Amazon.

Laundry Room Printables
In my own laundry room, I used these fun magnetic poster hangers to display my laundry symbols chart and its companion printable. These are seriously so neat to use...and easy to change out (you can see how they work in the above photo). 

Laundry Symbols Guide
I purposefully printed out and displayed the 5x7" size to make sure it wasn't too small to read (pictured above). It worked perfectly (in person, it's very readable). 

Corner Rounder

Laundry Room Sink
Since I have the other larger chart in the same room, I'm not sure I'll keep this smaller print on display, but I do love how it looks on the sink area. You can also see my tutorial on the Laundry Room Signs here.

Download Your Laundry Room Printables:

Free Laundry Room Printables

Premium Self-Service Laundry Printables:

Laundry Symbols Chart Printables:

Laundry Chart Printable

More Laundry Printables

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  1. Thank you for the useful and lovely symbols print. I can't ever figure out what those things mean.
    I envy your spacious laundry room with the extra fridge!!

    1. You're so welcome. I appreciate that. We recently took out a sewing type of space that was in there to make room for the's really been a blessing! xoxo