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5 Ways to Display Free Printables

This post for Ways to Display Free Printables contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

I'm sure it's pretty obvious, but I love free printables. I love creating them, displaying them, you name it. I just love 'em. Today, I'm sharing some unique ideas to display all the pretties you download from the interwebs. Each idea is budget friendly and can make a lovely statement in your home. I've got lots of links to many of my free printables below, as well. 

Free Printables
I know I'm not alone in having a computer file stuffed with free printables that I plan to use "one day". Well, today's the day, y'all. Make sure your ink cartridge is full...you'll be ready to print and display alllllll the free printables you can get your hands on! I've found some nifty display items, plus used items from around my house for these Five Ways to Display Free Printables below.

Thrifty Style Team Projects
Annnnd...it's everyone's favorite day: The Thrifty Style Team Day series. At the end of the post, I'm sharing loads of ideas from the other talented members of the Thrifty Style Team. I know you'll find something you'll be swooning over!

Five Ways to Display Free Printables

Before I get to the real meat of today's post, I wanted to share a couple of tools I just can't live without when it comes to free printables.
Fiskars Paper Trimmer
  • The first item is something I talk about in every single free printable post: white, letter-sized cardstock. It's really the only way to get good results from a free printable. You can grab a pack here on Amazon.
  • The second item is a corner rounder. This thing is a game changer and will give your printables a really clean and professional look (especially if you're not using an actual frame to display your print). Grab this corner rounder here on Amazon (I share how it looks on several printables within the post below).
  • And the third thing is another item I talk about a lot: my Fiskars Paper Trimmer. This makes quick (and super straight) work of cutting out your printables. You can find this same trimmer here on Amazon.

Pictured above is my recent Lord's Prayer Printable (free). 

1. Thrift Store Frame

Thrift Store Frame
So, the first item isn't much of a surprise...I mean a frame, right? But, be sure to look for these at thrift stores. I found the above at my Goodwill for $.99. It doesn't have glass, but I wasn't worried. I just hot glued the corners of my print into the frame's corners. I can cut out the glue when I need to switch it up.

The above printable is actually in my premium line. It's the French Country Garden set of prints. However, since I'm sharing freebies today, I went ahead and made the smaller size of the above print free for you (just this one without the background). Download it here. 

Plate and Frame Display
I have this frame in my entryway (above).

2. Poster Hanger

Poster Hanger
I actually have a DIY version of this poster hanger using wooden dowels here. However, I'm kind of in love with this set of poster hangers (pictured above) that I found here on Amazon. They're magnetic and so easy to use!

Wooden Poster Hanger
I purchased the ones for 8x10" prints. Since I printed my designs onto letter-sized cardstock, I trimmed 1/4" on each side of the print before placing it into the frame pieces. You can see how the magnetic pieces work above. I'm seriously loving this way to display printables. Plus, it's less than $10 for a set of two here on Amazon. 

Motivational Posters
They look great on this wall in my office (above). I am sharing these free inspirational printables next week.

3. Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board Display
I know we're not all living in college dorms with bulletin boards crammed with movie stubs, photos, and who-knows-what. But I'm here to say, I'm 43-years-old and I still LOVE a good bulletin board. I have the above two in my office and really enjoy them. Plus, it's the perfect place to display my monthly calendar printables. (Grab the May one pictured above here.)

Gold Thumbtacks
I did recently up my push pin game to make my bulletin board a bit more grown up(ish), though. The above gold pins with bulldog clips are my new favorites...they don't put holes in what they're holding. Genius. You can grab them here on Amazon.

While I did photograph the smaller ball-head push pins, I'd rather not link to them (I photographed prior to trying them). They were a bit of a disappointment. I had several of the heads pop off and had to use needle nose pliers to remove the pin from the cork board. They weren't worth it to me and I'd like to spare everyone the aggravation. 

Calendar Display
I used that nifty corner rounder on this calendar, too. I think it makes it look really clean and professional.

4. Clip-Style Frame or Clipboard

Clipboard Frame
This one is super simple, but a clipboard or clip-style frame adds lots of interest to a printable. I actually just grabbed the above clip-frame here on Amazon. Without a lot of fuss, it's super easy to change out my printable whenever the mood strikes. This inspirational printable (above) will be posted next Wednesday.

5. Wooden Block Displays

Printable May Calendar
This one has to be my favorite. A couple of years ago, a friend sent me a calendar for my birthday (an early January birthday for the win!). It was postcard size and each month had its own card. It came with a little wooden block to display it on. I was smitten! I didn't even realize you could buy these, but you can. 

Wooden Block Photo Display
I bought the above pack of six wooden block displays here on Amazon. I just used them as-is, but they could certainly be stained or painted to add more interest. And, I just had to use that corner rounder on the print I used with these blocks. It just dresses the print up so much! Grab my free Staffordshire Dog Printables here.

Printable Wifi Sign
It's so easy to use...just stick the print in and voila! Don't forget to print onto white letter-sized cardstock or this holder won't work (regular paper would flop over). You can grab the Free Printable WiFi sign here.

The above photo was taken in our guest room. The two silhouettes are of my husband and me. Our mothers must have been like-minded in that time period since we both had them made. I love having them displayed together.

Staffordshire Dog Printable
And while I didn't list it separately (because it functions just like the wooden block display), a good old-fashioned floral frog is also lovely for displaying free printables (as pictured above). I see these all the time at vintage stores and can never resist picking them up. 

Thrifty Style Team

And, don't forget: it's Thrifty Style Team day. Below, all of my team members have shared fun and thrifty ways to makeover your home. Their tips and ideas are always fantastic.
Thrifty Style Team


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