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Free Printable Blank Calendar Pages

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These blank calendar pages are perfect for organizing your entire year. There are 12 patterns available (one for every month), or just choose your favorite to use again and again. Plus, they're all in an easy-to-print black and white format. Download these blank calendar pages below. 

Blank Calendar Pages
Blank calendar pages are a hit around these parts. And I definitely can understand why. They're so simple and versatile, but pack a big organizational punch. 

Blank Calendar Pages

Here we are, staring down 12 fresh months of a new year! And a nice blank slate of a calendar is just the ticket to start organizing all of your time and appointments. These free printable blank calendar pages are here for all of your organizing and important dates. Download your favorite design (or all 12) below.
Black and White Calendar Printables

Using Your Blank Calendar Pages

  • All designs are available in 8x10" sizes to be printed onto letter-sized white cardstock or regular paper.
  • These calendar pages come in both PDF and JPEG formats.
  • Be sure to use your printer's black and white ink setting.
  • Once you print your page, simply fill in the month, year, and dates. 
  • You can print a new one every month, or frame just one in an 8x10" frame to use over and over with fine-tipped dry erase markers on the glass of the frame. 

Blank Calendar Template
I also included (apart from the 12 designs) a design-free option for those of you who prefer less frills and more function. It's also available in the downloads below.

Sunday or Monday Start Calendar Options

Monday Start Calendars
Until I started creating calendar printables a few years back, I had no idea how ruffled some folks can get over a Sunday or Monday start calendar. In all honesty, I'm team Sunday, but I have heard from a great deal of you who prefer the Monday start versions. These blank calendar pages are perfect for EVERYONE because YOU pick the start day and fill in your calendar accordingly. 

Editable Calendars and More Blank Calendars

Editable Calendars
Over in my Etsy Shop, I have a number of blank calendars here. Several (not all) of them are editable, too (like the one pictured above).

Download these Blank Calendar Pages Below

You can download each individual pattern (listed below their image) below the following images. However, I have also bundled the set of printables into one PDF bundle that you can download here (it's available below, too). Since I know a lot of you may only prefer a couple of the patterns, I made them available individually, as well. I'm hoping this isn't too confusing.
Black and White Calendar Template Printables
Download images are pictured above, listed from left to right:
Free Blank Calendar Pages
Download images are pictured above, listed from left to right:
Free Printable Blank Calendar Pages
Download images are pictured above, listed from left to right:
Blank Calendar Printable
The above blank template is also available as an individual file option:

Black and White Pattern Calendar

More Printable Blank Calendar Pages

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