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Free January Calendar Printable

This post for a January Calendar Printable contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

This year's free January Calendar Printable is full of watercolor winter vibes in various shades of blues. There are also a couple of icicles and snowflakes popping onto the page, too. Download your January Calendar Printable below...there is also an option without a background.

Free January Calendar Printable

Here we go again...another year of calendar printables ready for you to enjoy. As I originally mentioned back in September, I've made some slight changes to our usual format (more on that below), but for the most part, these are the same style of calendar printables you've grown to know and love. Grab this very first one for 2022, the January Calendar Printable below. 

Free January Calendar Printable

I'm excited about this month's new calendar for the funniest's actually going to feel like winter the first few days of January (well, for us in Texas, anyway). After a hotter-than-usual December (it was almost 90 on Christmas day, y'all), I'm ready for winter. And this calendar certainly has the winter feels all over it...from the snowflakes and icicles to the frosty blue colors. Get ready for a bit of a winter wonderland on this first calendar of 2022. 

January Calendar Printable

Monthly Calendar Changes

Back in September, I shared all of the new exciting changes for my calendar printables for 2022. Last year, my most frequently asked question from readers is if there was a way to get ALL of the calendars for the entire year at once. Up until recently, I would design each calendar month by month. But, I sent myself on a little retreat with the sole purpose of doing all of the 2022 calendar designs. I plan to do this every was a game changer for me (and hopefully you, too!).
  • The 8x10" at-a-glance calendar designs (with and without the backgrounds, in both JPEG and PDF formats) will remain as complimentary downloads every month. These have remained my most downloaded and requested calendars, so I wanted them to still be available to everyone.
  • All other calendar sizes and options will be available in the 2022 calendar bundle (which is in my premium line due to the amount of designs and extras included).
  • In addition to the 5x7" sizes, I've also included 4x6" sizes to the larger bundle of calendars.
  • I eliminated the Monday-start calendars I offered last year. The downloads on these started low and then dwindled as 2021 went by. I apologize for any inconvenience. I now only have Sunday-start calendars in the bundle and in the free calendars, as well.
  • In addition to the usual at-a-glance calendars that you've come to know and love, I also included some functional (and still lovely!) planning calendars for every month in the bundle, as well (in both JPEG and PDF formats). Because of the logistics for planning calendars and space needed for each day, these are only available in the 8x10" sizes.
  • The large printable bundle also includes yearly at-a-glance calendars for the year, as well (both with and without background options).
  • I compiled a sample in the below image of most of the options included.
  • This larger calendar bundle is usually $10, but it is currently available for $5 here in my shop.

January Design Options

January Calendars

  • If you decide to go with the larger calendar 2022 bundle (no biggie if you don't, the 8x10" downloads are still free downloads below), each month has all of the prints pictured above (I've also included the yearly at-a-glance calendars in the photo so you can see what you're getting).
  • All of the monthly at-a-glance calendars still have the option of background or no background (I used the watercolor striped background as a consistent design element all year long, in a variety of colors, based off of each season).
  • All premium calendar options are available in the following formats and sizes (except for the yearly at-a-glance designs, due to size limitations):
    • 8x10" JPEG
    • 8x10" PDF
    • 5x7" JPEG
    • 5x7" PDF (comes with two of the designs per page for less paper waste)
    • 4x6" JPEG
    • 4x6" PDF (comes with two of the designs per page for less paper waste)

Where to See the New Calendar Bundle:

2022 Calendar Printables

You can see the striped background I used in all of the designs in the above image (although they're all available without that, too). I did this to keep the look consistent from month to month throughout the entire year. 

Again, to see ALL the details of the new 16-month 2021/2022 calendar, see its entire post here.

January 2022 Calendar

Printing Your Free January Calendar Printable

  • These complimentary 8x10" calendar printables are for personal use. However, if you would like to use these in a commercial manner, please purchase a commercial license. No digital redistribution is allowed...only printed designs.
  • The PDF formatted calendar printables were created for simple, at-home printing.
  • When printing your calendars, make sure to use white, letter-sized cardstock for the best results.
  • These free 8x10" PDFs were specifically designed for letter-sized pages. Just print, trim and frame. Or, hang with festive washi tape for unique look. These are great pinned onto a bulletin board, too (that's where I put mine every month, as I share on my Instagram).
  • The JPEG formatted designs can be uploaded to the printing place of your choice. You can upload as images/photos and print them in the same manner with great results.

Download Your January Calendar Printable

2022 Calendar Printables

Calendars with Backgrounds:

Calendars with No Backgrounds:

Calendar Printables for January

More Calendar Printables


  1. I purposefully popped on top my laptop in the hope of finding a beautiful calendar 2021 printable, and whoo hoo its here !! I've had your 2020 design all around the house this year and would of really missed not having one for next year . this years does not disappoint, its as pretty as ever . Thank you so much . Wishing you and your family the best 2021 lots of love xx

    1. Awww...I'm so very happy to hear that. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful 2021, as well. Appreciate you taking the time to leave this kind comment. xoxo

  2. I couldn't wait to see what January was, as I love all the beautiful calendars for my office. I wish this was also available in the smaller sizes like you did for last year. I like the option to pick the size for my bulletin board. You didn't disappoint in the design. It is so pretty and love the cardinal in the picture. Happy New Year to your family, stay healthily!

    1. Thank you so much, Chris. I really appreciate that. Wishing you and yours a happy 2021. xoxo

  3. Love your calendars. Is there not a 5x7 Option?

    Thank you and Happy New Year

    1. Thank you so much...happy new year to you, as well. I mentioned in the post that not many downloaded that size, so I replaced it with the Monday start option, instead. If I do receive more feedback regarding this, I may need to add it in after all. I apologize for the inconvenience. xoxo

  4. As soon as I saw your cardinal, I thought how lovely that would be for my Home Screen on my iPad. But, I guess that isn’t a option. Have you ever considered making these for iPads?

    1. Hi Colleen-- Yes! I do have those here: