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DIY Polka Dot No-Sew Curtains

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These DIY Polka Dot No-Sew Curtains can add a splash of whimsy to any space in your home. I created ours for the guest room, but they're so versatile and can really go anywhere. See how I made these simple no-sew curtains below.

DIY Polka Dot No-Sew Curtains
I've been working on our guest room and it's beginning to take shape. This used to be my dad's bedroom. Emotionally, I kind of needed it to look different. My son wanted my dad's headboard, so we put his previous twin beds in here. That was just the motivation I needed to get going on the space. The latest pieces to go in are the polka dot no-sew curtains I made for the room. You can see how simple these were to create below.

Polka Dot No-Sew Curtains

In all honesty, these were not the drapes I envisioned for this space. I wanted to create my own design on fabric through a website that facilitates that sort of thing and then sew it all together. But, with the way the world is now, their production delay is months out. And since this room is in the very front of our home (with no blinds or anything else to speak of since we gave my son the heavy drapes that were previously in here), I needed something a bit quicker. So I made these no-sew curtains out of super inexpensive pre-made drapes as a temporary solution. However, I like them so much that they may very well become a permanent fixture to this space.

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Bright Guest Room
We hung these on the DIY Plumbing Pipe Curtain Rod that we made for this room a few years back (you can see it in the below photo). We did actually pull it off the wall this time and spray paint it gold. We coated it with a clear coat, as well, along with a few wipes of WD-40 on a cloth to help the rings glide smoothly and *hopefully* not remove any of the gold paint.

DIY Curtain Rod
I think the drapes look nice when closed, too (as pictured above). I do think I may go back and line them, though. I actually bought double the amount of drape panels that I needed. My tentative plan is to use the extra panels and sew them onto the backs of the polka-dotted ones, leaving the bottoms of the drapes open (this is how I always line drapes that are too works well). I guess technically that eliminates the no-sew part, but I just like a heavier it's optional if you want to go that route.

DIY Polka Dotted Curtains

No big secret on how these are I mentioned, I bought pre-made plain-Jane curtain panels and gussied them up with my favorite fabric paint.
Easy Drapes


Inexpensive Drapes


  • I laid out my curtains on a tile floor to use the lines on the tile as a grid (as pictured above). Please note: my curtains were quite thin and the paint did bleed through to the flooring a bit. It wasn't a problem since it sponged right off easily. But take caution if you have thin drapes, too. 
  • You don't have to use a grid, if you prefer. I just wanted to space my dots evenly. Feel free to do a fun random pattern or whatever works best for you.
  • With the space in my sunroom, I was able to knock out two panels at a time.

Painting Polka Dots
  • I like to squeeze a bit of my paint out onto a paper plate.
  • Dab your round sponge brush in the paint, trying to get any excess off, if possible, but still having an even coat on the sponge's surface.
  • Using a stippling-motion, dab your paint onto your fabric. This can take a few dots of the sponge to get an evenly-painted dot. 
  • Repeat the process with the rest of your dots. I did mine on the corners of the tiles, in an "every-other-corner" fashion.

How to Paint Drapes
I let my polka dots dry overnight. You can steam the dried paint with a garment steamer to make it more velvety in texture (if you're using the velvet variety of the paint). I left them as-is, but I also used this same paint on my Blue Club Chairs and did steam was an interesting process.

Easy No-Sew Curtains
After they were completely dry, I hung them up on the rods. Since they are both thin in their feel as well as their width, I used two panels on this smaller window to bulk it up a bit. I really do think the polka dots add a lot of interest to plain panels.

I'm definitely not finished with this room, yet (the other side is a mess, y'all), I am sharing a few photos below of my progress so far.

Guest Bedroom Ideas
This Peace Lily plant in the corner was actually from my dad's funeral. Not totally sure it will stay, but I feel like the corner needs a little something. Maybe a simple chair? 

Guest Bedroom Twin Beds
I actually did the artwork myself and used an old frame and matte from my parents' collection of art (I painted the matte with leftover coral paint from our master bathroom makeover). That is the door to the bathroom on that wall. I am thinking it will be a version of this green, as well. 

The coral and white quilts are from The Company Store.

Wedgwood Accessories
This old lamp worked well on the little rattan bedside table. I actually spray painted its nickel pieces with the same gold spray paint I used on the curtain rods so everything matched. I was also able to add a couple of my mom's Wedgwood pieces to the table, too. I thought the little plate was the perfect place for loose change, jewelry, or whatever small items guests may have. Plus, I had to add some magazines. I love reading magazines before drifting off to sleep.

Coral Sheets
The starting point for this room was this set of plates that I ordered from POSH in Chicago (I love this store!). They have the green, coral, and even blue accents in the plate designs that I put into play for the bedroom. I hung them wirelessly with my tried and true plate-hanging method that I share here.

Green Bedroom
While I'm not sure we'll be having overnight guests anytime soon with the way things are with the virus in our area right now, I sure do look forward to the day we can have friends or family stay with us in this new space.

Benjamin Moore Aurora Borealis
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Thrifty Style Team Projects:


  1. I love the curtains and you’ve taken a bold color and made it feel cozy and inviting! So nice!

  2. Love these! Where did the rings come from that you hung them with?

    1. Thanks so much. I ordered them through the Walmart site. They're listed as gold curtain rings. Hope this helps! xoxo

  3. These curtains are perfect in this room! Love the colors!

  4. This bedroom looks so good! I love your paint color, the linens you chose for the bed, and the beautiful plates on the wall. Any guest would love to stay in this space! The curtains with polka dots are charming!

    1. Awww...thank you for those kind words, Paula. I really appreciate that, friend. xoxo

  5. Polka dots have always been a favorite of mine. In fashion and home decor. You did a fabulous job with your no-sew curtains. Thanks for the inspiration, Kristi.

    1. Thank you so much, Meegan! Yes, I love polka dots, too! xoxo

  6. Beautiful room. Colors are fun and vibrant. You can probably put some of your printables on display in this room too. I too am looking forward to a time we can share our homes with family and friends again, God willing.
    Im sorry for the lost of your Dad.

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. xoxo

  7. I love these! What a fun way to add some zing to plain curtain panels!

  8. I love them! Sharing on my FB page. This room is gorgeous, Kristi!

    1. Thank you, my friend. If you and Rick ever make a trip down here, you're welcome to stay in this space! xoxo