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Masculine Bedroom Ideas

This post for Masculine Bedroom Ideas contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no cost to you. I was also gifted items for this post, but all opinions are mine.

I'm excited to share some masculine bedroom ideas for both teenagers and young adults. My son and I worked together to create a space that is perfect for him, easy to keep tidy, and definitely a lot more "grown up" than his previous space. See all of these masculine bedroom ideas below.
Masculine Bedroom Ideas
When we moved into this home, our oldest son was just 11. Now, he's almost 16 and his previous Lego-and-primary-colors-kiddo-room just wasn't his taste anymore. He was also frustrated with his bedding and how messy it could get, so this was a nice jumping off point for the entire space. See Ben's new room below.

Masculine Bedroom Ideas

Ben came to us after the holidays asking about the possibility of changing a few things in his bedroom. He wanted it to be a little bit less, well, kid-like. We were definitely on board. But, so much happened right after the holidays and through the summer, that we've just now been able to turn our attention to his space. But, he has assured us, it was well worth the wait.

Black Khaki Bedroom

Bedding for Teens and Adults

Years ago, my boys often enjoyed bunking together (even though they had their own rooms). They would sleep in my younger son's set of twin beds. Those beds were decked out in Beddy's bedding and we loved them. If you're not familiar with Beddy's, it is a unique zippered bedding that is truly fantastic.

Since Ben is nearly six feet tall these days, he has upgraded to a queen-sized bed. And when making decisions about his new space, he asked for Beddy's on his bed. He had such great memories of Beddy's on his brother's beds that he was ready for his own set.

Teenage Bedding
Ben selected the Ivy League Minky bedding from Beddy's. I really love the colors and pattern. They definitely add to the masculine feel of the space. This is actually our old bed in Ben's room these days. This was given to us by my parents when we got married. I think it's perfect in here. Since he had lots of ideas for the walls in his room, we decided to "float" Ben's bed in front of his larger wall of windows. That way the other three walls could hold his display shelves, desk, and dresser.

He has such a unique version of a bay window in here that the floating bed has worked quite well. It also provides a bit of privacy since his room is in the front of our home. At night, we close the drapes for complete privacy and comfort.

Bedding with Zippers

Ive League Bedding

  • This bedding is just gorgeous, y'all. I'm sharing the previous set we had further down, but this new style is really neat. The lighter sheet pattern mimics the pattern in the outer fabric. 
  • We did add a few throw pillows that we had on hand (the white fluffy ones were from our friend, Amy, who was getting rid of them).

Zipper Bedding

Zip-Up Bedding

Ben is a bed-maker to a fault. I've never seen his bed unmade if he wasn't in it (at least not in the past five or so years). He's a tidy kid and bed-making is his number one priority when his feet hit the floor. So zip-up bedding is his love-language because it's super fast to get the bed completely in order.

  • Each Beddy's bedding set is all one piece. Every set comes with your sheets, blanket, and a comforter that goes on your bed like a fitted sheet.
  • Beddy's come in sizes toddler to king. They are perfect for any bed, but especially beds that are hard to make!
  • Personally, I think this bedding is ideal for teenagers. Prior to using Beddy's, we often had covers hanging off the bed. And the fact that Ben likes things neat and tidy makes this bedding even better.
  • Just pull the covers up, tuck in the sides of the top sheet, and zip it all in place. It's so easy.

Minky Sheets

  • The inside of the bedding is lined with the softest minky fabric, ever. This is right up Ben's alley since he is texture-driven.
  • All of Beddy's bedding is handmade. Each Beddy's set takes 8 hours to make. That's some quality right there.

Minky-Lined Bedding
Above is how the Ivy League set looks when Ben's turn-down service has stopped in. Just kidding, he's on his own with this...but isn't the bedding great?

Plaid Sheets
I love, love, love the pocketed pillow cases. They make for such a clean look to a pillow.

Click here to see all of the bedding styles Beddy's offers for girls, boys, teens, and adults. There are so many to choose from. 

Ideas for Masculine Bedroom Decor
I'm really loving the new set up in here...and Beddy's is definitely the star of the show!

Again, click here and use code MOPPING to get a discount on your own Beddy's bedding.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Masculine Touches

  • Personally, I think the darker, neutral colors are very masculine in nature. The caramel of the walls with the blacks and creams in the bed are so handsome.
  • Heavier furniture adds a nice weight and somewhat rustic-feel to the room.
  • The wood grains on the desk and bedside tables add a more masculine texture with their darker tones and are a nice contrast to the cream colored bed.
  • Heavy black drapes (that used to hang in my dad's bedroom) also give it a gentleman's vibe.
  • And this bedding almost mimics a three-piece suit, in nature and pattern. Having bedding mimic clothing styles is a fun way to add personality to a space.

Preppy Bedding
All of Ben's collections are on the other side of his bed on glass shelves.

Star Wars Bedroom
The above photo is from our previous home. As I mentioned above, we had Beddy's in my younger son's room on his twin beds. This set is still available, too. It's called Modern Gray, and we had the Minky option. I miss the days of character decor in their bedrooms, but it's also fun to see their own styles taking shape. We used this bedding until both boys outgrew twin beds (I have very tall kids, y'all). We passed it along to some good friends for their kids to enjoy.

Again, click here and use code MOPPING to get a discount on your own Beddy's bedding.

Masculine Bedding

Bedroom Sources

While our gorgeous Beddy's bedding is the star of the show in this room, I did want to provide you with some of the other items that you've seen, as well, in case you had your eye on anything.
Teenage Boy Bedroom Decor


  1. Thank you for your post, but I can't see it because of all of the pop-ups. They are out of control.

    1. I was able to view with zero pop-ups obscuring the post, one pop-up in the margin. Maybe you need to change your browser settings? I'm no ace with that, but it would explain why we have such different views.

    2. Arkansas Ma: I apologize for any issues. I'll double check settings on my end, too. But, yes, definitely try another browser as this sweet reader mentioned above. xoxo

  2. Oh, I love this room, Kristi! My son is the same age (and height!) and we just redid his room to be more grown-up, too. Exciting, but also a little bittersweet - I miss his little boy room! I think it's great that your son had opinions and was involved in the transformation, as it's so important for them to have their own space the way THEY want it! You guys did a great job and I really love the combination of thrifted, IKEA, and hand-me-downs. Makes the room so personal. Wonderful job!

    1. Hi Debbie-- Yes, it IS bittersweet for sure. I miss the little boy room, as well. I appreciate all of your kind words. We're so happy he's enjoying the space so much. I bet your "little" boy is, too! xoxo

  3. I love this! Thanks for the bedding tips and discount,we are upgrading my daughter's room and this will be perfect!

    1. Oh wonderful...there are so many cute sets for girls! I love looking at them for fun. Thank you so much for stopping by today. xoxo

  4. I'd say Ben did a fabulous job of choosing his bedding. The room looks very masculine and yet stylish. I give you all an A+. Love your blog, Kristi.

    1. Awww...thank you so much! I'll definitely let him know. Appreciate you stopping by today. xoxo

  5. You did a great job it looks sharp

  6. I love the bedding, but I cannot find the pattern on the Beddy's website! I love the navy blue with white stripes better than all the other patterns. Did they discontinue the pattern you have? Great job on redoing this room! It is perfect for a teen!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much...appreciate that. Just's still there. It's called Ivy League Minky. It's listed under both the Summer 2020 sets, as well as the Boys sets. Hope this helps a bit! Thank you for stopping by. xoxo

  7. Replies
    1. I wash it just like regular bedding, except it's all in one piece and stays "together" in the wash. I zip ours up before washing. And I select the "bulky/bedding" setting on our machine.