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Pretty Pattern Printable Calendar 2020

This Pretty Pattern Printable Calendar 2020 is full of lovely patterns to fill your year with color and fun. All of the patterns create an organic-feeling calendar that will blend easily into many decor styles. I've included larger images below to preview every design featured in this printable calendar 2020.

Pretty Pattern Printable Calendar 2020
The 2020 calendar season is well under way. Just two weeks until the new year. I think we all become ready for a fresh start right about now. This printable calendar for 2020 is full of light-hearted designs that are sure to brighten up any space. You can see all of the months' details below. Or, purchase this calendar here in my shop (on sale through 12/31 for half off), or directly through the button below. Sale price is already in place, no codes needed.

Click here to purchase this printable calendar for $5.

Pretty Pattern Printable Calendar for 2020

The beauty of printable calendars is that they can truly provide decor in a frame, versus one pinned to the wall. Sometimes a framed piece fits in a bit easier to decor. When I frame a printable calendar, I like to put all 12 months in the frame in January. Then, at the beginning each month, I remove the previous month's print. So, all of the prints are right there in the same frame all year long. 

Fun Calendar Printable
Today's Pretty Pattern Printable Calendar is a planning-style calendar with boxes that allow you to jot in an appointment or event. If you decide to frame your calendar, simply use dry erase marker on the glass to fill in your important dates. All of the monthly designs are 8x10", ready to print and frame. And each month is available in both PDF and JPEG formats.

Again, you can purchase this printable calendar here in my shop, or directly through the button below.

Click here to purchase this printable calendar for $5.

Printable Calendar Designs

And below, see the details for every single month of this calendar. I'm still having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite. 
January Calendar
January is full of multi-colored dots in a simple abstract pattern

February Calendar
And of course, I had to go with some cheerful hearts for February.

March Calendar
March is chocked full of pastel-colored brush strokes that are ready to welcome spring.

April Calendar
April's abstract design is truly one of my faves. It has a lot of simple movement to the overall design.

May Calendar
Birds! These fine feathered friends are the name of the game for May.

June Calendar
June is light and bright with a little splatter paint pattern.

July Calendar
And what July isn't full of celebration? This sprinkle-packed month is a fun one.

August Calendar
These pretty hexagons are ready to bring summer to a close in August.

September Calendar
September's pink and green droplets are cheerful and sweet.

October Calendar
October switches to fall colors with a simple leaf pattern.

November Calendar
And November's mustard and orange colors are lovely for the season.

December Calendar
And I definitely had to add a bit of simple festive fun in December with this pattern of pine trees. 

All of the months in this Pretty Pattern Calendar are Sunday-start designs. When using these in an 8x10" frame, you can print onto letter-sized paper, then simply trim for the frame.

Again, purchase this printable calendar here. Or, directly through the button below.

April Calendar Printable

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2020 Pretty Pattern Printable Calendar
Purchase this Pretty Pattern Printable Calendar for 2020 here or through the button below.

Click here to purchase this printable calendar for $5.
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  1. These calendars are beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much for including a link to my inspirational calendar, Kristi! Wishing you good sales for your calendar :)