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Printable 2020 Wall Calendar

This French-Inspired 2020 Wall Calendar is perfect to print and display every month of the year. Its soft watercolors and le jardin style graphics will inspire the Francophile in all of us. I have all of the months for this 2020 Wall Calendar below for you to preview. 

 2020 Wall Calendar
Pull off a piece of fresh-baked baguette (spread with some beurre, of course) and prepare yourself un café crème before you scroll further. We're getting quite French today with this Printable 2020 Wall Calendar. From topiaries to ribbons to lots of petite fleurs, this calendar has a feminine feel, but will truly be at home anywhere. Each of the 12 months has its own unique design that has that slight French feel to it. You can purchase this set here in my shop for $2.50 (that's half off!), or through the button below. Or, preview all of the months' designs below, as well.

Printable 2020 Wall Calendar

I was really excited when this particular calendar started coming together. I feel like these designs kind of embody everything I love. They're soft and feminine. They also have lots of sweet patterns, including lattice work, a light check design, stripes, dots, and rose buds. And I really think that the pièce de résistance in this set is February's topiaries with birds (and a banner!).  

French-Inspired Printable 2020 Wall Calendar
As you can see above, this printable 2020 wall calendar is perfect to frame. It comes in both JPEG and PDF formats and is 8x10" in size (although you can easily print it onto letter-sized paper, and just trim and frame). I especially love how they look in a matted frame, since the background patterns bleed all the way up to the edges of the pages. Again, you can grab this printable calendar here in the shop or directly through the button below for $2.50.

Purchase This Calendar for $2.50 Here
Printable French-Inspired Calendar
I also added a sheer overlay in the actual calendar section of this printable, to allow all of the background patterns to show through. This will still allow you to use the calendar portion for notes, important dates, appointments, and such.

Printable French Garden Calendar

2020 Wall Calendar Designs

You can see each of the monthly designs below.  Again, these are all 8x10" printables that you can purchase here in the shop for $2.50 or through the button:

Purchase This Calendar for $2.50 Here
French January Calendar
January starts out with a light gold watercolor striped pattern and sweet little rosettes surrounding the month's name.

French February Calendar
And as I mentioned earlier, February is one of my favorites with its topiaries and birds. It also has the sweetest light pink checked background.

March French Calendar
And March just feels like spring with all of its greens and pinks (and even a touch of blue).

April French Calendar
April is full of pretty pink little rosettes, from top to bottom. 

Printable Polka Dot Calendar
The polka dots in May are happy and fun! They're accented with a diamond-shaped frame and rosettes surrounding the month's name.

June French Calendar
I love the sweet gold circle surrounding the word, June. And the light blue stripes are super summery, too.

Printable July Calendar
July also incorporates a pink version of the lattice background with a bit of aqua blue as the accent color. And sweet little rosettes have been tucked into the corner of the plaque.

Printable August Calendar
August is another favorite of mine with its green and pink hues. The ribbon banner also makes me smile (hope it makes you smile, too).

September Calendar Printable
September ends the summer season with blue polka dots and small little rosettes.

October Printable Calendar
Green and white pumpkins are the perfect little accent for October.

Printable November Calendar
And since November is still a pumpkin month, I just did a single one as the focal point of the frame.

December Printable Calendar
December's mistletoe and lattice are a lovely little way to usher in the holiday season. 

I really hope you enjoy this calendar. It was truly a joy to put together and it will likely be the calendar I display all year long, myself.

Purchase this calendar here in the shop or via the button below for $2.50 (that's now half off!).

Purchase This Calendar for $2.50 Here
 Printable 2020 Wall Calendar

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  1. WOW! Your latest calendar is beautiful! I really love it. Makes me smile, so I have to have it. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Good Luck with your upcoming surgery and prayers for a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas


    1. Thank you so much, Carol. That is so appreciated! xoxo

  2. Thanks for the printable! I love this calendar! It’s really cute.

    1. Hi Sharon! You are so very welcome! I'm so glad you are enjoying the calendar! xoxo