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Free Joyeux Noël Banner Printable

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Not only do I have this Free Joyeux Noël Banner Printable for you below, I also have loads of great Christmas decor ideas, additional printables, and goodies from Walmart to make holiday decorating a breeze (and easy to take down after all is said and done). You can download the Joyeux Noël Banner Printable, the banner pennants, the reindeer prints, and get all of these tips and tricks below.

Joyeux Noël Banner Printable
Joyeux Noël is actually French for Merry Christmas. Since I am a bit of a Francophile (and 22% French according to my ancestry DNA test), I thought it would be a different spin on my living room holiday decor this year. Since the fireplace is the focal point, that's where this banner was destined to hang. Check out all of the fun below.

Free Joyeux Noël Banner Printable

Not only did I want to put a French twist (pun intended) on things this year, I was also going for some over-the-top color that's perhaps a bit non-traditional for the holiday season (because why not, right?). In addition to that, I wanted it to feel like a party in here...even if it's just our little party of five most days.

Free Joyeux Noël Banner Printable
Adding the smaller-print polka dot pennants added another layer of color and fun to the banner. Since our mantel is so large, it really anchors everything visually, too. One of the biggest questions I get asked about all of my free printable banners is "How do you hang those up"? I've got my best secret to share with you on that.

Command™ Products to the rescue (available here at Walmart or by hovering on the image above). These hooks and damage-free hanging tools have been in my holiday arsenal for ages. Two years ago, I shared an interchangeable holiday wreath that was made with these products. Besides front door decor, I use these throughout the house. Below, I'm sharing how to use each of these for removable decor that won't damage your home.

Holiday Decor without Worry

Not going to lie, I used to be the queen of nail holes in the walls. After every season, I'd grab my putty and touch up paint and have to make repairs from decor. But, after moving into our current home and needing to hang a large piece of artwork on a tiled wall, I was hooked on all of the Command™ Products. They help with damage-free decorating, hold strong, and are easy to put up and take down. Plus, there are no tools required to use them (that's HUGE!).

Printable Christmas Banner
My pennant banner ended up being the longer, heavier piece to hang on the mantel, so I used the Command® Small Wire Hooks to hold it in place at each end (I shared how in the next photo). These hooks hold up to half a pound each.

Supplies for Pennant Banner

  • All of the free downloads are available towards the end of the post. Download either the aqua or pink banner for this (I used the pink only in my particular decor, but feel free to get creative!).
  • Print your banner onto white letter-sized cardstock (available in the office supply area at Walmart).
  • You'll also need twine (available in both the craft and specialty baking aisle at Walmart).
  • Grab a hole punch (the smaller, 1/8" size is preferred).
  • And of course, don't forget the Command® Small Wire Hooks.

How to Hang a Banner
Follow the directions on the Command® Small Wire Hooks for your particular surface (you'll prep the surface before hanging, too). My mantel is smooth on top (stained and sealed), so I actually adhered my hooks to the top of the mantel, one on each corner. The hook will need to stay in place 30 minutes to activate its adhesion and make sure it's firmly in place.

While you're waiting on your hooks to set up, cut out, hole punch and string up your banner. For reference, I used 24 of the smaller pennants on my mantel.
Hanging Paper Banners
Once the hooks were ready, I tied my banner to each one, using the twine. Snip off the extra length of your twine once your banner is securely in place.

Hot Pink Ribbon
For a decorative touch, I also tied a pink satin ribbon on top of the hook (it camouflaged it perfectly). I repeated this on the other end, as well. I grabbed this ribbon in the notions area of the sewing department at my Walmart. There are holiday ribbons galore in the Christmas area, but since I was using non-holiday colors, I went to the fabric area.

Joyeux Noël Banner

Supplies for the Joyeux Noël Banner Printable

  • You'll be using the same supplies as you used in the pennant banner for this one.
  • I did switch to the Command™ Indoor/Outdoor Light Clips for this banner. I like that these clips were totally clear, since I used a total of four on my mantel. They blend in perfectly and were the perfect size to hold this Joyeux Noël Banner in place.

Printable Christmas Banners
Again, follow the package directions for securing your clips into place. These barely show on the top of my mantel, unless you get super close. They're perfect. After cutting your banner pieces out, string them into place. I did my Joyeux Noël Banner on two lines, so I needed a total of four clips (one for each end). You'll notice that on the bottom line, I incorporated two blank pennants as well. Those are basically to give my second line more pennants than the top line. I included blanks in the printables section, if you're interested in using this method to display your banner.

Joyeux Noël Printable
I do want to add that we're in Texas and it doesn't really get too crazy cold. So, our fireplace can be more decorative in nature. However, when we do burn a fire, I lift the pennants onto the mantel, just for safety. They're truly not anywhere near the fire, but safety first.

Hot Pink Christmas Decor
I've got more information on the rest of the mantel decor below. But, the mirror on the back is an old antique that rarely leaves the mantel. It's a great anchor piece.

In the above photo, you can see how the whole space works together, from the drapes to the mantel to the tree tucked into the corner.

Pink and White Christmas Tree
Once again, my little hearth tree in the corner is in honor of my mother. All of the gold ornaments on its branches were hers...and they were her absolute favorites. She collected them over many years and I always remember how special they were to her. The tree became even more hers this year with the addition of the hot pink ribbon (to continue the theme we have going in here). I used this helpful Christmas Tree Ribbon Tutorial from Michael over at the blog, Inspired by Charm. I love the way the ribbon isn't as uniform with the way he tucks it in here and there.

Gold Christmas Ornaments
There are hot pink ornaments tucked in amongst mom's gold ones, too. I think they really pop against the flocked tree, too! Walmart has a big selection of ornaments, including fun hot pink and aqua ones like you see here on my tree.

Hot Pink Christmas Ornaments
I had enough pink ornaments left to use them in two glass hurricanes over on the mantel, to tie the entire look together with the tree.

Reindeer Printables
I included my "jumping reindeer" printables below as an additional free download. This is an 11x14" frame matted with an 8x10" opening for the print. I actually have two of them on the mantel. There are two designs of the reindeer printables...each facing the opposite way for a bit of symmetry. Their polka dots coordinate perfectly with the pennant banners.

Command Strips to Hang Pictures
I always use the Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips on all of my seasonal gallery walls, like this holiday one below. They have saved me a lot of puttying and touch-up painting over the years. This is actually the very first Command™ Product I ever used. I was hooked (both literally and figuratively).

Christmas Gallery Wall
I wouldn't attempt a gallery wall without the Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips.

Chinoiserie Wreath
To bring a bit of that pink to my front door, I'm bringing back out my Chinoiserie Wreath that I made for last Valentine's season. You can see above how I use the Command™ Medium Designer Hooks to hang my front door wreaths. In fact, this particular clip has held strong for nearly three years.

Joyeux Noël Mantel

Download All of the Free Printables:

Free Printable Christmas Banner

Polka Dot Banner Printable
Free Printable Reindeer
Command Products at Walmart
You can grab all of your Command™ Products at your local Walmart. Ours are on an end-cap just outside the crafting area, in the DIY aisles.

Hot Pink Christmas Decor
Happy Holidays, my friends!

Free Christmas Printables


  1. Gorgeous! This would have been so cute when my daughter and I had a white tree with all pink lights (pre husband and 2 sons)! Again, great job on how this turned out and I can't wait to use the FREE printable! Thank you!

    1. Awww...thank you so much for that. And a white tree with pink lights sounds FANTASTIC! How fun is THAT?!? Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful items you provide. They always make me smile!

    1. Awww...I'm so happy to hear that. Thank you so much for letting me know. xoxo

  3. This is beautiful. I love the tree for your mom. My mom passed away this year, I don't think I have any ornaments - except the ones my sisters and I made when we were little. The colors you've chosen remind me of the beach, which is always nice!

    1. Thank you so much, Tamalita. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your mom...losing moms is just never easy. Praying your holidays are filled with happy memories of her. xoxo

  4. I am always so amazed at what you think of and do! Love the Non Christmas Colors!!!! Sometimes red and green can get a bit boring. I was wanting to find out where you got the print of the beachish van with the tree on top? Would love to find one. Thank you for all you creativeness and for sharing....Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kari! That is so sweet of you. Yes, that print is from an online store called Minted. This print is titled "Christmas in Jupiter" (I'd use their search button to type that in). It is also available in a greeting card format. Appreciate your kind words. Merry Christmas to you, as well!! xoxo

  5. AHHHHH! You KNOW I love this room and those aqua and pink decorations!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend! You're too kind! xoxo

  6. Love your decor, very bright and Merry. Where did you get the print of the VW with the tree on top. Love IT!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda Marie! That print is from an online store called Minted. This print is titled "Christmas in Jupiter" (I'd use their search button to type that in). It is also available in a greeting card format. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas! xoxo

  7. You are so amazing and so kind, thank you so very much. hugs, Cathy K

    1. Thank you so much, Cathy! I really appreciate your kind words. xoxo

  8. I love banners! Thank you so much for sharing!