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Printable Tags for Christmas Food Gifts

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Are you giving Christmas Food Gifts this season? They're always the perfect treat for teachers, neighbors, co-workers...and well, just about anyone who enjoys a little seasonal yumminess. I have the cutest (and simplest) tags that you can attach to all of the goodies from your kitchen. There are four color options, as well. Download these Printable Tags for Christmas Food Gifts below. 

Printable Tags for Christmas Food Gifts
And yes, Blitzen is known for his culinary gifts this time of the year, in case you were wondering about the above tag. All kidding aside, Christmas Food Gifts are truly the most budget-friendly, along with well-enjoyed gifts that are somewhat simple to give in bulk (make a few dozen cookies, package them up and you're good to go). 

Printable Tags for Christmas Food Gifts

My mother was the queen of the cookie plate, y'all. Every year in grade school and middle school, I would make about half a dozen trips to and from the car with my piled-high plates of goodies for all of my teachers (and administrators, and anyone else she could think to give some goodness to!). She lived for the time of year she could be in the kitchen baking up goodness for all of the folks around us. 
Free Printable Tags for Christmas Food Gifts

While I probably don't make nearly as many treats as my mom did back in her day, I do enjoy putting together a few tins of baked goodies for my neighbors to enjoy this season. I have an elderly man who lives next door to us who is always so appreciative of these yearly treats. And it brings my heart so much joy to just bring him a bit of yumminess.

If you're in the kitchen this season, be sure to grab some of these free tags for all of your Christmas Food Gifts. They're sure to bring a smile to their recipients' faces.

Using these Printable Tags

  • These tags are available in four color options:
    • red with white lettering
    • green with white lettering
    • white with red lettering
    • white with green lettering
  • Each color prints with four tags to one letter-sized page.
  • Be sure to use white, letter-sized cardstock when printing your tags. Regular paper will curl up on the corners once cut. 
  • After you print your tags, cut them each out.
  • On the white tags, you can choose to cut just inside or outside the outlined perimeter. Personally, I would cut inside of it, to remove the outline completely. I just like the look of the text "running off the page".
  • Hole punch and attach to your treat with festive baker's twine or rustic jute twine. 

Christmas Food Gifts

Download Your Tags for Christmas Food Gifts 

Tags for Christmas Food Gifts

Food Gift Tags

More Printable Tags for Christmas Food Gifts

  • If you'd like a more neutral tag, be sure to check out my Free Printable Gift Tags for Food Gifts over on my other site, Print Pretty Cards. It's the tag that is in the photo above and would work well any time of the year.
  • My Free Printable Mason Jar Gift Tags are perfect for food gifts in mason jars (cookies, cookie mixes, cocoa, etc.). They have a Christmasy vibe and include a lined note card, too.
  • If you're gifting wine this holiday season, I have some PUNNY free printable Wine Bottle Gift Tags that are perfect to tie to a bottle of your favorite red or white.
  • In addition, I also have these free printable Food Gift Tags from a few years back that say "Made with Love". 
  • These cute Muddy Buddy Gift Tags from Love to Be in the Kitchen are perfect to gift a Christmas Muddy Buddy treat to your friends and family. 
  • And these Holiday Food Gift Tags from I Scream for Buttercream are super cute!

Holiday Food Tags
What kind of homemade gifts do you like to give during the holidays?


  1. I definitely don't make as many treats as I used to make ... these tags make me want to get in the kitchen and get busy! thank you so much.

  2. I LOVE all of these! I've downloaded everything. I don't bake that much anymore, but I do some, and like to package up some sweet treats for our neighbors and kids. so these tags will be great!

    1. Awww...thank you so much, Marilyn! I thought of you when putting these together since you mentioned on my other blog how much you liked the fall ones. xoxo

  3. Oh.. and P.S. I'm loving ALL of your Christmas printables! Marilyn

    1. I really appreciate that. It's been such a fun series to design. Blessings!


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    I love everything about this project! Thanks for sharing.