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Christmas To Do List Printables

Today's post for Christmas To Do List Printables is sponsored by Minted and contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine. I receive a small percentage when affiliate links are used, at no additional cost to you.

These Christmas To Do List printables are perfect for jotting down all you need to get done before Santa arrives. And one of my big tasks this year on my own list? Sending out our lovely new Christmas cards that I ordered from Minted. I can't wait to show you how they turned out below. Be sure to check them out, along with download your own free printable Christmas to do list.
Christmas To Do List
It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But, goodness, it comes with a whole lot of stuff to get done before December 25th. Having a handy Christmas to do list (that also looks attractive) makes it a bit less daunting. I have two versions of this Christmas To Do List below.

Christmas To Do List Printables

Not only am I sharing these to do lists and our new Christmas cards, but I also have a couple of great gift ideas for you below, as well. As crazy as this is (for me, anyways), I'm over half done with my Christmas shopping. And I think the gifts I am getting all of my in-laws are some of my favorites. I shared them below.
Christmas To Do List Printables
Pictured above are the two free Christmas To Do List printables that you'll be able to download further on in this post. One has a "to do list" title, along with circles for checking off tasks as you complete them. And the other is a plain, lined page with the same design. It's a bit more open ended and can be used for so many things this season.

Both of these designs have a simple, seasonal foliage border around their entire perimeters. They also don't use a lot of your ink when printing (always a win-win!).

JOY Christmas Cards

As I mentioned, my Christmas cards are at the top of my own to do list right now. I'm betting they may be on yours, well. This is the fourth year in a row I've had the chance to partner with Minted to bring you some beautiful Christmas card pretties. Let me tell ya, I intentionally don't do a ton of partnered work these days, but I will always jump at the chance to work with Minted. Their quality can't be beat and I'm always so thrilled when my order of Christmas cards arrives. Pictured both above and below is our family Christmas card for 2019. Isn't it lovely, y'all? It's called the Winter Botanical Garden Card by Minted artist Karidy Walker. I chose the Night Sky color scheme.

JOY Christmas Card Design

We're a bit non-traditional in that we prefer non-photo Christmas cards these days. It's not that we don't enjoy ones with photos, but sometimes getting proper pics done in time for them (with everyone looking festive and cozy in a 90 degree Texas fall) doesn't always pan out. I realized purchasing (a still absolutely pretty) non-photo card would eliminate the family photo off the list (we do one in spring when it's not so hectic...and, well, there are Bluebonnets aplenty). I love that Minted has a large selection of both non-photo cards, as well as cards with photos, too. Oh, and even if you order a non-photo card, you can actually add a photo to the backside.

Personalized Notebooks
While I was perusing the Minted site, I also picked up several of their personalized notebooks for some sweet girls on my gift list. The one on the left is lined and perfect for Bible study or prayer journaling. The other two have blank pages, perfect for budding artists. I just love that they're personalized. And who would have thought I'd have ever found pink dinosaurs for my dinosaur-loving niece? 

Photo Calendars
Each of my in-laws is also getting a personalized photo calendar from Minted (I ended up buying lots of these so our kids could each have one, too). I filled them up with family photos from the past 15 or so years. It's a bit of a keepsake and I'm so pleased with how these turned out.

Easy Photo Calendars
I was also able to go through and add all of our family members' birthdays and anniversaries throughout the entire calendar. One really unique feature on the Minted site is the ability to save all of my dates under my account. So, when I go to create these next year (which I definitely will be doing), the dates will be ready to go with a simple click of my mouse.

It was such a breeze to knock out a big chunk of my Christmas gift list with a little time on the Minted site.   

Watercolor Christmas To Do Lists
If you've got lots of tasks to take care of this season, too, be sure to download your own Christmas To Do List printables (they're free) below. They'll make a mundane list a little merrier. 

Christmas To Do List Information:

  • These printables print onto letter-sized pages for easy at-home printing.
  • These lists are watercolor designs that can printed using the DRAFT mode on your printer to save some ink.
  • Both of these printables are for personal use only. Be sure to see my complete Terms of Use for information on this.

Download Your Christmas To Do List Printables:

Free Christmas To Do List Printable

Printable Christmas Card Checklist

If you send out Christmas cards, you may also find my free printable Christmas Card Checklist (pictured below) helpful, as well.
Christmas Card Checklist
It has spaces for names and addresses of everyone you send a card to. There are also handy checkboxes to utilize once that card has been addressed and mailed. I also shared my 2018 Christmas cards in the Christmas Card Checklist post.

Free Christmas To Do List Printables
What kinds of things are on your Christmas to do list?

Organizational Printables


  1. Lovely list ;) I will have to check out Minted. I don't usually do photo cards, but if they have other stuff, that would be fun!

    1. Thanks so much, Tamalita! Yes, I love getting lost on their's a fun one. xoxo